Lu Changyuan’s face was like earth, and the waves rolled in jealousy, which made him proud and calm, smashed him into a ball and left him in the cracks.

At this moment, he absolutely can’t figure out how someone can be so fickle. Is it because Bai Er is around and deliberately loses his temper?
Thinking of him, he evoked a smile and said, "Brother, you are badly injured. Why don’t you practice sword together?"
Liu Yuan Bai a listen to heart pulled to the throat.
Fortunately, Xiao Jing deliberately avoided him and agreed to cough repeatedly and cover her chest and say, "It’s so uncomfortable to listen to Brother Feng."
Song Tingfeng clearly felt distressed and helped him worry, saying, "The world knows that you should take good care of yourself and run around when you are seriously injured!"
Everyone knows, but he doesn’t know?
Let Liu Changyuan look pale in a word.
It’s also quite great to kill people and listen to Feng Song. In a simple sentence, it satirizes the rival in love, and it’s full of fun!
Xiao Jing covered her mouth and coughed weakly. "I was wrong. I’ll go back and lie down."
"Yuan Zhenjun, we are leaving now."
Looking at two people away Liu Changyuan wordless will be full of thoughts hidden in the bottom of my heart.
Liu Yuan Bai envied in his shadow and said, "They have a good relationship."
"good? Where is good? "
For the first time in his life, Lu Changyuan choked him and continued to ask, "How good can two people meet for the first time?"
Liu Yuan Bai blanched, thin and shaky, biting his cold lip and saying "Bai Er made a slip of the tongue".
"It’s not too late to correct mistakes."
"What … what?"
Lu Changyuan is as tall and straight as a pine and cypress. When he speaks, he is in no hurry. "I don’t want to care about it again when you talk nonsense in the main Sect."
The moment Liu Yuan Bai went to be struck by lightning, and his face was terrible.
When the elders questioned the real violet, he secretly told the Baizhang Zhenjun that Xiao Jing was tortured, but he didn’t hide it from Lu Changyuan.
After the past, he didn’t want to embarrass Bai Er again, but the scene of Xiao Jing and Song Tingfeng leaving hand in hand always haunted him and made him fidgety.
"Master …"
The beauty is delicate and delicate, and the corner of her eyes is flushed, which is very attractive. It is the most unbearable beauty in this world.
Liu Changyuan sighed and comforted and said, "You changed it in the future."
You have something to say.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter, chapter
On the same day, when the real person in Han Dan retained Song Tingfeng to stay at Lingguangfeng as he wished, he rested next to the abode of fairies and immortals.
Lying in bed, looking at the stars, listening to the song and maple, I couldn’t sleep for a long time.
He opened his eyes and ears to hear nothing, but smiled like a fool.
The cold wind blew, and Song Tingfeng took a drag and whispered, "Ah … it’s teacher younger brother blowing the night breeze …"
What is the younger brother doing? Is he asleep? Will he be in his dream?
Wouldn’t it be a mistake if the younger brother was asleep and he was still awake?
If the younger brother is still awake but he is asleep, he will miss time a lot.
Is this kind of tossing and turning lovesickness praised by the world?
Brother, brother, you are too charming.
Will you come into my dream tonight?
At this moment, he is sad and Xiao Jing is also sad.
Yes, he fell asleep and fell asleep with someone.
Feet are a foul sea of blood, and they are nowhere to be found. When you look around, you can’t see the breath of living things, as if it were a terrible death.
He knew that he was dreaming.
But this dream is too strange. I want to break free, but there is nothing I can do.
"Where are we?"
"Uh …"
"Come on, don’t play dead. It’s okay to talk to me."
It’s so weird here. The blood is flowing slowly, and the tip of your nose is stinking with blood. Your stomach is turning upside down and your head is swollen.
All of a sudden, the line sounds cheerful. "I just got disconnected. Hahahaha …"
"Don’t laugh. I’m scared." Xiao Jing rubbed his arm. "I’m sleepy? Where is this? "
Silence for a moment and say "unclear"
Xiao Jing’s head was covered with black lines, and he didn’t intend to expect it to sigh heavily. "Let’s discuss the background music."
It’s weird to rap. Is that inappropriate?
It’s even more terrible if Tong is crazy …
"Zizizi …" Noisy flow disturbs people.
At a moment, a cheerful rock music was deafening and shouted, "Host, raise your hand and join me in high!"
Xiao Jing "…"
Is this trick playing with him?
Tong consciously faltered and said, "I’m … I’m afraid …"
It would rather go back to the furnace and rebuild than stay here for a long time. Death can drive a person crazy.
After the ears were clean, Xiao Jing settled down and seriously asked, "Is this hell?"
"No, according to big data, it is speculated that this is a great knowledge of the sea."
"Know the sea? Still the Dead Sea? "
Who knows that the sea is a sea of blood in Wang Yang? Is it a murderous devil?
Just when both of them were puzzled, there were bubbles in the blood of their feet, and the disgusting smell was unbearable.
"I can’t. I’ll drown if I go like this again."
Tong also panicked and urged, "Then what are you waiting for?"
Run! He wants to run!
But where does this sea of blood run at first sight?