"So that’s it. It’s changing Poké mon when it’s foggy." Xiaojing in the audience also said it.

"Moltres, who is called Vulcan, just received a jet flame and smoke attack from Magmortar. It seems that it’s all right. Moltres’s resistance to flame is generally comparable to Poké mon’s root method. It’s worthy of relying on entering magma to restore physical strength in nature. Moreover, Magmortar has been making himself not very good at illusion. Magmortar’s spirit is not very strong. From this point, I can see that excessive exertion of spirit will cause energy, that is, reaction. Slow class If Aaron even counts this, it will be really good. "Du also said at a side, and Xiaosheng looked at Du with flashing eyes at this time. It seems that he really worships Du. Fortunately, Du also likes children and doesn’t mind.
"Xiaoyi, do you have any special abilities in Magmortar, such as flame semi-physicalization?" And Aaron also began to ask. After listening to this, Xiaoyi shook his head.
"Poké mon with special abilities is not so easy to find, but it is true that I can use semi-physical flame in Magmortar, but it was trained by me. After all, there is a precedent for this physical flame. I believe that Poké mon must have the ability to physicalize the jet flame, so I trained it, but now I have tried my best to achieve semi-physical at best. For example, just now you have the ability to increase the penetration of frozen birds in snowstorms, and it is also because frozen birds never thought that their snowstorms could be. I was hit by the jet flame at the beginning, but this hidden gravel is … "Xiaoyi answered, but it also created another question. Just now, his former super iron Tyrannosaurus rex used hidden gravel and didn’t turn his head to see why-those floating stones are still wrapped in ice today.
"Is this the reason for the snowstorm for such a long time? Make the ice to freeze the hidden gravel and make it ineffective. Just now, the Magmortar flame vortex is also committed to cracking the surrounding snowstorm and has not been continuously used to speed up the ice fusion. The flame vortex is just to restore the surrounding temperature to normal temperature. Today, the weather is not sunny, and the cloudy weather is not particularly high. It will take some time for the ice to dissolve naturally at this temperature. If the hidden gravel is effective, it will not be generally cool to deal with you in Moltres. It seems that it will start with the frozen birds. You already knew about Aaron during the snowstorm. I will eventually call Magmortar to confront the frozen birds, and then I have already prepared to call Moltres to kill me in Magmortar. "Xiaoyi continued to say that Aaron shrugged his shoulders.
"Don’t overestimate me. I didn’t plan it from the beginning. At that time, I wanted to make the hidden gravel work as much as possible. After all, I still have two flights and a fire formation, just like you said just now." Aaron replied. Xiaoyi nodded his head after listening to it.
"Well, let’s go ahead, Tyrannosaurus!" Xiaoyi-Poké mon is called Super Tyrannosaurus Rex again.
"roar!" Aaron immediately ordered
As soon as Tyrannosaurus came out, it was thrown back into Poké Ball, and then it came out to attack Warcraft.
"Forget it, it’s the same. Hit Warcraft and make magnetic waves!" Xiaoyi also found out that if he changed Poké mon, he would be yelled at by Moltres because of the problem of succession, which became that it depends on what Poké mon he wants to play against, but it’s the same as hitting Warcraft. The so-called attribute of Moltres is that in Xiaoyi’s view, don’t yell out yourself. It is the most important thing to be attacked by Moltres. At present, it needs to be stormed.
As soon as the magnetic wave was emitted, the speed was very fast. Moltres felt a little surprised and immediately glided to avoid it, but the oncoming wave was a hundred thousand volts hit!
"so fast!" Aaron gritted his teeth to attack Warcraft, which made his skill quick and hit rate completely beyond Aaron’s expectation. "There is no opening force in fighting with some previous games," Aaron said.
However, this speed is not fast enough to completely overwhelm the flight. It is indeed much faster than that of Magmortar in front. However, Moltres can still cope with the experience of being hit in front. Moltres is more vigilant, and then he has avoided two hundred thousand volts one after another. Aaron is also afraid to use fire skills to attack Moltres. The flame is very hot. If he doesn’t hit Warcraft but hits the ground and is frozen with hidden gravel, it will be really troublesome. In some cases, the danger of hidden gravel is not much less than that of a Poké mon. After all, Aaron’s team is afraid of rocks this time.
"Make a prayer for rain!" Xiaoyi ordered at this time.
When I heard the word rain praying, Aaron immediately understood Xiao Yi’s intention. One is that rain praying can greatly limit the power of fire skills, and the other is that rain praying can make the weather change and thunder. This skill can make changes, and it can directly hit the sky and then hit it from the sky, making it more difficult to avoid it.
Aaron wants to make it clear, but he can endure it before he finishes the hidden gravel. Aaron never thought that a trick of hidden gravel would make him so timid.
"gas cutting!" Aaron began to fight back
Immediately, two air blades hit the ground of Warcraft, showing the speed and agility of Poké mon. When cutting away from the air, two deep cuts were left on the ground, but it was meaningless to miss it.
"Thunder!" "High-speed movement!"
As soon as the strike of Warcraft was sent out, I knew that it was very powerful. The thunder took Moltres and Moltres immediately evaded 100,000 volts, and went through the past and entered the middle. Moltres began to slowly gather in the dark clouds and quickly hit Warcraft in the mobile. His eyes were staring at Moltres and began to capture Moltres’s mobile route and predict Moltres’s mobile route. These Aaron were watching.
"Mode 3!" Aaron suddenly shouted at the court.
Moltres immediately shouted a blow after hearing this, because Moltres was going to attack Warcraft. When the opportunity came, he immediately manipulated the thunder and thunder, but Moltres avoided it in a flash. Then the wings cut air! It was a surprise to hit Warcraft. I raised my right hand and blocked a "knife". Another "knife" was cut in my own foot. When I hit Warcraft, I immediately showed pain.
"Be put together? Try to confuse me with a strange word, Poké mon. In this case, hit the wave of Warcraft! " Xiao yi ling Dao
In fact, it’s easy to understand that mode 1 means to attack immediately. Mode means to avoid the defensive class immediately, and how to do it depends on the specific situation of Poké mon. Aaron feels that Poké mon knows better than himself what to do. Mode 3 means to avoid first and fight back immediately after avoiding it. Mode 4 and Mode 54 mean to use enhanced skills. It should be said that this command is to confuse opponents. If it is said that there is Whether the body order should be sword dancing or bodybuilding, grimace or noise will lose its root meaning. It should be said that this method is more test than gestures. The gestures of Poké mon are that Poké mon remembers more things, but the orders are much more specific. However, this will make a total of five, and of course, it will be possible to add those. It is impossible to summarize a large number of situations. It is up to Poké mon to look at it himself.
As soon as I hit Warcraft, I hit the shock wave. When Aaron saw it, he immediately made the protective shield block the shock wave, but there was no sign that the shock wave stopped. Instead, the color of the protective shield was getting lighter and lighter! Then, finally, the protective line disappeared, and Moltres was hit by the shock wave! However, it lasted for more than a second, and the wave stopped. It was very tiring to watch Warcraft.
"The protection lasts longer than expected." At this time, Xiao Yixin said, "Speed up the pace and make an attack!" Xiaoyi then made up again.
At this time, Aaron is still secretly admiring Xiaoyi’s superb training techniques. Seeing how tired he is when he hits Warcraft, he knows that it is not a special ability to train his gas skills for so long. I have to say that Xiaoyi is really powerful.
It seems that it is the goal of "speeding up the pace" that Xiaoyi himself said. Xiaoyi chose to make the gas attack skills almost be regarded as the minimum blow that consumes physical strength! The stream was launched, and Moltres started the high-speed movement to escape under Aaron’s command, but the strike speed was faster than 100,000 volts, and the frequency was much faster! Moltres is extremely dangerous.
"Let’s fix what this guy is doing in front of him." Now Aaron’s first thought is fire skills. I really don’t want to limit fire skills because of the problem of hidden gravel, so no matter how much, the benefits caused by killing Warcraft in front of me are always greater than killing hidden gravel. Now the situation doesn’t make fire skills killed.
"Big word explosion!" Aaron is shouted.
Moltres seems to have been waiting for the command for a long time, and immediately hit a big word, the flame pressed against the strike of Warcraft. At this time, he resolutely opened the protection? Aaron feels that the speed of hitting Warcraft is complete, and he has the ability to avoid the explosion of Chinese characters, but he can’t fire Aaron to make the explosion of Chinese characters just to let the Warcraft move and then fire the attack, or it is understandable that Xiaoyi has seen through Aaron.
"But can the protection words stop the big bang from continuing to attack?" Aaron shouted out.
One hundred and fifty-one immortal birds? VS Rose Redo!
The big word explosion continued to press the protection, but Moltres kept the big word explosion in the back to supplement the flame, which caused the big word explosion to never change from "big" to "medium". Look, the protection of Warcraft is about to disappear
"Flame fist!" Xiao yi suddenly ordered
At this time, the protection has not finished disappearing. Strike Warcraft with one hand to hold the protective film, then gather a flame in the fist with one hand, and then seize the opportunity to punch it out with a flame fist! Flame fist and big character explosion confront each other head-on! Then the big word explosion was broken and struck Warcraft, and it was relatively bounced back and retreated several steps.
"It’s worthy that Xiao Yi’s attack on Warcraft can make flame boxing break the big word!"
"Not the kui is a Aaron Vulcan Moltres in Aaron’s training is also a more targeted attack. It seems that there is no way to make a surprise attack in front of Aaron."
At this time, both of them secretly admire each other, but the fighting is still going on, and there is nothing left for both sides to continue to admire.
The flame of the flaming chicken continued to spray. Moltres was swept away and hit Warcraft. Warcraft was hit by the shock of retreating, but it was not hit. Immediately, it opened the light wall to block the flame.
"hit the wave!"
"gas cutting!"
Strike Warcraft hit two streams, but two streams were broken by two air blades, but the air blade didn’t chop up the light wall in the end.
"mysterious guardian!"
Hit Moltres and Moltres, making the mysterious guardian no better than Hakelon’s fast dragon column, and mini dragon’s Hakelon’s fast dragon column, Poké mon makes the mysterious guardian words have a very high defense effect. Now Moltres has the most primitive and will not fall into side effects. How much is there to reduce the pain? Aaron is ready to fight in this round!
With the help of mysterious guardian, although Moltres was hit by Qi skill, he was still able to move freely. Aaron immediately made the original power ground shake, and several stones floated up. Although they were all small stones, the number was quite good. It seems that Moltres was better than the frozen bird in making the original power ability, and then a large number of stones hit Warcraft. Although the original power network information was a special type of attack, the manipulation of rock attacks was also a physical attack. The light wall obviously could not stop these stones. After hitting Warcraft, he retreated and then made a steel tail. Three tails began to play the defense, but in a comprehensive way, they were still hit by many rocks
Moltres has flown to a very high place, and then began to dive and be wrapped in flames, and then the flames became bigger and bigger. The flaming virtual wings expanded Moltres’s size to nearly five times! Then when you are near the ground, you suddenly switch forward and sprint further, and the flame burns more violently. This speed is also a blow to Warcraft. It is impossible to avoid it, and you can’t avoid it. The wings of the flame have swept over the whole field! And this coverage area, even if you jump, you may eventually fall into the flame!
"The immortal bird!" Aaron shouted
This skill was only learned by Moltres not long ago, but it was learned by Moltres for a long time. But this skill is that the heroic bird in Moltres evolved into a heroic bird. The heroic bird was originally wrapped in a flame, and the flame turned blue after it was near the ground speed. So was Moltres. Later, Aaron had a whim to ask Moltres if he could always make the flame. After listening to this, Moltres flew to the middle school and began to try. Who knows, he did it now! At that time, it just started a forest fire and cut down dozens of trees! Fortunately, Aaron immediately called the frozen bird to extinguish the snowstorm, but it didn’t lead to disaster. Now this trick is Moltres’s ace skill!
"Hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves!" At this point xiaoyi shouted
In fact, if you calm down, you should make protection. After all, protection can stop all attacks. At most, the final price is to take a lot of physical strength, and the total damage can still be blocked. Now it seems that you can’t even pay for a little physical strength, but Xiaoyi has made hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves. Aaron doesn’t know if Xiaoyi is confident in his power to attack Warcraft to the point where he thinks that hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves can defeat the immortal birds. But Aaron knows that fighting Warcraft in this way is a losing battle!
Strike the impact hood in front of Warcraft appeared immediately, but hardly gave the opportunity to strike Warcraft. Two Poké mon were directly put together, and then a huge flame swept the field. A huge firebird flew up again, and then the flame coat disappeared. Moltres, the immortal bird, gasped violently, and his physical skills were extremely consumed. From this point of view, he knew that he was physically exhausted and had little "good quality and low price" skills, but Aaron must have known that he had lost his combat ability when he struck Warcraft. Only this time, Aaron was absolutely confident that the immortal bird could meet the words hard, and Moltres could not fight against Warcraft for so long.
Before the referee announces the single game, Guo Xiaoyi has called out another Poké mon, Rose Redo! Aaron immediately thought of what Xiaoyi wanted to do!
Poké Ball’s hand was raised, but it was too late. There was a large magic leaf in front of him. Moltres used the flame to burn the magic leaf in front of his eyes, but Aaron could see clearly that Moltres was hit by a poisonous needle attack hidden behind the magic leaf! Extremely tired, I can endure my skills, and it may become unbearable to eat pain in Moltres. In an instant, many magic leaves appeared behind Moltres. Even if Moltres had automatic sparks, it couldn’t burn the magic leaves and hit it! Moltres was hit by a falling ball, and it is conceivable that there is not much physical strength left when Moltres comes to be attacked by such a set of attacks.
"Moltres loses the ability to fight, and Rose Redo wins!" Just now, the referee has made up for the announcement that Moltres defeated Warcraft just now, and now the horse is announced again
"Rose Redo had it when you fought Xiaoyong in Chengdu Alliance. It was already Rose Redo at that time, unlike Magmortar, which was still a duck-billed dragon. At that time, it was even more impossible that you had never been to Fengyuan and Shenao, but it was curious that there were Poké mon in Fengyuan and Shenao." Aaron took back Moltres and went on to say that Xiaoyi didn’t say anything.
"Don’t you speak like this, Aaron? And Torterra, "said Xiao Yi," Aaron thought it was really not much to ask.
At this time, Xiao Yi Poké mon has lost 3. Just now, Xiao Yi directly went on fighting and didn’t have a chance to change the venue. Now, because the venue has been changed before, the intermission will definitely disturb the audience to watch the game, and it will also disturb the players’ enthusiasm for fighting. Charles Goodshow immediately decided not to change the venue, and in other words, the venue has been changed before, and the whole venue has been changed. There is also a rule in the Poké mon rule that if the venue damage is too serious, it will seriously affect the choice of both sides. If you fight by hand, you can change the venue before. This article is just right and completely in line with the rules, but it is only the venue selection. The second round, like the first round, is just a battle venue with a pool. The commentator also reported a game.
"That flaming chicken!" Aaron, Poké mon is a flaming chicken.
At this time, Aaron looked around and the hidden gravel was gone? Aaron, think about it. Maybe it was when Moltres made the original power that he gave away the hidden gravel together. Aaron suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I knew it was so simple, direct and so timid. What should I say? Aaron didn’t expect this cracking method to be so simple … Well, I can say that my brain didn’t turn around …
"Call out the flaming chicken now? Frozen birds can also reach Rose Redo. "Xiaoyi said Aaron shook his head.
"Freezing and flame destroy leaves to show that it is faster to burn." Aaron replied that Xiaoyi expressed understanding and nodded his head. Then when he opened his eyes, his eyes changed. Aaron suddenly realized it.
"magic leaf!" Listen to xiaoyi’s order, but in fact, the magic leaf has been used one step earlier.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name 8 l a.
The flaming chicken is also battle-hardened. As soon as it feels murderous, it immediately jumps up and avoids the magic leaves coming from behind! The flaming chicken and the beautiful flower have been practiced for several times. Compared with the magic leaf manipulation ability, I believe that I have searched all over the eastern region, Chengdu region, Fengyuan region, Shenao region and Hezhong region, and I can’t find a few regions with better manipulation ability than Aaron’s beautiful flower Poké mon! First of all, Samson, the grass king in the east, spoke highly of Aaron Meihua, saying that there is no Poké mon in his own Poké mon who can compete with Meihua. With the experience of fighting with Meihua, the countermeasures against the Poké mon are naturally varied, even to the point where it is possible to predict whether the other party will attack the Poké mon or not depending on the number of eyes of the other party! If you can’t practice to this extent, you can’t avoid the attack of beautiful flowers and magical leaves, and you can’t win.