Before Zhang Zhongxuan came, he also broke through privately, but even if he was well informed, his heart almost fell on the hands of this mysterious jade law. Fortunately, he flew out before the jade line was to be carved into a stone, or he would die. According to Zhang Chongxuan’s speculation, this Xuanyu array was formed by the spirit of mountains around Xuanyu Town, and was carved by the ancestors of Xuanyu Town.

Behind Chen Zheng, Zhang Zhongxuan saw that the Xuanyu law was not opened, knowing that he guessed right, and he also wanted to meet the legendary Xuanyu spar, because Xuanyu spar was the array eye of Xuanyu law.
Half an hour later, Zhang Zhongxuan followed Chen Zheng into the back room of the forbidden area in Xuanyu Town, and Huo Ran appeared in front of him. The cave was full of green light, and from time to time, the sound of dripping water came out, and an extremely cold gas came out of the cave. Zhang Zhongxuan was nothing, but Zhao Zifeng and weathered clouds behind him felt a chill, and his face turned blue. The strangest thing was that Chen Zheng had nothing to do without any way.
Zhao Zifeng and weathered cloud never thought that this place would be so weird, so they quickly took up the gas to resist the cold coming from there.
The road inside the cave is winding. After Zhang Zhongxuan and others walked several circuitous paths, the terrain finally began to become wide and wide. However, at this time, a lion’s roar spread out, and the roar just started. A green phantom of the opera flew to Zhang Zhongxuan and others like lightning, but it was a green lion.
"Jade lion!" When Zhang Zhongxuan saw the lion, he remembered the jade lion that the deacon told him in those days. He knew that it was the jade lion guarding the Xuanyu spar in front of him. When he heard that the deacon said that the jade lion was not a real lion, but was carved by the ancestors of Xuanyu Town, he could not help but look at it more.
The jade lion’s green eyes let out a green line and looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and Zhao Zifeng and the weathered cloud behind him. His face showed a trace of anger and he kept growling at the three people. It seemed that he was extremely dissatisfied with Chen Zheng’s bringing Zhang Zhongxuan here.
Chen Zheng stepped aside and looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and said, "You are outsiders. If you want to get the jade spar in the past, you must let the jade lion admit you, otherwise you can’t go there. I think you should know how to get through the jade lion since you know so well about my family."
"This is natural." Zhang Zhongxuan went to the corner of the cave, stretched out his hand and picked a stone on the cave. with an easy grace walked towards the jade lion, ignoring the fierce eyes cast by the jade lion.
Zhang Zhongxuan sat down cross-legged, put the stones in his hands on his legs, and watched them carefully. It turned out that he was watching the horizontal structure on the stones. In fact, for Zhang Zhongxuan, it was not difficult to create an ornament. He was a master of refining, and he naturally knew the way of carving. People in Xuanyu Town made ornaments, generally looked down on the horizontal structure, and then carved patterns by using the horizontal structure, which was around the pattern, while he Zhang Zhongxuan.
See behing white light radiant from Zhang Zhongxuan’s finger, Zhang Zhongxuan’s finger has been walking on the stone like a knife, behing traces appear on the stone, and for a while, the stone foam falls sparsely.
Chen Zheng can be a deacon of Xuanyutang in Xuanyu Town. He naturally has the real thing. When he saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s sculpture, he could not help admiring it. Although Zhang Zhongxuan just carved some traces, he already let him see a delicate stone statue in Zhang Zhongxuan’s hands. He knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was not an ordinary person.
After a while, a stone statue like a jade lion appeared in Zhang Zhongxuan’s hand. The jade lion looked at it and his face was full of water. Zhang Zhongxuan put the jade lion carved in his hand in front of the jade lion and clapped his hands. "How’s it going?"
When the Jade Lion heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he called twice meekly, and then jumped into the stone wall with the little statue in his mouth.
Chen Zheng sincerely said, "Your Excellency is indeed a master. The structure of that stone is obviously a tiger, but it has become a lion under your uncanny skill. I admire you."
Zhang Chongxuan said faintly, "The essence of materials cannot be changed, but one thing connects all things, and all things are one thing. The key to the problem lies in people."
Hear Zhang Chongxuan, Chen Zheng look changed, the body trembled, and then pendency head to think it over. Zhang Chongxuan’s words had a great impact on him. At this moment, he realized that people in Xuanzheng Town had already become pedantic under the technical meaning handed down by their ancestors in Xuanyu Town. They only knew how to carve according to the structure of materials, but they didn’t think flexibly. Huo Ran began to develop the technical meaning handed down by their ancestors in a distorted direction.
"Thank you for your advice." Chen Zheng Zhang Zhongxuan bowed, sincere way.
"No need." Zhang Zhongxuan said faintly, "Please lead the way."
Chen Zheng also knew that Zhang Zhongxuan had come to get Hyun Positive spar, so he didn’t need too much ceremony, so he went on.
Terrain in the open after a while, began to narrow up, but also there is a road in the road, there is a hole in the hole, if there is no Chen Zheng lead, Zhang Chongxuan ask yourself will be lost in it and can’t find the legendary XuanYuShi, mainly XuanYuShi more this without any breath, let Zhang Chongxuan induction.
Move down inside, began to appear a kind of blue light, and at this time, Zhang Chongxuan in the hands of water spirit god ring issued a dazzling blue light, straight toward the depths of the cave, a blue ball of light Huo Ran appeared in front of Zhang Chongxuan a bunch of people, and Zhang Chongxuan looked at the SPAR in the blue ball of light and knew that it was the legendary Xuanyu SPAR.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Waves beads
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Waves beads
Xuanyu spar is a translucent water-blue stone, about as long and as wide as a human figure. It floats in the air, and around it, the water-blue brilliance flows.
When Chen Zheng was about to walk by, XuanYuShi suddenly became blue and bright. In front of XuanYuShi, Huo Ran was sitting alone. This man was about thirty years old, with fluffy and slender hair, sitting lazily in a chair, looking at Zhang Chongxuan casually and lightly saying, "Let’s play a game." As he spoke, a stone appeared in front of him.
Chen Zheng looked at the person in front of him, and his heart fluctuated. He knelt down and said, "Chen Zheng, a descendant of Xuanyu Town, has seen his ancestors." Every household in Xuanyu Town has a portrait of its ancestors. When Chen looked at each other for the first time, he knew that his ancestors had appeared.
The man said lightly, "Get up."
Zhang Chongxuan looked at each other, and his heart was greatly surprised. This person is neither a soul nor a yuan god, nor a real person. He has no breath, and he feels nothing. He can’t help but wonder. He said, "Why should I play with you?"
The man affirmed, "You have no choice."
Looking at each other’s eyes, Zhang Zhongxuan slowly walked up to him and said, "Well, I’ll play the next game with you."
The man held out his hand: "Please sit down."
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t say much and sat down. Aside the weathered clouds and Zhao Zifeng tried to persuade them that there was no chair, but a chair was born out of thin air under Zhang Zhongxuan’s ass.
The man scratched on the stone with his hand, and immediately there was a cross on the stone. And there was a chess piece on it. He said, "It was you who broke into the Xuanyu array just now, and you were able to get away with it in Xuanyu Town Law. You are still the first person for so many years."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the stone and knew that the other party wanted to carve chess by himself, and he didn’t care. Then he crossed the stone with his finger and answered, "There is nothing I can’t do in this world. Xuanyu array can make me retreat, but the second time, it will be impossible to trap me again. "
The man glanced at Zhang Zhongxuan’s son, nodded and said, "Yes, yes, you can see through the emptiness of Xuanyu law with your first hand and put it in the innermost part of Xuanyu law. Sure enough. " As he passed his hand, he held the next son next to Zhang Zhongxuan’s chess piece.
Zhang Chongxuan saw a son, andao this move is wonderful. It turns out that when Zhang Chongxuan just looked at the first son in front of him, he knew that the other party was under the layout of Xuanyu law. When he broke the array for the first time, Zhang Chongxuan naturally knew a little mystery, so he was measured. Now he sees the other party using the law for chess. Naturally, I followed the method of thinking about breaking the array, and chose the most favorable geography from the beginning. Who wants the other party to have the second son, and the whole battle has come to a new beginning, which has turned Zhang Zhongxuan from a favorable position into a dangerous situation.
Generally, chess skills are all about giving up life and being born later. Zhang Zhongxuan, however, did the opposite. He stretched out his hand and got a son on the only monkey left by the other side.
The man took a look and said with a smile, "It’s really an extraordinary man. He knows that there are tigers in the mountains, so he is good, domineering and courageous." Starting with another son, the whole battle was suddenly open and full of holes. No place is a dead hole.
Zhang Zhongxuan took one look. Laughing, he said, "There is vitality everywhere, but there are dangers everywhere. Being partial to life and having to play, this move is really high. I want to ask, what is the real reason for your game with me? "
The man showed a smile and said, "The lion statue you carved is ingenious and full of aura, so when you came out, you played chess like a sculpture, focusing on your heart, and I came to ask for advice because of the change."
Zhang Zhongxuan said: "One change is smooth and changeable, which aims at letting nature take its course. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chess game, because it’s a dead chess game, and it’s just futile to go on. Why not leave a piece of the puzzle and give each other some aftertaste?"
The man said lightly, "Did you see that?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "You are a jade essence, and this place is still a land of great jade. Naturally, everything is under your control. How can I play with you?"
The man stood up, shook his head and said, "You can pick the nephrite yourself." Said and disappeared into the hole.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t ask Chen Zheng for instructions. He went straight to the front of Xuanyushi, reached out and took out a large piece from Xuanyushi, and then said to Chen Zhengdao, "Ok, you can go."
Chen Zheng looked at the nephrite. After Zhang Zhongxuan took a piece, the nephrite gave birth to another piece. He couldn’t help but say, "Sir, I don’t know?"
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally understood what Chen Zheng wanted to ask. He said, "That man is indeed your ancestor. He was born with a jade essence and will turn into a jade spar after his death. The place where Xuanyu Town is located is a land of great jade. As long as you can inherit the skills handed down by your ancestors, your ancestors will bless your land."
Chen Zheng was very happy after hearing it. Now he took Zhang Zhongxuan to the outside of the cave and wanted to go out and tell the people in Xuanyu Town. However, Zhang Zhongxuan turned and looked back at it. He knew that the other party actually wanted to kill himself, just because he had been practicing god recently, and his mind was already open. Otherwise, he would sink into the chess game, which would inevitably make his Yuan God suffer polarization and become a part of the rocks around Xuanyu Town.
After leaving the cave, Zhang Zhongxuan ordered Zhao Zifeng to collect the soul-sucking banners, bid farewell to Xuanyu Town and flew back to Zhangfu.
The purpose of this trip to Xuanyu Town is to ask for Xuanyu spar. Now that Xuanyu spar is available, Zhang Zhongxuan is busy. It turned out that Zhang Zhongxuan wanted to improve the skills of Zhao Zifeng and Weathering Cloud, and the simplest and most effective way was to rob them. Zhang Chongxuan didn’t rob this thing. When he didn’t soar, he picked up Xuanyu Town and knew that the deacon had done it for him. This Shuitianling God Ring has a special effect, that is, it can absorb the demon’s cultivation into his own. Zhang Chongxuan was also surprised to learn that year.
At that time, Zhang Zhongxuan just hid the water spirit ring in the body. Occasionally, he met an eight-claw demon who had no intention of flying from the demon space to the world. The eight-claw demon was also very good. At that time, Zhang Zhongxuan was not trained to soar. However, there were dozens of magic weapons all over the body, and as a result, they were bombed, but they were still injured and fell to the ground by the eight-claw demon, and almost died by the eight-claw demon.
Fortunately, at the critical moment, Zhang Zhongxuan remembered the ring on his hand, and in a hurry, he lifted it up and injected it into the real yuan. As a result, the water spirit ring actually released a wave like a sea wave on the eight-claw demon, and the eight-claw demon could not move. Under the waves released by the water spirit ring, the body actually began to turn into white gas.
When the water blue waves of the water spirit ring evaporated the eight-claw demon and retreated back to the water spirit ring, a miracle happened. The water spirit ring actually sent a true yuan to Zhang Chongxuan’s body, which not only helped him heal the injury, but also helped Zhang Chongxuan improve a lot of skills, which made Zhang Chongxuan overjoyed. I thought of looking for demons to increase my skill, but there are very few demons in the world. Demons all live in the demon space in a unified way. At that time, with Zhang Chongxuan’s ability, I couldn’t fly to the demon space, so I finally gave up, and he never used it again.