Zhou Lishui nodded excitedly and shouted, "I’m coming, beast."

Suddenly, the four-line sound came out, and seven qi were scattered all over the body. At the same time, a colorful qi was angry at the foot in the rain, like a rainbow after the rain, and the onlookers could not help but exclaim.
Li Fuchang in the grass only noticed that he was attacked quickly behind him, and before he could dodge, he had already hit the fence heavily.
Zhou Lishui grabbed Li Fuchang: "Go; ; ; ; ; ; Knock your mother on the head three times to thank her for raising you, and I’ll kill you again. ; ; ; ; ;”
The XingWanJie revealed a smile and nodded slightly.
Li Fuchang, who was dying, had broken his legs at this time, and it was still of no help to let Zhou Li Shui pull. At this time, the crowd suddenly stirred up, and Feng Xuan edged through the crowd and came to Li Fuchang.
Chapter 220 Method of pestle to accept evil and return home.
Chapter 220 The way home is determined by the pestle.
The appearance of Feng Xuan blade surprised the punishment of Wan Jie, quickly lowered his head, stretched out his hand and covered half his face, and retreated half a step in the crowd in panic.
Feng Xuan blade looked at this once sinful enemy Li Fuchang, who once destroyed his daughter by all means. This made Feng Xuan blade’s father and daughter separated by yin and yang, and his lips trembled and pointed to Li Fuchang for a long time.
Feng Xuan blade once woke up from a nightmare more than once, even dreaming about how to cut this wicked Li Fuchang to pieces and how to cut it into eight pieces; ; ; ; ; ; ; When I really faced Li Fuchang, I didn’t know how to make moves. Perhaps the only power that can support Feng Xuan’s blade until now is to avenge my daughter.
Feng Xuan blade called back nod, grabbed Li Fuchang’s neck and dragged Li Fuchang to Li Furen near in the grass.
He shouted: "Bully; ; ; ; ; ; Still not kneeling. "
Feng Xuan saw that Li Fuchang had no regrets, and then his feet suddenly provoked Li Fuchang’s lower body, and his right hand slammed Li Fuchang into the air and struggled to fall upwards. Li Fuchang involuntarily knelt down toward his mother; ; ; ; ; ; Li Furen’s eyes closed slightly: "Bodhisattvas are all my faults; ; ; ; ; ; Sin; ; ; Sin; ; ; ; ;”
At this time, Li Fuchang, who had been silent for a long time, was still wicked, and suddenly grabbed a mass of soil from his body and threw it at Feng Xuan’s blade.
"Brother Feng, be careful"
Li Fuchang jumped up with his hands off the ground before Zhou Lishui’s words came out.
Feng Xuan, who had suffered many losses from Li Fuchang, had long been wary of Li Fuchang.
The Li Fuchang just jumped into the air less than two meters, and Feng Xuan’s blade popped up with a palm, hitting Li Fuchang several meters away.
The growth king in the grass was glaring at Li Fuchang, who flew to the growth king involuntarily with the palm of Feng Xuan’s blade. A flash of lightning pierced the sky, followed by a loud thunder, and Li Fuchang fell down in the air and landed on the long pestle without bias. Suddenly, a thick blood splashed around; ; ; ; ; ; Li Fuchang only left the last strength, staring blankly at the face of the growth king.
"What is good? What is evil; ; ; ; ;”
Li Fuchang, the great villain, was arrogant all his life. He didn’t wake up before he died, and he couldn’t tell what was good. What is evil? It’s really sad.
Feng Xuan blade proud day laugh, that laughter comparable to thunder, more loud than Dian Mu’s lightning; ; ; ; ; ; The bleak echo in laughter is unforgettable for a long time; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Zhao Suoli lost his third brother and almost lost his own life, and he was unwilling. However, he was no match for Feng Xuan’s blade, so he had to call down archers to Qixingmen to make plans again.
Zhao Suoli and others worked hard all the way around the clock. This day, a group of people just entered Hebei Province. Zhao Suoli’s tense nerves were finally evacuated. Suddenly, at the foot of the mountain, he was stopped by an old man wearing a hemp fiber and a hat. The old man’s side face was facing Zhao Suoli, as if to hide his identity. Just as Zhao Suoli was about to answer forward, the man asked to clear his voice.
"This road is blocked, gentlemen," he said. ; ; ; ; ; Please choose another way; ; ; ; ; ;”
The gloomy voice made Zhao Suoli do it one brace up and felt bad.
However, in front of all the disciples, Zhao Suoli took a deep breath to save face.
"Friend, do you know that this place is the boundary of my Seven-Star Gate? Aren’t you afraid of the majesty of Zhao, the head of Seven-Star Gate?"
"Hum; ; ; ; ; ;” The man said without cutting, "What does Zhao Suotu of Qixingmen have to do with me? I said that this road is blocked, so you should stop talking; ; ; ; ; ;”
This is the only road leading to the Seven Star Gate. I’m afraid it will take a long time to drive around. Besides, Zhao Suowai’s accident has not been reported to the head yet.
Although Zhao Suoli suffered a lot from Feng Xuan’s blade, Zhao Suoli was not a straw bag. I saw Zhao Suoli suddenly draw a snake spear from behind his horse and point it at the man: "Hum; ; ; ; ; ; Don’t make a toast, make way for Mr. ; ; ; ; ; Don’t blame me for being ruthless in my hands. "
The man still covered half of his face, and it could be seen from his eyes that the man did not put Zhao Suoli in the eye.
"Hearing the seven-star marksmanship of the Seven-Star Gate is very severe, and the old man will ask for advice; ; ; ; ; ;”
As soon as this was said, Zhao Suoli frowned. He glanced at the disciples of Qixingmen from left to right, raised his spear and shouted loudly. Immediately, a piece of dust splashed on his legs and rushed to the man. Suddenly, a cold light flashed across the old man’s head. ; ; ; ; ; The disciples who watched at Qixingmen not only gasped, but thought that the old man had died, and the clinker, the old man, had disappeared into sight.
Zhao Suoli was suddenly amazed, and the movement around the watchful observer’s eyes. At this moment, he suddenly felt a cool breeze coming from behind the tree on the side. Before Zhao Suoli could parry, the cool breeze had already hit his left shoulder. With the long hiss of the horse on his legs, his feet immediately fell to one hundred and eighty degrees from the ground. Zhao Suoli hurried to bounce off his feet. At this time, it was too late, and a huge energy kicked to the side of the horse, together with Zhao Suoli.