The fog was white and ethereal, but it soon disappeared as if everything was his illusion.

It seems that Yuan Jia has no words to talk to. Zong Yue said, "Yuan Jia, I heard that you were born in a fairy family. You chose monks and Otawa. You were born in the same family. I thought you would be stubborn and stubborn to persuade me. Now it seems that I despise you."
"Not the kui is my chosen one," she said cheerfully.
Yuanjia couldn’t help smiling.
"What’s the situation over there?" It’s time to get down to business. Zong Yue asked, "What about the others except Hu Wentian who returned to the city with all his cronies? Are you all killed? "
"Yes," Yuanjia replied, "The star gentleman of the cat was already laid out by tight encirclement Yongyuan Xianjun and was shot at the beginning of the battle. Canglan people are losing ground, not our opponents."
"Well, you can go to the battlefield now and give me the body of the mourning day. Just say that I ordered the temple to give the command to my emperor Ji and I intend to get along with them, and no one will stop you."
Yuanjia is a little embarrassed. "The empress is not dead."
"Not dead?" Zong Yue raised his eyebrows at Yuanjia.
Yuanjia, when Zong Yue hated the woman who almost became a princess of Jingye, replied in a moment that "the critical boss saved her and took her back to the city together."
"Well," Zong Yue mused, "that’s a pity."
Spoony people are worthless, spoony evil spirits are valuable.
She also wanted to try whether she could refine the goddess who died from love to hate on her wedding day at the most emotional moment into a demon. Now it seems that the abacus has been overturned.
I didn’t expect that a long silk caught her and dragged her back to the city on the occasion of life and death.
I turned back. Yes, my second brother was tired but determined.
"Second Brother" Hu Ningtian covered her face and wept bitterly. Blood flowed down her fingers, but it was not her blood but her father’s blood.
"I hurt Cang Lan and I hurt my father."
What’s not white about this?
"You have told me that Jing Ye is by no means a kind person, but I don’t believe that they wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for uncle Ningyuan, the father of this wedding."
"Haven’t you, my father and I thought about it?" Hu Zhen interrupted her coldly and said, "My father and I have long thought about it."
He and all the cronies will be in the most close to the gate.
The surging billow boundary will open instantly when they retreat into the city.
But they didn’t expect that Jing Ye’s heart was so cruel that Jing Ye found an archer who could kill his father in an instant.
That’s the pinnacle of Golden Wonderland. Even Changya Xianzun has a fighting power, father.
I almost bit my teeth in the face of crying. I want to apologize to my sister. He has both hatred and nai in his heart.
He will die long ago, he thought coldly.
But in the end, he looked at his growing sister, so he said, "If you really feel guilty, pick up your weapon. Canglan is not that weak, and the other three domains are not completely obedient to Chongyang. This time, they will always make them look good when they tell the news."
He was not too worried about the future. Although his father died, he had already given him all the remaining profits before his father died.
They know that Canglan, the largest family in the celestial world, is also the most aura-rich field except Chongyang. There are 47 people in Canglan Guangjin Wonderland, and 1,297 people in the fairyland have excellent terrain defense.
It is not certain who will win or lose the battle to be linked to the other three domain masters.
A thousand years ago, since their four families were able to push Changya Xianzun to the position of Xianzun; After a thousand years, their four families can also work together in Qi Xin to overthrow the rule of Changya Xianzun.
I didn’t expect to come here in a hurry before he could make a plan.
"If the second brother’s father is dead, should this domain be chosen?"
Be startled by asking for heaven
"Empress, according to your command, the array repairers are in Canglan domain, and the news of Canglan domain is not outside the domain for a short time, but this time Canglan and Chongyang have such a big movement that even if they want to hide it, they can’t hide it for long."
The leader of Xianguanwei came to the temporary residence in Zong Yue and told him respectfully.
"No" Zong Yue replied, "Canglan domain has us waiting for the news to reach the other three domains, so we will open the door."
The leader of Xianguanwei looked shocked. After he left, Yuanjia asked, "Is there really one of us in the Canglan domain of the Empress?"
Zong Yue hooked his lip angle to "cheat him"
She did send Rui Shuang to contact Hu Wentian, saying that Jing Ye was optimistic about him and asked him to be loyal to Jing Ye Chongyang, but he was rejected by Hu Wentian.