"If Xu Shaoxia thinks that my red-violet Sect can help Xu Shaoxia."

When he reached the position of leader, Xu Yi paused for a moment. Obviously, he was slightly satisfied with the proposal.
But when he recovered, he smiled. "This chivalrous man is so angry that I don’t know how your red-violet Sect is going to help me?"
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
See Xu Jiao didn’t directly reject the evil | religious people then went on to say, "I’m not interested in the leader of the Red-violet Sect. If I can get rid of decent people, then Xu Shaoxia, the leader, naturally wants to take it."
Xu Heng thought for a while. "What do you mean … I’ll help you shovel out decent people and you’ll help me to be the leader of the League?"
"Xu Shaoxia thought for many years that he must have known that they planned not to know about this transaction. Does Xu Shaoxia think so?"
Xu Jiao squinted "Sounds good"
Seeing Xu Mian’s interest, the evil cleric got up. "In this case, please ask Xu Shaoxia to join me in teaching the dharma."
Xu tiao and Lu yunfei followed the evil cult. When Lu yunfei followed them to the second floor, the evil cult stopped her.
"Lu Shaoxia, wait a minute. The protector wants to talk to Xu Shaoxia for the time being."
Luyunfei coldly looking at the evil | teach people "what? If my brother has to go, I can’t? "
In the face of Lu Yunfei’s questioning, the person still smiled and said, "The dharma protector wants to see Xu Shaoxia and asks Lu Shaoxia to understand."
Listen to this evil | people say that Lu Yunfei looked at Xu Wei, "Brother …"
Obviously, Xu Yi also wanted to make way for Yunfei to go upstairs together, so he said, "What’s wrong with my school sister and my peers?"
"Xu Shaoxia’s school sister is the leader’s daughter, so …"
Chapter 14 Chapter 14
When Zuo dharma arrived at the altar, there was still one day before the birth of the leader, so the leader’s staff arranged accommodation for them. They didn’t see the leader.
Now the red-violet leader is a pre-fundamentalist, and he should be about the same age as Xu Wei.
It’s not easy for such a teenager to manage the whole sect. Seeing that the altar is in good order, Xu Yi and Lu Yunfei decided in their hearts that they should not look down on this leader.
To manage a divided Sect like this is certainly not an easy role to deal with.
They must not take it lightly now that they have passed the "Left Guardian"
Since entering the altar, Lu Yunfei and Xu Yi have been on the alert, and nothing happened that night.
The night before the red-violet leader’s birthday was very calm. Both Lu Yunfei and Xu Yi felt that the next day should be a calm day.
In the morning, the left guardian took people to the front hall to prepare.
Seeing that there are obviously many people coming today, Xu Jin doesn’t know them, but look at that outfit and they want to come as well as evil people.
After the death of the former leader, the left guardian was not the only one who left the Red Lotus Sect, but a group of people.
Every time they leave, they will take away a few or even a small group of people. After they leave, there will be only a few red-violet sects left.
Red-violet teaching alone can’t afford any storms.
However, if those guardians who left the elders are willing to come back with people, the red-violet Sect will start to plan and write other things if it grows stronger.
Xu Wei, the left protector, hasn’t seen through it yet, or he can’t see through it. He doesn’t know what the left protector’s will is. Before that, Xu Wei and Lu Yunfei never made a statement in the Red-Lotus Sect.
Now it’s the birthday celebration of the leader, but people look at it with different purposes and different ideas.
Everyone looks at what is not a provincial oil lamp.
At this time, everyone has been seated, and there is only one seat left, that is, the seat of red-violet leader.
It is said that few people have seen this new red-violet leader in the past ten years, and many people are more or less curious about it.
"The leader is here!"
When I heard the crowd, I looked out and saw someone carrying a sedan chair outside coming in this direction.
The sedan chair is covered with red gauze, and the people inside can’t be seen clearly through the gauze.
Only when sedan chair people put the sedan chair inside did the people slowly come out.
Seeing this man looking at the word "evil | teaching" is a bit inconsistent. He is wearing a white robe and looks gentle. He doesn’t look like a leader but looks like a student.
YanRe looked at the man and some doubts that this man is evil | teach leader?
This face looks unfamiliar. If you don’t know it, you haven’t seen such a person in her memory.
Maybe it didn’t appear in the story of this world before. After all, before the world was restarted, the leader was Xu Yi …
When I met the red-violet leader, it was obvious that the others were also one leng.
I didn’t expect this new leader to look … so gentle.
To evil | teach people that colors are either black or red, just like congregation decorations.
And that body teach wears a white robe that is actually the favorite of decent people.
If no one says he is the leader, his face will certainly not be doubted among decent people.
Although the leader is gentle, he is still a leader.
He stepped out of the sedan chair and walked to his seat with uneven diameter. He swung his sleeves and sat on the sidewalk. "Please!"
As soon as his voice fell, the others sat down in succession.
This birthday party is for Xu Yi and Lu Yunfei. They are just here to join in the fun. They should eat, drink and stop talking.
After the birthday party, the leader still didn’t say anything.