Hui Jue also felt incredible. "You are not mistaken."

Taotao looked at Nangong Dust without facial features, which is not good.
It is difficult to see his emotion in his face and tell what he is thinking.
Nangong Dust took the initiative to ask Taotao to feel fresh.
But she didn’t want to answer directly. She just found a wall to lean against. "Want to ask me a question? You can exchange one for another. "
She asked, "How do you find your way in the Evil King’s Hall? Also know that there is a way out at the bottom of the holy spring? "
The Nangong dust is quiet [I have been there]
Taotao had expected this answer for a long time, and she kept her promise to tell him, "I didn’t remember what happened before I woke up, but now my memory was lost before I became a ghost."
"It’s time for me to ask you to go to the evil king’s palace? How to get there? "
[One year ago]
Taotao’s eyes blinked and blinked to hear more words from him.
Nangong dust [you said one for another]
Peach and peach cut a Nangong dust [appear in the tree? 】
Taotao imitated his stingy speech, "The tree has my breath."
The peach tree is in the depths of the wild prison. He doesn’t believe that a weak newborn ghost like her can cross layers of obstacles and go straight to the wilderness.
But he didn’t say anything about calmly answering her a question [evil spirits take me there]
Taotao felt lost. "Is this an answer? You’re just talking nonsense. Did you walk in without evil spirits? "
What she want to hear is a detailed account.
For example, if evil spirits take him, should they drag him or carry him?
But don’t say anything about Nangong Dust. He means "maybe it was pushed"
Taotao "…………"
This is a satire on her.
She said angrily, "I’ve rescued you. Can you stop digging up old scores!"
Nangong Dust [Kill me? 】
Taotao said grumpily, "I don’t know why I lied to you." I really don’t know if you think I’m schizophrenic, but to be honest, it’s normal for a smelly kid like you to want to strangle you for a moment, right? It would be the same for anyone else. It’s my turn to ask you. Why did the evil spirits bring you here? Say a few more words. "
Nangong Dust [I have nothing to ask]
Taotao "……………………"
He turned and walked into the bustling ghost market, leaving peaches and peaches, and was half dead with anger.
She pointed to the small figure of Nangong Dust and said to Hui-jue, "Did you see him? He is so dragging."
Hui Jue "dragged?"
Taotao was so angry that one Buddha was born and the other Buddha ascended to heaven that no matter how he thought about it, he could not suppress this tone.
She rushed to pick up the Nangong dust waistcoat and made him a little king.
This posture is really embarrassing. Nangong Dust struggles [Let me]
"Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period!" Taotao not only refused to let go, but also deliberately grabbed him in circles like a gyro and made him dizzy.
At the moment, when Hui Jue is tired of walking, he wants to be carried.
After he appealed to his heart, Taotao said, "Fuck you."
"You can’t do it, can you?" Hui Jue knew the girl’s character and deliberately challenged her.
Taotao didn’t let him down at all, and she was shocked. "Little bald donkey, who can’t?"
So Hui felt that she got what she wanted.
Taotao wandered around the ghost mayor street with two children.
Ghost town Zhongyu
Taotao carried two people wandering to a small building and was attracted by the fragrance inside.