"It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s not jumping here." Zhang Ting saw that the horse was steadfast in the sleeping child’s heart

She was really scared to death just now. She’s too young to jump.
Zhang Ting suddenly turned around and found that the baggage she had put before going to bed was gone.
"Where’s my baggage?" Zhang Ting looked up at the man sitting next to her and asked.
Hao Ren looks ugly at this time.
Clenched his fist. "The candle in the room went out just now. It is estimated that someone came to our room at that time and took our baggage as our son."
At this time, there was a knock at the door outside.
Hao Ren went over and knocked on the door.
"Parents" Hao Renchao greeted the Prince Hong and his wife outside.
"What’s the matter with you here? We heard you making so much noise next door. Are you all right?" Mr. and Mrs. Hong crossed the Hao Ren couple and walked straight in.
Zhang Ting, sitting on the bed, hurried to the coming prince Hong and his wife and said hello.
Hong Wang Ye gently well one.
Princess Hong came over to the bed.
Princess Hong was relieved when she saw Sun jumping and sleeping there safely.
"Dad, someone just came to my room with the small court and almost took the jump away." Hao Ren looked at Hong Wang with a serious expression on his face.
When Lord Hong heard the horse, he found a phone call in this room.
"Where are people?" Lord Hong will shout this sentence every time he finds a place.
Hao Ren took hold of Lord Hong’s act of looking around.
"Dad, you didn’t find the man. He is not here anymore. He left the room with a small baggage." Hao Ren took Hong Wang Ye to tell him.
Lord Hong glanced at Zhang Ting with a squint. "Is that thief a money thief?"
Zhang Ting and Hao Ren shook their heads at the same time.
"It’s not a thief who steals money, it’s a thief who steals children," Hao Ren said.
"Didn’t he steal your baggage? My grandson is still in the room." Lord Hong felt that he was getting more and more confused.
This is not a burden. How did it end up as a child thief?
"Dad, I’ll tell you slowly that the baggage that didn’t fall off was deliberately put there by Xiaoting before going to bed, pretending to be a child, sleeping there without falling off the baggage, that is, not falling off in bed." Hao Ren seriously explained it to Prince Hong.
"Oh, my God, it’s a good thing my family is jumping around." Princess Hong ran to the bed and looked at her sleeping in bed. Sun’s mood was ups and downs
Lord Hong is not generally ugly at this time.
He wants to kill people when he thinks that his grandson is almost gone.
"Madam, I am in charge of this matter today."
It’s good that such a short-sighted Ken stole the child from him.
Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with his grandson tonight. If anything happens to his grandson, he will have to turn over the county to find it.
Princess Hong showed a white expression on her face.
After living with this man for so many years, if she is not angry, she will be angry. That anger is not something that ordinary people can bear.
"Good master, I agree with those children who have been stolen. It’s really pitiful. Since this matter has been encountered by us, we must not stand idly by."
She wants to think of a group of children as old as Tiaotiao who have left their biological parents.
It is very likely that she will be sold to a strange place to torture her, and she will feel sorry for those children.
At this time, Zhang Ting gently raised his hand and interrupted the conversation between the couple.
Prince Hong’s horse looked over at Zhang Ting.
"Xiaoren daughter-in-law, do you have anything to say when you raise your hand?" Lord Hong asked.
Zhang Ting nodded gently. "It’s dad. I want to whoosh. You said something was stolen by that thief just now. In fact, I put some traceable fragrance in the baggage. We can quickly find the child thief by following this fragrance."
"Really!" There were three surprised sounds in one room.
Zhang Ting face hung embarrassed smile gently nodded at the three of them.
"Great, Xiaoren daughter-in-law, you’re so busy, but you’re so right. If you have this fragrance, the thieves are waiting to be found by us."
"How can we find that fragrance along with it? Our noses are not dog noses." Princess Hong was also happy.
But her smile soon disappeared at the thought of this question.
Ma Zhang Ting received three eyes looking at her side.
Zhang Tingchao three of them with a confident smile.
"I have an idea about this. I heard that hunters seem to have the best nose. We can find a hound from this county and give it to the hound to smell and let it lead us to find it."
"This way, but I’ve also heard that this hunter is the best at hunting dogs’ noses." Wang Yema agreed.
Chapter 742 Save it!
Hao Ren here is no opinion.
If his mother wants to come out, there must be no problem.
Hao Ren went outside to look for hounds at dawn.
Ever since the little jump almost got stolen last night.
When I picked it up, Princess Lihong, Prince Zhang Tinghong, these three pairs of eyes have been stuck in the small jump.
When I woke up from bed and opened my eyes, I saw that there were three relatives watching me.
As soon as the little guy opened his eyes, he gave a lovely yawn.
Then the chubby little face showed a cute smile and opened her arms and shouted "hug" to Zhang Ting and Princess Hong.
Zhang Ting gave the opportunity to hold a small jump to Princess Hong.
I helped to dress the little jump by myself.
I don’t know if I jumped for the rest of my life last night and stuck to Princess Hong like a sticky candy.