"Die!" , a holy witch cavalry leader shout at top of voice, raise a knife toward the head of Monsieur beaucaire split in the past!

"Hum!" With a snort of cold, TuMonsieur beaucaire picked a purple pike in his hand, and there was a loud noise, and the machete in his hand flew out. Then TuMonsieur beaucaire picked it up again, and he saw a figure flying up into the sky, spilling a bunch of blood fog, and then fell heavily into the cavalry of the Sanwu Sect in the rear, hitting several pack horses on the spot.
The person who flies out is naturally the collar.
The sight immediately shocked all the foreign people who fled.
The packhorse is huge, and the strength when it hits is more than 10 million kilograms. But the first wave of contact, two hundred soldiers should be like a wall standing still. Just raised their weapons and gently stirred them up, and all the cavalry rushed to their front, even people and horses flew out together.
It was a real flying out, leaping several meters across the sky, and then suddenly sliding several tens of meters, just like pieces of stones falling into the back of the team, and suddenly the head was broken and the bones were broken.
Groups of witches rushed over and then flew out as fast as they could. In an instant, the flesh and blood splashed and the limbs flew about. In front of these two hundred people, these witches and wizards are as fragile as ants …

Chapter 189 Uber rampant
After a short impact, the soldiers of the Ying clan began to advance slowly and forcefully.
No matter how brave and brave the shamanism is, it can’t stop the footsteps of any warrior, just like when no one was there, their pace kept a stable rhythm in the killing, no matter how many enemies there are in front, it seems to be completely nonexistent.
It seems that the two gangs are fighting fiercely, but in fact, it is only the soldiers who are advancing, leaving a pool of bodies and blood behind them.
What’s even more frightening is that from the beginning of the war to the present, 200 soldiers of Ying nationality are still expressionless and calm, which makes people horrified.
The people who escaped were deeply shocked, and such a powerful and terrible fighting force not only made the believers of the witch cult feel scared, but also made these people feel scared.
These people are constantly trembling. They look at the soldiers who are advancing like machines with awe and awe. Everyone has only one thought in his heart. Are these people … the legion of the devil?
Not everyone is afraid of death. After paying the price of thousands of people, the rest of the believers finally felt fear. They shouted in horror and turned to flee for their lives, much faster than when they came.
In a short time, I can only see it in the distance. The dust is rolling and all the witches have run away.
Two hundred soldiers of the Ying clan came back, their faces unchanged and their hearts kept beating, as if they had done a trivial thing. The expression that has been indifferent and calm has finally changed at this time. Many people shouted loudly: "Shit, I haven’t killed enough, and I ran away. I really have no guts!"
"Well, old man, you can take your people to pick up your goods. We have to move on, so we won’t be there for the time being." Li Feiyang turned to the old man and smiled kindly.
The old man knelt down, trembling, and said, "Thank you, thank you …… General, for saving his life … me, us …"
Looking at the old man’s fear, Li Feiyang smiled, turned over to Kirin, waved, and the team began to move forward again, leaving these amazed people there.
"General … General, please wait!" Li Feiyang didn’t walk far before the old man came running breathlessly with the help of several people, and then stopped Li Feiyang and his party.
"What are you …?" Li Feiyang looked at the old man in confusion and asked.
The old man still looked a little nervous, but he still dared to ask, "By the way, general, I don’t know where you are going?"
"We’re going to the Sanwu Sect. What can I do for you?"
The old man’s eyes lit up and continued: "One more question, little man, is the general going to attack the witchcraft?"
Li Feiyang smiled and felt interesting: "Grandpa, what are you going to say?"
"Cough ~ ~" The old man coughed and said earnestly, "General, can I make a deal with the general …?"
"Deal?" Li Feiyang raised his eyebrows: "What deal are you going to make with me?"
The old man immediately dug out a kit from me, then took out a piece of golden satin from the inside, unfolded it and handed it to Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang took a look and saw many words written on it. At the top were four big characters: "silver moon Commercial Bank."
"Little people are the Central Plains …" The old man said here as if he was worried that Li Feiyang didn’t know where the Central Plains was, and he also stretched out his hand and pointed to the direction: "It’s the Great Chu State in the south, and the little people are the three masters of the silver moon firm. Our silver moon firm has business all over the world, from the Central Plains to the Great Wall, to the two barbarians, and even more distant places, all have business … "
"It’s just that this witch cult is too barbaric. Even the notorious devil cult never robs our firm’s goods, and even lets us open a shop under it … If the general intends to attack the witch cult, please take us with you. After the general’s success, our firm is willing to contribute to the general … it needs money at the beginning of the founding of the country. I only hope that the general will allow us to open a shop in this country to ensure our peace in this area.
When the old man talked about Kan Kan, he seemed to forget the fear and fear. Instead, he was faintly expecting and excited. Li Feiyang listened with great interest, and his heart was also silently calculating.