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Chapter 22 windfall 2
? Text] Chapter 192 One hundred and ninety The windfall
Falling on the surface of the planet is not difficult for these top masters in the field of fix true, but like Xiao Lingyu, their body and skill and soul are greatly limited, and their faces are ugly.
"Li Daoyou, are you sure that Xiaozhen escaped here?" The expression is fairly relaxed. The Dragon King asked him especially after he was familiar with the situation here.
Among the strong men in this line, the Dragon King has the highest physical quality. He is quite relaxed at this time. After all, he is a golden dragon with five claws, and his physical quality is not weaker than ordinary fairy wares. Even so, he knows that he can’t relax here for too long.
"He once turned around in the Big Six of the Seven Doors, but there was no sign of him. He must be on these seven strange planets," Li You said with great certainty.
"If he were here, it would be difficult for us to find him," sighed the Phantom Elder.
"He really knows how to choose a place. We can rely on luck to find him." The beautiful woman in red dress nodded and said.
"Why don’t you find it separately? It’s a better chance." The strong man with red beard suggested.
"It’s not right that the" female "around the little girl has the strength of nine times. He also has a puppet comparable to nine times. One of us met him alone, not to mention defeating him. Even if it’s hard to keep him for a moment, there may be danger of being defeated by him." Geng Jia shook his head and said.
"Let’s find it slowly together. He won’t feel better here," said the Dragon King after considering it for a while.
"What if he leaves?" Red dress beauty "bitch" asked.
"Please wait outside the planet for LiXiong, and let us know if he leaves LiXiong." The Dragon King said politely to LiYou.
"Good" Shirley especially should fly away from the planet after a while. This planet is so weird and Shirley especially intuitively agreed so quickly because she was uneasy about herself here.
"Let’s keep looking."
As the Dragon King said, he took the lead in walking forward. In fact, after he arrived at this place, he was almost desperate. It is too difficult to find a strong person who is not weak and has the heart to hide here.
It took another half year for Xiao Lingyu to stop. He finally got to the place where the "mixed" chaos was the strongest.
This is a mountain stream, or a cliff. The chaotic force is surging from this mountain stream.
Xiao Lingyu knew that chaos would be more intense in the mountain stream, but he dared not jump directly because it was like jumping off a cliff. Even his body would fall to pieces.
However, Xiao Lingyu is not without a way to go. After thinking about it, he will take out the Excalibur and then jump and fall ten feet. After that, he will forgive the Excalibur and pierce the mountain stream rock, so that he can live.
It’s a long way from the bottom of the mountain stream, but Xiao Lingyu already thinks that the chaotic force here is strong enough and less enough for his own practice.
Xiao Lingyu took out silver moon’s broken knife and made a simple "hole" in this cliff.
The mountain stream is full of smoke, transpiration and dense fog, accompanied by a strong "mixed" chaotic force, which hides Xiao Lingyu’s "cave" mansion. Xiao Lingyu is satisfied with this.
If it weren’t for luck, the top experts in the field of fix true would never have found this mountain "hole"
And carefully check the Xiao Lingyu around to cross legs in the "hole" mansion.
After all, it is an unfamiliar place here. Xiao Lingyu did not enter the state of cultivation at the beginning, but adjusted his state to the best while continuing to adapt to the pressure environment of this planet.
After a full year, Xiao Lingyu really adapted to the pressure environment here, and adjusted his state to the best, and he was not chased by the other party for so long, which made him feel more at ease here.
Then Xiao Lingyu took out the bathtub carved from high-quality "jade" stone, and some materials he collected on the escape road were taken out by him for processing one by one.
After all the materials were disposed of properly, he dumped a bottle of dragon blood with five claws into the bath basin.
A transformation of Xiao Lingyu’s body was dark red "color" demon blood in the Lich Land. The demon blood was very advanced, but it supported the whole law of the Land and was eroded by years. In Xiao Lingyu’s view, the demon blood was definitely not as good as the five-claw dragon blood.
The five-claw golden dragon is definitely not in the category of the fix-true realm. The dragon dragon should come from the realm. Its dragon blood is much higher than that of the dragon king in the fix-true realm, which just allows Xiao Lingyu to undergo physical transformation, but it is also very risky.
First, Xiao Lingyu method determines whether the five-claw golden dragon was a kind of level before its death, and whether its dragon blood will be too advanced; Secondly, Xiao Lingyu is worried that the special environment here will affect the process of physical transformation.
But no matter if Xiao Lingyu wants to try, he doesn’t want to be chased like this all the time.
After some preparation, Xiao Lingyu let the puppet guard at the "door" and Shine stood beside the bath basin before he slowly stepped into the bath basin and his body changed again.
As soon as he was surrounded by the special liquid in the bathtub, Xiao Lingyu immediately felt the terrible pain. Even though he had undergone several physical changes, he could directly ignore the ordinary pain, but at this time the pain made him unable to help shivering violently.
With those "medicine" forces, the blood of the five-claw golden dragon constantly invaded Xiao Lingyu’s body, tearing his tendons, blood "flesh" and viscera and then regrouping.
The higher the physical quality, the more painful and difficult it is to recover from trauma.
Xiao Lingyu’s body is eroded so little because of his high physical quality. This process will be longer than the previous physical transformation, and the transformation will be more detailed and thorough.
At this moment, Xiao Lingyu feels that every drop of blood and every cell in his body is being bitten by several ants, which makes Xiao Lingyu scratch hard like his own hands. Unfortunately, he still needs to control the operation of the achievement method … He doesn’t dare to move at all, otherwise this transformation will end in the annihilation of his body.
And the pressure here also poses a great threat to Xiao Lingyu’s physical transformation at this time … Every time Xiao Lingyu’s body changes, it needs to go all out to avoid danger, and it also needs to have no negative effects. On this planet, Xiao Lingyu needs to deal with the internal pressure first and then ensure that the transformation method continues to operate normally, which is more than twice as difficult as transforming in other places.
Although the green fairy bead of Phoenix Feather has been helping Xiao Lingyu all the time, it can play a very small role.
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t bear this kind of pain. He should have been unconscious because of the severe pain, but now his soul is hidden in the magic tire Reagan, which is out of his control. It is difficult for Xiao Lingyu to forget the past even if he wants to faint.
Fortunately, it is the magic tire that controls the soul. Xiao Lingyu has to be conscious all the time, and the magic tire is also helping Xiao Lingyu share the pressure. Xiao Lingyu controls and balances those energy departments and sucks them into his stomach.
Xiao Lingyu also knew that he would never faint "fans" anyway before he dared to change here.
Half a year has passed, and Xiao Lingyu is still soaking in the bathtub, but the liquid in the bathtub has gradually become transparent, and most of the energy is absorbed by Xiao Lingyu’s body and magic tire, and Xiao Lingyu’s painful expression has gradually improved.
The most dangerous time has passed, and Xiao Lingyu needs to persist for a while to end this transformation.
This transformation is the longest time-consuming for Xiao Lingyu. It took a full year and a half before and after the transformation, and he just got up from the left clean water bath basin.
Although Xiao Lingyu doesn’t have a wisp of body, he is staring at him closely. The eyes are like an artist enjoying a "fine" beautiful art.
Xiao Lingyu also knows that he has changed a lot. In the last paragraph, he carefully felt the unprecedented "color" flow and "dew" coming out. It made him a little embarrassed to stare at himself, so he took out a gown from the magic weapon and wore it.