Qin Huai laughed and said, "She is seriously injured now. It will take some days to recover. I think these days are enough for you to help me finish what I want, otherwise it will be difficult to say."

Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Qin Kui and said angrily, "Uncle Qin doesn’t believe me."
Qin Huai affirmed: "You must have come to Kunlun for some purpose, but I don’t want to know. I just want what I want, and you can do whatever you want. Of course, when I take the position of the head of Kunlun, you have to leave, but it doesn’t matter if you want to stay with me. Before that, you and I are just a kind of interest relationship. If you want to make it clear, I can’t trust you." ChunHuai say that finish, shape together, the whole people flew toward the kunlun pie.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Qin Huai’s back, with a smile on his face. He looked up at the starry sky and smiled at the stars in the sky. "Uncle Peng, I thought that after you, I had another formidable opponent, but it was really disappointing. Look, before long, I will set a perfect play for you to see again, but I just don’t know what your hidden chess is." I am really looking forward to it. " Zhang Zhongxuan said, and with a wave of his hand, Hu Na’s blood phlegm on the ground disappeared, and his figure was also together, and he also flew back to Kunlun.

Chapter one hundred and eighty-four Honor to the head (1)
Chapter one hundred and eighty-four Honor to the head (1)
From time to time, the voice of dancing in the bamboo forest came out. Zhang Zhongxuan was sitting at one end of the board. He was holding a sunspot chess piece in his hand and watched the chess game on the board for a long time. Finally, it slowly fell, and the chess piece landed on the board, making a clear noise. In this sound, two Kunlun disciples came slowly by the bamboo forest.
The two Kunlun disciples came to Zhang Chongxuan, made a ceremony and said, "Master, everything is ready."
Zhang Chongxuan didn’t look at the two men. "I see, you go down."
The two Kunlun disciples left at once, and as soon as they left, a figure slowly came to Zhang Chongxuan and sat directly opposite Zhang Chongxuan: "Mu Ran’s nephew is so carefree and elegant."
Zhang Zhongxuan raised his head slightly, looked at the person, and looked unhappy. "Uncle Qin, since I promised you, I will naturally do it, but one thing, I don’t care about your business, and you don’t care about mine, so don’t always appear in front of me and disturb my leisure."
Qin Huai laughed and said, "How can it be called an interruption? I came here to remind you that since you are about to officially become the head of the company, I think you should do something."
Zhang Zhongxuan reached out and sucked a white chess piece from the white box beside Qin Huai, holding it in his hand. He said, "Uncle Qin, you don’t need to worry about this. I’m still the temporary leader, and I have to go through several tests. What’s more, Tan Lao and others are still opposed to me. If we are in a hurry, it will not be good for both of us."
Qin Huai shook his head and said, "You can. Do you know what I want when you come out of Feisheng House and go to Kunlun Conference? Let me see your sincerity. " Qin Huai said, picking up a Bai Zi next to him, playing chess next to him, and then got up and left.
Zhang Chongxuan looked at the chess piece under Qin Huai and couldn’t help laughing. This chess piece seems to have completely stopped the sunspot trend on Zhang Chongxuan’s side, but in fact it exposed all the empty nets of white chess. Zhang Zhongxuan shook his head and said, "It’s boring. Boring. "
"It’s boring. How about I accompany you?" Ouyang Jing’s cool voice came over, and his fat body fell lightly across from Zhang Chongxuan. He said, "Old Peng has left, and I am very lonely. Come on, let’s play a few games."
Zhang Chongxuan stood up and said, "Uncle Ou, it’s not that Chongxuan won’t play with you. It’s that I’m going to Feisheng House now, and I have to go there, otherwise it’s hard for Uncle Tan and others to explain. "
Ouyang Jing was stunned when he heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words. "I forgot that you, the future leader, are going to get ready."
Zhang Zhongxuan said with a smile: "Uncle Ou said this, which means that Mu Ran was defeated. I still have to pass the test."
"That a few tests for you, is not a piece of cake. With your ability, it’s definitely no problem. Well, you go ahead, and I’ll play chess with myself. " Ouyang Jing said, and sat down. Pick up the chess pieces and get off.
After Zhang Zhongxuan said goodbye to Ouyang Jing and came out of the bamboo forest, he went straight to the Feisheng Mansion. In front of the Feisheng Mansion, Tan Yushi was talking with Liu Sixin and Guo Zhaoxiang on the side. When he saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s arrival, he stopped talking. Tan Yushi said, "Mu Ran, there are several tests in Feisheng Mansion. If you can pass, we will officially recognize this position as the head of the household." Tan Yushi said the body side. Get out of the way
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the entrance to the soaring mansion. "There’s nothing wrong with the master," he said faintly. "It’s just that the master laid this test. Mu Ran will definitely do its best. " Zhang Zhongxuan said that he strode towards the soaring mansion, giving people a feeling of high excitement.
When Zhang Zhongxuan just entered the soaring mansion, the hole of the soaring mansion gave a rumbling sound, and a stone gate slowly fell down. Zhang Zhongxuan looked back at the closed stone gate behind him, revealing the color of meditation. Originally, he was the temporary head of Kunlun, but a few days after he began to decorate, news came that it was a letter left by the head of Kunlun to Liu Qingjiang, because the head of Kunlun was called Liu Qingjiang for three days before seeing the land. At that time, Liu Qingjiang met Qin Huai and they went, and naturally delayed for some days. Only recently did Liu Qingjiang remember this letter from the head of Kunlun. And all the elders in Kunlun were torn down. The letter said that as long as Zhang Zhongxuan passed several tests set by him in the soaring mansion, no one could stop Zhang Zhongxuan from being the head of Kunlun, because this letter was torn down by Liu Qingjiang in front of all the elders. Naturally, people including Tan Yushi had no objection.
However, Zhang Zhongxuan has never heard that the heir to the Kunlun head can only inherit the head by passing the test of the previous generation. This makes Zhang Zhongxuan feel suspicious. Although Zhang Zhongxuan suspects, he still has to make a breakthrough. After several tests, he can undoubtedly be the head, otherwise he will become a full member of the Kunlun temporary head, and I don’t know when he will wait.
The soaring abode of fairies and immortals is dark, the entrance is extremely narrow, and there are jagged rocks protruding everywhere. Some even stand directly in the middle to connect the roof of the abode of fairies and immortals with the ground, others are spread all over the ground like bamboo shoots, while others hang on the roof like an icicle, dripping from time to time, making a clear sound and spreading throughout the empty soaring abode of fairies and immortals.
Zhang Chongxuan figure together, volley toward the soaring abode of fairies and immortals, but his figure just together, in front of him, the golden light flashing, immediately appeared a centenarian, Zhang Chongxuan stopped, looked at the centenarian, look at its dress again with its Li Muran memory, Zhang Chongxuan know, in front of the centenarian is Zhao Mingyue, the head of Kunlun has soared, of course, Zhang Chongxuan naturally know that this person is Zhao Mingyue.
Zhao Mingyue said slowly: "Mu Ran, the tests set by the Feisheng Mansion are not to test you, but to ensure that you are the true descendant of my Kunlun Mountain. If someone impersonates you, they will be frightened out of their wits by my ban in the Feisheng Mansion. If it is really you, these tests will only take a moment."
As soon as Zhao Mingyue finished speaking, the whole figure disappeared into the air. Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the empty cave of Feisheng Mansion and said, "This Zhao Mingyue can actually perceive and make arrangements in advance. Just looking at his words, he is not sure. Then the test he laid will definitely have a big loophole, and the problem should not be big." Zhang Zhongxuan said, and continued to fly inside.

Chapter one hundred and eighty-five Honor to the head (2)
Chapter one hundred and eighty-five Honor to the head (2)
This soaring mansion seems to be sitting in a mountain, but Zhang Chongxuan’s flight still stays in the narrow soaring mansion. After a while, the terrain began to open in Huo Ran, and in front of him, it was an empty and spacious round flat, which connected two holes rising to the two edges, one where Zhang Chongxuan was, and the other where Zhang Chongxuan was opposite.
Zhang Chongxuan looked at this round flat, and he was proficient in array method. Naturally, he could see that Zhao Mingyue had laid an array method in this cave. Zhang Chongxuan had already stopped his figure when he flew in. Now, when he looked at this array from the outside, he naturally saw through several arrays of array methods at a glance. He sneered and said, "If you accidentally break into it, it will be very tight, but from the outside, it will be vulnerable." Zhang Zhongxuan said with a stroke of his sleeve, and sent out several Gangfeng blows toward the round flat.
With a snort, a few wisps of gray smoke rose, and the whole round flat shook, and then it was quiet again.
Zhang Chongxuan’s figure together, he flew towards the inside, but when he was in mid-air, he suddenly felt a huge pressure coming towards him from all directions. As soon as his figure was closed, he landed in the round flat. After looking up for a few times, he knew that the wisps of smoke just now started another way of being born with the help of air. He said, "This Zhao Mingyue is really good." It turns out that Zhang Chongxuan didn’t have a little thing if he attached his own Gangfeng to Kunlun atmosphere just now, but Zhang Chongxuan naturally didn’t see the law in his eyes, so it was very casual to break the array, but if it wasn’t broken by Kunlun method, even if it broke the array eye, it would also produce smoke, and once the smoke rose to the ceiling. It will further affect the array distributed in the air-the popular blade.
In the sky, the wind roared, and the sound of the mountain being scraped by the blade was heard from time to time. Zhang Zhongxuan did not move. Although this popular blade is fierce, what is even worse is the gravity pressure superimposed by Zhao Mingyue in the popular blade. The gravity pressure is to use the air to put pressure on people trapped in the law. Because it is with the help of the surrounding air, it can be said that the pressure is great. People can’t afford it at all, and the superposition of gravity pressure will make the popular blade array more sharp, and the popular blade can even cut people as long as it cuts people.
Zhang Chongxuan stood motionless on the flat. Although the popular blade array method is superimposed by gravity pressure array method, it is mainly popular blade after all. If Zhang Chongxuan does not move. Can’t produce wind, naturally, the popular blade array method has no target.
Looking at the constantly circulating wind in the air, Zhang Zhongxuan marveled, saying, "It seems that I underestimated this Zhao Mingyue, and even applied Huan Yun’s magic method in the air to prevent people trapped in the position from seeing the broken eye, but the wind is impermanent and the clouds have no phase. That’s what I said to mortals. However, as a practitioner, doesn’t he know that he can call the wind and rain? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Zhang Chongxuan said that his right finger was picking up the tactic, and his mouth murmured, and there was a loud bang. The whole ping was illuminated by lightning, and a lightning flew out of Zhang Chongxuan’s right finger and hit the round ping. Suddenly, it was dark on the round flat, and countless dark clouds appeared. The clouds surged and began to rain.
The rain in the air fell on Zhang Chongxuan’s three feet, and was stopped by an invisible air wall. Zhang Chongxuan looked up at the air, his right index finger attached to a few blue waves, and suddenly the wind roared in the air and the dark clouds dispersed. The pressure around also disappeared in an instant. Between gestures, Zhang Zhongxuan broke the three laws in one go. Then he flew in, and now Zhang Zhongxuan would like to see what the next test is, because he already has a little interest.
Just didn’t fly far, the narrow mountain house turned into a broad cave, and the stone walls around the cave were painted with horizontal ditches. When Zhang Zhongxuan saw it, he knew that it was some Juexue or experience of Kunlun, and he didn’t care. For him, some of the things that were regarded as treasures in the fix-true world were just like dross.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the empty cave and was too lazy to think about it. He just took his steps and walked forward. He knew that since Zhao Mingyue had set a test, it was for him. It was a waste of time to find it. Since he wanted to rush, he could come out directly by taking those tests.
Sure enough, Zhang Chongxuan had not walked a few steps when a firm but gentle wave came from the sky. In an instant, twelve swords landed around Zhang Chongxuan with a clang and surrounded Zhang Chongxuan in a circle. Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "It’s a Kunlun sword array, not bad. It’s quite innovative to inject the spirit into twelve flying swords and use them to arrange the array." Zhang Chongxuan knew that as long as he used the swordsmanship of Kunlun, it would take only three strokes to break this Kunlun sword array, but he just didn’t have to use it, but he gave a firm but gentle wave at will. Suddenly, Zhang Chongxuan’s sword surged around him, and twelve swords flew up in unison, floating in the air like twelve dragons, but the sharp firm but gentle wave emitted by the flying sword made the surrounding temperature feel low, and there was a sense of urgency flying out toward Zhang Chongxuan, whoosh.
Zhang Chongxuan snorted coldly and said, "The Kunlun sword array is not enough. Since it takes three moves to break the array with Kunlun swordsmanship, I will break your Kunlun sword array with the swordsmanship of Chongxuan Sect." Zhang Chongxuan said that he could have broken the Kunlun sword array with three strokes, and immediately a mysterious sword came from Zhang Chongxuan’s hand. At the moment when Zhang Chongxuan used the heavy Xuan sword, the body of the twelve flying swords around him actually trembled, but there was no response. Zhang Chongxuan had already cut the twelve flying swords with a sword and was injected by Zhao Mingyue, and the twelve flying swords fell to the ground in order, making a ringing sound when the local area was ringing.
Zhang Chongxuan took a step forward again, and made her way forward. In fact, Zhao Mingyue’s law and sword array are all connected with heaven and earth in a real sense. Unfortunately, for Zhang Chongxuan, none of them can enter his eyes. Naturally, it is easy to break them. However, what appears in front of Zhang Chongxuan now makes Zhang Chongxuan regard sb with special respect.
There is a stone tablet in front of Zhang Chongxuan. There is a palm print on the stone tablet, but there is a line written in the idle place above the palm print: If you want to be the head of the family, first urge this palm. Zhang Chongxuan knew that this last pass would not allow him to choose, because the palm print engraved on this stone tablet was catalyzed by Kunlun palm method and real yuan, or even if he picked Jin Xian, it could only trigger Zhao Mingyue’s ban in the soaring mansion, and look at the breath flow on the stone tablet. Zhang Chongxuan also estimated that for a moment, even if he didn’t urge his palm, the ban on the whole soaring mansion would be prompted.

Chapter one hundred and eighty-six Honor to the head (3)
Chapter one hundred and eighty-six Honor to the head (3)
Zhang Zhongxuan hesitates. He can release the flavor of Kunlun School or use the palm method of Kunlun School. But he has to think carefully about one thing, because Zhenyuan has the flavor of Kunlun School, but it is not the real Yuan of Kunlun School in essence. Naturally, if this is recognized by the inscription, the result is still the same.
Zhang Chongxuan looked at the inscription and quieted down. He knew that Zhao Mingyue’s ban must have a way out. As far as the previous two passes were concerned, it would be impossible for him to decorate it so easily without what Kunlun had learned, but Zhao Mingyue’s cloth seemed very strong, but in fact it was vulnerable, because Zhao Mingyue had scruples, yes, and he had scruples. He had always considered the real Li who entered the hole. It’s just an accident that I’ve always been serious in my heart, so all the games I’ve set are things like a cover, just like a person pretending to be a ghost to scare you. If you know that he’s just a fake ghost, you won’t be afraid.
This is the case with Zhang Chongxuan’s entry into the two levels. Of course, Zhao Mingyue, who plays the fake ghost, is clever, and ordinary people can’t break it, but Zhang Chongxuan is more clever. Naturally, it is easy to expose Zhao Mingyue’s fake ghost.
Zhang Chongxuan released a god knowledge into the stone tablet, and immediately a wonderful feeling was introduced into his heart. He saw the terrible ban. If it was triggered, I’m afraid his body would not only be destroyed, even if Yuan Shen was seriously injured, but Zhang Chongxuan did not have a trace of fear. On the contrary, his mouth was still smiling.