The stars plopped down in front of her and their voices became hoarse.

Tang Luoling got a fright. "What happened? What’s wrong with the fierce weather! Say it quickly! "
"Today, the temple Lord said that he would go out and do something. When we came back to the night mansion, we found that a slave was surrounded by a group of people in golden clothes, and those people were entangled in him. It was hard for deus ex to treat the slave only to find that the temple Lord was gone! Is the saint a slave? I failed to protect the main palace master and I was willing to die! "
Yun Lie Tian is gone? !
This news made Tang Luoling feel a tingle and retreated two or three steps.
I don’t know why, when she heard this news, she felt that it was difficult for her to breathe. She tried to suppress her panic and told herself that it must be cold. Chapter 17 Missing in the fierce day.
Only when she is calm can she save Yunlie Day!
Taking a deep breath, Tang Luoling clenched his fist and asked in a steady voice, "Where were you attacked by those people?"
"Renzhi Peak at the foot of the mountain"
Renzhifeng Fuping Mountain lives next to each other.
Renzhifeng is generally the peak of the royal tomb of Beiqiang, and ordinary people are not allowed to go there. How could Yunlie go to that place?
It really puzzled her!
There is no way out. She can say to the stars, "I know that you have been injured. Please stay here and dress the wound first, and then send an urgent letter calling on Gu Yun and Wen Qing to go to Renzhi Fenghe!"
In order to find Yunlie Tiantang Luoling, she did not forget to give the title deed to Yan Luo Rang. She gave the title deed to the elders of Qingzhu Winery and asked Yunwei to call the little younger brother Chu Yejun to the foot of Renzhi Peak.
Time is pressing. She must teach Master that the Night Emperor will walk slowly towards Renzhi Peak.
Renzhifeng has become the Long Mai Mountain in the eyes of the northern strong royal family because it is located in a high position and surrounded by a flowing Shu River in Shandong on three sides.
In their eyes, this Renzhifeng is the land of Long Mai, which can keep the royal family Qian Qian strong in the north for ten thousand years.
But I don’t know that in their eyes, the so-called Long Mai is just an ordinary mountain
The real location of Long Mai in the martial arts mainland is in the Southern Zhou Dynasty, and it is also the fierce days of Yuan that buy those mountains. It is the place where Long Mai is located that Tang Luoling will be nervous and wish to find out the fierce days of Yun and scold them.
If she doesn’t get angry at this moment, but she doesn’t lose heart when she hears the news of Yunlie’s disappearance?
Yun Lietian is definitely the second place in Master Night Emperor’s heart.
And she Tang Luoling estimated that Master couldn’t wait to see herself.
If you let Master know that there is something wrong in the cloudy sky, the Jianghu will be afraid of another bloody affair. The night emperor has a violent temper and offended others by his personal preference, and he was directly abused to death or poisoned!
Tang Luoling came to the foot of Renzhifeng, which is said by the stars. This mountain has an entrance.
You can smell blood from a distance
Tang Luoling looked for blood and found a large area of blood, but there were no dead people.
Didn’t the stars say that he killed many people? How come there’s not even a dead body?
Thought of here, Tang Luoling immediately became alert and carefully searched to see if there was any mark left in Yunlie Day.
Suddenly in the grass, she saw a small black and purple petal, which was a special purple nigger flower in her garden.
The scent of purple nigger flowers is very faint.
Ordinary people can’t smell it. Only butterflies with a particularly sensitive sense of smell can smell it.
When I saw this purple nigger flower, I immediately summoned the colorful emperor butterfly from the forest to signal it to look for a cloud.
Just now, she was so nervous that she forgot all about Yunlie’s purple nigger flowers. Now that she has the emperor butterfly, it is easy to find Yunlie.
Follow the emperor butterfly to the east, and the southeast is the direction of Shuhe River.
She doesn’t want to think about these things. What she can do is to directly transport her strength and follow the direction of Emperor Butterfly.
Until I came to a cliff, Tang Luoling’s heart sank, and the emperor butterfly actually flew forward and flew directly to the cliff 18. Chapter 18 disappeared.
"no! Fierce days will not die! "
Tang Luoling directly refused to believe everything in front of her. She hated pointing to Emperor Butterfly. "I don’t care what you pay. I want to see his body whether he is dead or alive!"
She can’t face a cliff and believe that Yunlie Tian is dead.
I don’t know if the emperor butterfly is really scared. She flew to the bottom of the cliff. Tang Luoling stared at it and suddenly found that the emperor butterfly lost sight when it flew to the middle of the cliff.
Her eyes are miniature. Is there something weird in the middle of the cliff?
After waiting for a quarter of an hour, Emperor Butterfly still didn’t come.
It’s getting west.
It will be even more dangerous if we drag it to a cloudy day.
Anyway, she’s going to look around and see how many vines are on the edge of the cliff. She glides directly toward the surface by the strength of vines.
She couldn’t help taking a breath when she was in the middle of the cliff!
Mud sister
Emperor butterfly is simply a pit dead her!
In the middle of this cliff! It is true that there is a hole in the sky, but there is a huge dragon and pearl snake at the door of this hole!
At this time, I was staring at myself with yoshimitsu, which made her dare not move.
Dragon ball snake is a kind of cobra. The dragon ball snake hovers in front of the mouth of the cave, holding the head of the snake with three dragon balls on its head and emitting a faint and strange blue light!
The mouth of the cave is a little dark. Now looking at this dragon and snake, can Tang Luoling say that his feet are actually weak?
Although Tang Luoling, a giant snake, plays poison, he really hasn’t played this dragon ball snake venom!
Suddenly, she saw the Dragon Ball snake hovering behind it, and it was a dark day!
"It’s a cloudy day!"
Tang Luoling gave him a call without many big calls.
But her call didn’t wake Yunlie Day, but it caused the Dragon Ball snake to panic. She bit it directly.
"Dragon Snake, will you be good enough? I don’t want to play with you! I’ll let you eat my emperor butterfly, and I won’t care about it with you. Let’s discuss it. I’ll leave as soon as you guard your hole! "
Tang Luoling immediately avoided the past to the left, but he didn’t expect that the dragon ball snake was very cunning and the tail of the snake was also drawn in her direction!
If she doesn’t lose her temper, can she really be bullied as a sick cat at any time?
She wants to kill the Dragon Ball Snake, but this Dragon Ball Snake is struggling to force her to give in again. Isn’t it looked down upon by it?