And Sun Rong was just a little happy when he heard Han Qi, but he couldn’t laugh when he saw these people around him. This time, she led a team to attack the Liuhua family, most of which were her own forces, but at the last moment, she was destroyed by the mysterious man in an instant.

Four of the top ten dharma elders, Cao Mo, Lang Xiansheng, Qu Yang and Dong Zherui, Wu Pingjiang and Tong Wenji, are still alive, and the man wrapped in Yin Hui. In addition, there are more than a dozen people in the middle and late stages of integration, and only a few dozen of them survived below the distraction period! With such strength, how can we seize the position of the elder?
At this time, Wu Pingjiang and Tong Wenji are silently talking about the topic of Chu Yifeng, of course, because the man, like Chu Yifeng, uses the power of lightning and is naturally Chu Yifeng’s elder, which makes them more convinced that Chu Yifeng’s identity is definitely not simple, but they are also wondering if Chu Yifeng is still alive when he falls into a space crack.
At this time, Chu Yifeng was lying in a valley without a trace of sound, surrounded by trees and moist breath permeating between heaven and earth.
In this humid air, there is a wisp of blood gas. It turned out that the blood gas was scattered from Chu Yifeng. Chu Yifeng first forcibly used Lei Xiao to shake the sky and was torn by space cracks. His muscles and bones were already in tatters. At this time, those bloodshot blood seeped out from every inch of his skin.
And in his hands, he still tightly holds the soul of Feng Wanying. The blue jade slips with the blue light flow. When the blood on Chu Yifeng’s hand touches the jade slips, the blue jade slips suddenly light up, and then the jade slips are mixed with a trace of blood red. But then the light in the jade slips is no longer pure blue and white, and the blood red light flashes from time to time, just slowly, the light flashes weaker and weaker. It seems that Feng Wanying’s soul has disappeared.
But at this time, Chu Yifeng seems to be having a dream. In a beautiful dream, he saw the snow-white clothes again and heard the beautiful piano …

162 Flying Panda
Peak! Help me … "Feng Wan Ying’s mournful voice rang in Chu Yifeng’s mind, and her mind woke up from a coma with a fierce shock.
Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes, and Feng Wanying’s wonderful figure disappeared from his eyes. Only then did Chu Yifeng realize that everything just now was just a dream.
Unconsciously, I shook the jade Jane in my hand and immediately there was a terrible pain, but Chu Yifeng was not sad but very happy. The heavy feeling in his hand told him that what he desperately wanted was in his own hands.
It’s not the first time to use Lei Xiao to shake the sky. Chu Yifeng knows that his physical condition must be very bad. Every move, even a finger, will involve a pain all over his body.
Chu Yifeng struggled to sit up, regardless of blood. From time to time, he just took the sapphire slips to the front, and the soul of Feng Wanying in the sapphire slips seemed to feel Chu Yifeng’s concern, and a light of blue and white and red blood shone. Chu Yifeng only felt that he was shining at the moment.
But this time, after the light, the sapphire Jane quickly fell silent and refused to give a glimmer of light. Chu Yifeng was uneasy, but he knew little about the soul. He just felt that he had got the soul back. Jade Jane would have put Feng Wanying’s soul in her own body, so Chu Yifeng immediately decided to go back to Qingtang Star.
Chu Yifeng doesn’t know how he got here. Now that I think about it, he should have accidentally rolled up here after falling into a space crack. But to return to Qingtang Star, we must first know where we are now. Then ChuYifeng looked up at the surrounding environment.
This is a huge valley. There are tens of thousands of meters of mountains and steep mountains on both sides, but the green trees cover the sun. Chu Yifeng feels the breath in the valley and there are no signs of human activity. However, the aura here is quite rich. Just breathing a few mouthfuls of fresh air deeply makes you feel refreshed.
From time to time, the roar of wild animals reminds Chu Yifeng that it is not safe here, so it is important to restore the skill first.
So Chu Yifeng found a hidden place, containing several Hui Yuan Dan, swallowed two jade elixirs, and began to operate Lei Xiao Shinto to heal the wounds through exercise.
After many wars, Chu Yifeng’s mental cultivation has been quite stable. And the cultivation of itself has also increased a lot, so a few back to Yuan Dan is not enough for Chu Yifeng to recover all his skills. It’s just that he doesn’t think there is much left to use now.
Two days later, Chu Yifeng’s body was almost repaired, and he took out two top grade SPAR in his hand and began to fully recover Zhen Yuan.
The green LeiYing is like a dry ocean. The energy refined from the top grade spar quickly enters and melts into the LeiYing, and LeiYing begins to surround with a layer of lightning, which absorbs like a happy baby. Originally, there are some withered yellow LeiYing colors, and more and more, but the light green light is getting brighter and brighter, reflecting the whole abdomen as a piece of full of green. Full of vitality. The green light continues to brighten, which has slightly covered up the original green. On the contrary, it has changed towards turquoise. Chu Yifeng has initially entered the late stage of green thunder!
Another day, Chu Yifeng suddenly opened his eyes, and a flash of lightning flashed across his body. He burst into a "ba" sound like a bean, and a dense lightning flashed on his body!
"Ha!" Chu Yifeng was in a carefree mood and his body recovered to get his soul. Jade Jane couldn’t help but drink a loud cry. A blue halo spread from his mouth and all the trees fell around.
Chu Yifeng flew into the sky with a faint smile and didn’t fly far. Suddenly he smelled a smell, which was familiar, but suddenly he couldn’t think of anything that seemed to have been smelled on the earth.
I thought I might find human beings through this smell, so Chu Yifeng spread the knowledge of gods and carefully searched for it …
However, when Chu Yifeng didn’t have the source of the present smell, his mind moved, and there was a powerful breath approaching him quickly. If the place is a person, at least it is a fit period!
Chu Yifeng paid attention to the arrival of gods, but suddenly he heard the roar of a beast, and there was no human breath in Chu Yifeng’s arrival.
"It’s a demon repairer!" Chu Yifeng was secretly wary of the unknown environment at this time. Chu Yifeng didn’t want to cause any more trouble, but just wanted to get back to Qingtangxing quickly, so he slowly hid himself and used the interest-collecting tactic and the interest charm to hide his breath.
As soon as Chu Yifeng hid, he saw a black and white animal flying from the horizon, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar he became. He had black ears on his round head and black eyes like wearing ink.
The limbs are chubby and black. It’s just that it has arms on its back, but there are no feathers on it, but black fluff!
"Flying panda!" As soon as Chu Yifeng saw the animal’s shape, his name immediately came to mind.
Just before he could react, he heard the "panda" vomit a person’s words: "Where did the thief sneak into my precious tree valley? Come out quickly!"
There was a cry and nothing happened. "Panda" stared, and two black ripples suddenly appeared on two dark circles, slowly spreading towards the whole valley.
When the black ripple approached Chu Yifeng, it immediately gave a buzz, and then it was heard that "Panda" roared: "Where are you going, little thief!"
With a wave of his wings, the "Panda" rushed forward with four sharp claws flashing cold light and rushed to Chu Yifeng.
As soon as Chu Yifeng saw that he was no longer hiding, he immediately flew into the air and condensed a thunder shield in his hand. At the same time, he hurriedly explained, "Brother Panda, wait a minute!"
Seeing Chu Yifeng waving his hand in a hurry, "Panda" understood Chu Yifeng’s meaning and the lightning in his hand made him feel a sense of fear, so he looked at Chu Yifeng twice in the sky and suddenly asked, "Who is the panda man?"
"Oh, Brother Panda just called you." Chu Yifeng also carefully looked at the panda in front of him.
"Me? Hum, I’m not a panda. I’m a Kunlun beast with mixed yin and yang! " With that, the panda looked up proudly, but when he saw Chu Yifeng standing calmly in front of him, he was not afraid of him, and he also felt that Chu Yifeng didn’t seem to be easy to provoke, so he lowered his voice slightly and asked, "I am the king with the highest ability here. This precious tree valley is all mine. Are you here to steal my precious tree?"
"No, I accidentally came to this place and I don’t know what precious trees are here. I’ll leave right now. But do you know what this place is? " Chu Yifeng smiled and pointed around.
"This is my precious tree valley, but I have never seen you. Where are you from?" Panda is still wary of watching Chu Yifeng spread out from Chu Yifeng, and a faint coercion makes it very fearful.