The teenager’s candy chestnut hair looks handsome when the sun shines on his cheeks.

The nurse glared at him shyly and muttered, "No one chases patients who are chased all day."
Liu Han said, "That’s very hard."
Probably too tired, the nurse frowned and sighed and said, "Recently, many patients came to the hospital and died suddenly without coming to save them … It’s better to stay up late at a young age."
As she spoke, she saw a willow culvert and a black eye.
Liu Han paused and smiled. "I didn’t mean to stay up late, but I was too uncomfortable to sleep all night."
"What’s so hard about being young?" The nurse said and put the bandage on the frame. "It’s the most important thing to live so long."
When the nurse left, Liu Han tilted his head and his smile gradually disappeared.
He clearly knows
He adores a god.
This God will gradually abandon his weakness, his humility and everything that belongs to human weakness, including his soft heart and partial human love.
No one can make God move, and no one can be fascinated. He will be distracted, and he, Liu Hanyi, is nothing but a worm in his heart.
-struggling ants can covet the glory of God?
But he insisted on greed.
You have something to say.
I remember updating it in the early morning, and I opened it today, but it didn’t make me more stupid.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
I can’t forget you because you miss me day and night.
Gu xichu
He fiddled with one side of the brain and entered a few lines of code, and Gu Xichu rummaged through all the information.
【 Gu Xichu? Have you ever heard of what Banana wants to see him? 】
Su Jiao quickly returned to him.
Someone sent me two paintings before, and I found out that it was his style.
LiuHan staring at this line of words.
He couldn’t help but imagine Su Jiao typing quietly.
I miss his soft hair. I miss him staring at the mobile phone screen when he is typing. His amber eyes shine slightly. His eyelashes hang down slightly to expose the small mole that makes people want to kiss.
I want to ask him something about those projects and ask if you can find out his address or contact information.
LiuHan a thinking about a Gu Xichu information and daily habits sent him the past.
But he also unconsciously remembered the nurse’s words.
The death toll has increased … Are there more "players" who died in natural disasters?
And … There are some visions recently.
LiuHan at the thought of yesterday evening in a city, overlapping crimson sun and moon.
Is Suo Su Jiao asking him to check on Xi Chu because he is also in a hurry?
And Gu Xichu is Su Jiao looking for a new servant?
And yesterday’s vision?
Liu Han felt a dull pain in his head at first, and he suddenly clenched his hand.
The new bandage was soaked with blood again.
For a moment, he seemed to hear the strange sound that surrounded him mysteriously again.
This kind of feeling is very similar to seeing the banquet that day, but it seems to be different.
He seems to be in a cage, but he seems to be the owner of the cage.
His heart thumped and the world seemed to twist before his eyes. He saw the cage-and there was a crack in it.
So a number of noisy, messy and desperate sounds infiltrated from the cage
Those sounds are desperate, painful, dark, full of hate, morbid, like countless horrors, and pale hands are trying to pull him into the abyss.
-he has a new service!
-even if he doesn’t have a banquet, there will be others!
You are alway that last thing!
You are redundant, no one loves you and no one will save you, even if you are reborn with greed and desire, you will die in the end! !
But soon this noise was severely suppressed by a deep desire and hope.
That is the desire for Su Jiao.
Or care.
This feeling sprouted in his heart made him think of the figure of the young god in this mixed despair and madness.
The juvenile cage looks indifferent and gentle in the light, but it is like hope shining in the dark world to suppress all the noise and pain.
Let his consciousness reach out to him.
-Want to … God
Don’t want to be a worm in his eyes, don’t want to be abandoned, want to be in his eyes …
I am myself all the time.
This greedy desire seems to overwhelm all the noisy quarrels, just like the only obsession in despair, which makes him find himself in the fog.
There is a new devotee who has not been abandoned or cared about, nor is he a god, nor does he regard him as an ant.
Not if he’s still there.
This is his star, his moon and his eternal hope-"Hua"
-LiuHan seems to hear the cage completely broken sound.
But the noise didn’t ring again.
The whole world seems to be distorted before his eyes.
When he came to his senses, he suddenly looked at the mobile phone.
-Su Jiao going to find Gu Xichu?