Although it was only a momentary absence, it also made Song Changgeng unforgettable about their beauty for a long time. After returning to Qingming, he carefully looked at the two girls. The older one was about ten years old and the younger was only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Body is plump and graceful, steady and elegant, apparently received a good education, Song Changgeng know that they are the two sisters of the Qin family, quickly stood up, devoting to upon, said:
"I’m Situping, a wonderful fairy in Huangshan Mountain. Today, I was sitting on the cliff and saw two white immortals playing in the grass. The naked eye didn’t know the depth. I wanted to catch them and chased them all the way here.
I was led here by two white immortals, knowing that things are different. I think it must be the master’s move. I don’t know what to send. I will ask for instructions. If I can, I will definitely not refuse. "Say, the surface respectfully gave a gift, is almost a bow to the ground.
But he cried in his heart,’ I’m saluting my wife. It’s not a shame, it’s not a shame. These two little girls must take off their skins and enjoy watching them every day.’
When listening to Situ Ping, the young woman couldn’t stop smiling at the older man. When he finished speaking, before he finished his ceremony, she stepped forward and held hands, obviously not wanting to make the relationship stiff.
Song Chang-Geng suddenly felt that his hands were smooth and delicate, and a warm fragrance was refreshing. He couldn’t help but shake it up, saying in his heart,’ Not good!’ Hurriedly put the mind in, bowed their heads and pretended not to look up.
He didn’t expect the fox’s charm to be so strong this day, but her children could shake their hearts. It seems that they should be less exposed to men in the future, so as not to cause any dog blood incidents of’ jealousness and jealousy’.
The older woman cleared her throat. Obviously, she had no experience, so she had to pretend to be steady and said, "We are two sisters. My name is Qin Ziling, and my sister is Qin Hancalyx. She is the daughter of Mrs. Bao Xiang, and my father has been reincarnated.
My mother has lived in seclusion here for more than 100 years. When I was born, I took the name of the valley as my name. Six years ago, my mother stayed there to practice after she was released from the East China Sea, leaving here a thousand-year-old vulture and a pair of white rabbits as our companions.
Our sisters have always been practicing monasticism behind closed doors. One of them is too lazy to go out, and the other is too ignorant. Although the vultures help us, we are afraid of causing others to covet this abode of fairies and immortals. All the year round, we seal the valley with the mist refined by our mother.
The day before yesterday, when I visited my mother in the East China Sea, I met an old-timer named Bai. He said that the fate of the foolish sister was still unfinished, and because my mother had mistakenly entered the side door in that year, there were many evil reasons. Although she was rescued by the three immortals in the East China Sea, she survived a temporary disaster. Before her baby, who was refined by Yuan Shen, was about to solidify and soar, she still had to encounter a lightning robbery, and once she paid for the hard work for thousands of years.
His old man couldn’t bear to see her turn over a new leaf, and he was badly punished again. He knew that only a Taoist friend’s life was in harmony with my mother, and he could help her someday, but there was still a marriage cause and effect, and the foolish sister was still in trouble.
When I came back several times, I didn’t think to the purpose. Today, I already ordered the vulture to go to the East China Sea to ask for instructions from Xuanzhenzi’s elder. I just brought a letter saying that Xuanzhenzi’s elder was too busy to come, and he had sent a book with a flying sword and asked Master Youtan to come here to solve this matter.
The foolish sisters wanted to wait for the arrival of Master Youtan before making a decision, but they didn’t want to be listened to by the white rabbit. They were afraid that their master would suffer, so they brought Taoist friends behind their backs. Only when the white rabbit came to inform them did they know that they had offended Taoist friends.
Sister Yu has never met her Taoist friend, so some things are not easy to do. I want to wait until Master You Tan arrives. What do you think? "Qin Ziling with that, the jade face was red, and there was a charm in Duanzhuang, and at that time there was no casting of amorous feelings.

Chapter 49 Marriage and Beauty
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Song Chang Gung calmed down and said, "Why should we ask others for help in our affairs? Since it is our fate, how did you sisters decide? Willing or not? "
After all, the two sisters are young, and they don’t know how to answer for a while, or the young and lively Qin Hancalyx is naive. She asks sweetly, "If we don’t marry you, will you still save our mother?"
Song Changgeng chuckled and asked, "What do you say? I don’t have any relatives with you. Why should I help your mother? Besides, so many senior people have concluded that we have a marriage. Is this irresistible?
If you refuse me now, maybe the marriage will affect us in the future. What dangers will we encounter and finally come together? Wouldn’t it be boring when the time comes? We have been married for a few days, and you want to go against the sky? I will accompany you.
But by the way, I don’t agree with you today. Anyway, even if we get together, I won’t marry you. Think about it. This is a matter of your sisters’ life and your mother’s life and death. "
He used the number of days to scare the two little girls, and said that the tone had become cold at the end. Although it was a scare, it was also what he thought. With his strength today, why must he ask people?
The two sisters looked at each other speechless. After a long time, it was the eldest sister Qin Ziling who had some ideas. She gnashed her teeth for a long time and said, "If our sisters agree to marry you, you have to promise us two things."
Song Chang Gung deadpan said, "Say it!"
Qin Ziling gritted her teeth and said, "First, we are only husband and wife in name. You are not allowed to touch our bodies, which will ruin our foundation. Second, we should try our best to help my mother survive the robbery. What do you think?"
Song Chang Gung gave her a look and said, "What’s in it for me? You have to do your best to get a name? It can be said that helping your mother is bound to get hurt this time. What can I get in the end? I hate to get the truth. "
Qin Ziling blushed and argued: "We are practicing for soaring, so naturally we can’t break Daoji. Why don’t you be a nominal husband and wife with us and help each other?" Why do you have to do it, do it, the actual husband and wife? "
"Practice is to soar? Who told you this? Fly to where? Why didn’t the soaring people come back? That is, you soared, not driven by the people there? Otherwise, why raise so many useless people in the sky?
But I won’t force you. Tell you what, I promise your conditions, but you must promise to advance and retreat with me. For example, you must follow what I want to do, and you can’t do what I don’t let you do, okay? "
Song Chang Gung said in a cold tone that although he felt that his strength was already relatively strong, his ideal needed more strength, and he must draw some help if he could draw it.
The two sisters looked at him like a monster. In their simple life, that’s what their parents taught them. They thought it was natural for them to practice and then soar. This man should follow him? He rebelled against his legacy and we followed?
They are both a little confused, and don’t know whether they should put their future on this eccentric man, but without him, they can’t find anyone else to help their mother, which is a stand-off.
Because the people who want to help must be men born in the year of Renyin, when Renyin was in the month of Renyin and when Renyin was in the day of Renyin, and they must have a foundation. They can’t get out of the Purple Bell Valley. How can they find it? The two sisters are so heartbroken that they don’t know what to do?
The three of them sat in relative silence, and the two sisters thought about it and didn’t know how to solve it. Qin Han calyx couldn’t help asking, "Why do you have so many strange ideas?" We don’t know what to do with the land. "
Song Chang Gung smiled and said, "Actually, it’s nothing. You’re too closed here. You’ll understand when you go out. The world is actually very big. You didn’t see all of it. You didn’t understand it, so you rushed to another world you didn’t understand."