Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Kill the Wolf king
The Wolf King may think that he has cast them off on Sunday. According to the fact that they are not familiar with this area on Sunday, it is impossible for them to have another chance to find the reason for it on Sunday. Since the Wolf King stopped running with the remaining wolves by a small river, horses were panting on the ground. It seems that they just ran very fast, but the physical strength; There is really no less consumption. If it is not as fast as them on Sunday, a few wolves will be exhausted.
Originally, the Wolf King wanted to come. Since it succeeded in giving up the pursuer on Sunday, it would be meaningless to flee as hard as before. Now, instead of desperately running out, it’s really better to have a good rest, after recovering physical strength; It’s not too late to decide what to do next.
Just holding the idea of the Wolf king is not clear that it has been tampered with, now don’t say it’s only a few hundred miles away, even if it runs thousands of miles away, it can be found on Sunday.
The Wolf King still has some strength, but the monster beast itself is not very good at soul skills, and now this Wolf King is no exception. Now, when it comes to strength, the willow demon is at most equal to the wolf king, but after the willow demon did something to the wolf king; The Wolf King knew nothing about this situation from beginning to end.
In such a case; When Sunday quietly m not to its not far away with his men, the Wolf King did not find their existence on Sunday.
"master; Your charm is really amazing. Those wolves who are so close can’t find us. Usually, when we are ten miles away from them, those demon wolves can smell us. If we can have more such charms, it will be much easier to deal with these wolves. " Glanced at the nearby wolves and found that they really failed to find their own party, Li Yuanba immediately kowtowed to Sunday.
"I don’t know about your little mind, it’s impossible; Although the’ hidden information symbol’ is not a high-order Yu symbol, it is not cheap either. You boys have given your master several pieces of Chinese Lingshi one by one. Do you want large-scale equipment in the army? Then you might as well take those lingshi directly to buy some Dan medicine to increase the combat effectiveness of soldiers. " See a face of cold Li Yuanba since kowtowing to himself in front of outsiders at ordinary times, and know what idea it is playing on Sunday, but it is completely unmoved by its words, and it will speak out its share of thoughts directly.
Li Yuanba after seeing the ability of Yu operator, at that time also really wanted to use this Yu operator to the army, after all, many monster beasts are so difficult to deal with, because the monster beast is far beyond human sense of smell. Send troops to encircle the monster beast, and as a result, when people are still halfway, people will smell the movement of the army. Under such circumstances, what are they fighting for? It’s good to ensure that you don’t lose, if you really want to win; That is simply an impossible thing.
And if you have the kind of’ hidden interest symbol’ that you take out on Sunday, as long as every soldier takes a few pieces, then you will quietly M not to the monster beast like now, and the monster beast that was originally very difficult will become very easy to deal with again.
Just such an idea with Sunday’s offer, but it was suddenly dismissed by Li Yuanba …
It’s almost a Yu operator and a Chinese Lingshi. If there are so many Lingshi in Li Yuanba; You can buy tens of thousands of small pills directly. Dan medicine to improve the soldiers’ combat power is not worth giving each of them a Ling stone of Yu operator, which is really like what Sunday said. If you really want to do as he did, you might as well buy Dan medicine directly with Lingshi, believing that it has the help of Dan medicine; It is not impossible for his soldiers to grow up to catch up with those monsters directly by speed.
See Li Yuanba that a face of disappointment; Sunday also felt a little unbearable, so; On Sunday, after speaking out against Li Yuanba’s idea, he said to Li Yuanba and them, "Although your idea is not practical, I can still afford your teachers’ services. Come; Pick a few pieces of Yu characters for self-defense, if you meet an enemy you can’t cope with in the future; At that time, this Yu operator may save your lives. "
"Master Xie, the owner of the museum" made everyone smile a little more, so don’t say it’s them. Even in the Black Wind Ridge, few monks can afford it. Now that one person has sent them a few copies on Sunday; Encounter such a good thing; How can they be unhappy?
Thanked Sunday, points after Yu operator, Li Yuanba they also under the guidance of Sunday, officially began to prepare to attack the wolves not far away.
"The demon wolf looks at the move."
At present, the wolf king has not practiced his throat bone; You can’t speak human words now, otherwise; At this time of the Wolf king should be pointing to Sunday’s nose to lambaste its meanness.
Sneak attack, sneak attack! On Sunday, people directly jumped out to kill the wolf guards who were already running out. Only at that time did they remind people that they were going to attack. The wolf king would rather not shout the words behind him on Sunday. Sneak first and then remind; This is not disgusting … Uh; Disgusting wolf
Sunday doesn’t care what the wolf king thinks, but he finally caught up with it. This time, Sunday didn’t want to let the wolf king go again. While carrying Li Yuanba’s attack on the Wolf King’s mission: On Sunday, on the one hand, it was secretly giving orders to the willow demon in the heart of Hu, so that the willow demon in the heart of Hu hid in the dark and controlled some wolves to rebel; Directly, the wolves that were originally very United were all understood by nòng.
Without the shelter of wolves, what can the wolf king take to fight with Zhou Tiandou, if he is strong? Sunday is already the Wolf king off seven or eight streets so far.
In order to prevent the Wolf King from escaping as before, after the wolves nòng Hunlu à, Sunday directly targeted the Wolf King, and found it first before the Wolf King was ready to escape. Finally, B and the Wolf King had to fight head-on with Sunday.
Now that it is inescapable; The Wolf King stopped thinking about other things, and the Wolf also had his own pride, although he had made an escape before because he knew the strength difference between the two sides. But now when there is no escape, the wolf king has not lost his backbone, after a long whistle; While ordering the wolves to separate and escape, they jumped up on Sunday alone.
From the beginning, only the Wolf King was targeted on Sunday, which was not only clear on Sunday; The Wolf king himself is equally clear.
If you can escape; It is impossible for the Wolf King to stay and wait for his death, but now that there is no way to escape, the Wolf King is ready to sacrifice his life to save some fire for the wolves. The Wolf King believes that; As long as I stay, I should not pay too much attention to other wolves on Sunday.
In fact, it is true, without the organization of the Wolf King; At present, this originally powerful wolf pack should be almost destroyed. Lost effective organization; Other things aside, according to the survival law of wolves, the next step is to be a wolf king; I’m afraid I don’t know how many members they will die in the battle for the throne. When this wolf pack stabilizes, then I’m afraid they have already become a force with average strength in this area, and they want to restore that strength before; If there is no adventure; I’m afraid it’s unlikely.
It is knowing that those wolves have no threat to themselves, so Sunday really doesn’t care much about their future, not only because they don’t start work; Even the order was not issued, and in the end it was like this that most of the remaining wolves escaped successfully, but the wolf king; To be forced to stay on Sunday.
Wolves can be released on Sunday; Because even if those wolves are released, they can’t pose any threat to Sunday in the future. However, it is impossible for the wolf king to let it go on Sunday anyway. The wolf king also has a certain cultivation. No one can say for sure whether this wolf king can make a breakthrough in the future, if one day this wolf king can really become an elixir; That was targeted by a demon king in the then period, which is not a good thing for Sunday.
The wolf king is not ready to escape; On Sunday, there would be no more clinging to it as before. I glanced at my side and secretly gave Li Yuanba an eye after Se. On Sunday, a group of people simply let other wolves go, and directly surrounded the wolf king.
Wolves have always dealt with their opponents with more bullying and less bullying, but now they don’t want the wolf king to have it today; Directly surrounded by a group of people on Sunday, this situation is right now; Don’t say the wolf king won, but he wants to pull someone up before he dies. I believe that it is already an impossible thing.
The main reason why Sunday still intends to bully the less with more is to prevent the last minute; Will the people around you be hurt by the counterattack of the Wolf King before he dies?
Now see the layout has been completed; Sunday naturally won’t be polite to the Wolf king, commanded; Li Yuanba them together with Sunday; It also launched an attack on the Wolf king.
"see the knife"
"Look at the sword"
"super electromagnetic gun"
"oh; Meiqin, be careful; It’s all shocking to us. "
"Sorry; Sorry … "
In the end, there was no accident; The strength of the Wolf King itself is not as good as Sunday’s party, if it is not the Wolf King’s desperate posture that makes them scruple about three points on Sunday; I’m afraid that the wolf king would have been cleaned up by them on Sunday. Finally, the main reason for playing with them for so long on Sunday; It is not so much that the wolf king is brave; It’s better to say that Sunday doesn’t want to pay too much for killing it.
In the end, even the people on Sunday were careful and careful, but the wolf king still only lasted for ten minutes, and finally he was attacked by Sunday from behind; Smash the skull with one hand and die.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Ready to travel
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Ready to travel
When Sunday and his party returned to the meeting point; At that time, everyone in the gathering point was surrounded as a hero, and was lifted and thrown several times in a row; Sunday and his party finally got away at that time.
To be honest; Sunday really didn’t expect the people in the gathering point to be so enthusiastic. Although this enthusiasm has a cause, I have never enjoyed this kind of treatment on Sunday. I am really not used to the enthusiasm of those people at all.
In fact, the reason why Sunday couldn’t accept people’s enthusiasm was that Sunday didn’t have corresponding experience, but one of the main reasons was that Sunday didn’t realize what he was doing with his disciples and apprentices at the moment, which was of great significance to the whole gathering place.
The above is already said that the purpose of the Wolf King’s attack on the gathering point, although in general, wolves will not find the gathering point, but whenever the conditions are enough; Wolves will attack a rendezvous point from time to time. Although the gathering point has never been lost, in fact, the wolves win every battle of Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. Most people in the gathering point have had the experience of watching the wolves take their loved ones away.
Dozens of hundreds of years of fighting have long been a feud between wolves. Now, since Sunday brought people to kill the wolf king, how can we not let the people in the gathering point be ecstatic?
The death of the Wolf King; In addition to representing that most of the people who had enemies with wolves in the gathering point got revenge, the death of the Wolf King also represented the decline of wolves, which was a situation for people in the gathering point. Then naturally, it can be regarded as a great good news.
Wolves don’t have the strength of the past. Now we don’t have to worry that there will be such a battle of Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade every few years. While the wolves are defeated this time, we can even take the opportunity to expand our sphere of influence. Having a bigger territory means having more cultivated land, and having enough cultivated land means having enough food. In the end, as long as the food is sufficient and the gathering point is safe, when the children who are not yet underage grow up one by one, the strength of the gathering point will increase greatly, and the people living in the gathering point will increase greatly. Naturally, you can get a safer living environment.
Of course; All these benefits are not visible to all people, but they can’t see through the changes here. On Sunday, there is a fairy teacher who can even kill the wolf king, which in itself is for the civilians in the gathering point; It can also be regarded as a great blessing.
Associated with; As Sunday and all the apprentices in the martial arts school greatly made a face in this battle, it finally brought an enrollment wind to the martial arts school, which made many parents who had not had this idea, lined up outside the martial arts school one by one, regardless of whether they had the talent or not; Everyone wants to meet Sunday; See if Sunday can bring himself or his relatives into the family.
For that series of changes; Sunday is really helpless, accept it. Few of those people really have the talent to fix the truth. Taking Sunday in the martial arts school can help them purify their spiritual roots and finally send them to the immortal road, but there is no need to take so many apprentices on Sunday.
Sunday’s opening of the martial arts school originally had a great nature of playing with tickets, although later Sunday did have the idea of cultivating a group of disciples. But Sunday’s demand for disciples; But it hasn’t reached the point of accepting everyone …
Even if the sugar gate is really divided into mountains in the future, and there is a Lingshan on Sunday, then there will be dozens of people under it. Zhou Tianke didn’t want to accept tens of millions of disciples. I believe that even the largest number of people in the world can’t exceed 10,000. Zhou Tianke is not confident that he can train millions of people on his own. The group of people who received it on Sunday was already too many. Now that so many people have come to the master again, although Sunday can understand their ideas, it cannot be because of this that all the people who have learned from the master will be accepted again.
In the end, although when those people begged; Sunday, as more or less, still feels a little unbearable. But as a result, almost all the people who came to the teacher were rejected on Sunday. The only few exceptions are just because the spirit roots of those people are good, and the reason why Sunday thinks they have training value is that they broke the case, otherwise Sunday is really going to accept no one.
Didn’t recruit too many people into the martial arts school; That naturally means that almost all the resources in the hands of Sunday will be used on the group of people originally recruited.
For the talent of those people under their own hands; Although Sunday can’t say how satisfied it is, at least there is nothing too much dissatisfaction. But for their strength; Sunday is quite dissatisfied, so that after the wolf attack; On Sunday, the martial arts school was closed without saying anything; The apprentices of the martial arts school were trained.
Under the accumulation of a large number of Dan medicine on Sunday, in fact, the apprentices in the martial arts school last week have made slow progress, and it took only a little time to make them the main force in fighting wolves. Directly, most martial artists who have been practicing hard for half their lives almost wiped their necks without shame.