Although Guanyin is not good at fighting, when it comes to profound Buddhism, I am afraid that the three realms, except Tathagata, Buddha and even Maitreya, will bow their heads and admit defeat. At this time, as soon as Guanyin joined, the situation suddenly improved, but the three lights still fell into the wind!

"Jundao is in the heart …" In the middle of the light, a Confucian white light flashed and suddenly joined the tricolor light. Suddenly, the morale of the three lights and one shock rose. When I saw it, I saw an old ape with white hair, but only two black eyebrows fell long, but it was a white-haired fairy riding an elk!
Although this Bai Maoxian has no magic power, at this time, he can’t cultivate his mind and fight hard. The young Bai Maoxian can’t seek the Tao, so he can’t enter the Confucian casual poetry classics. It is because he started from Confucianism and Taoism that he read thousands of books and broke hundreds of miscellaneous studies before he learned from heaven and earth, so Confucianism is deeply concerned
"Kill kill ….. everything can’t kill the sky …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
The sound of heaven and earth fills the air or is as arrogant as a demon; Or like a demon unyielding; Or as Confucianism is righteous; Or as merciful as Buddha; Or as quiet as the Tao-it is that worldly desires, like a hundred-footed worm, is still forced to resist, even though it is easy to break but difficult to suppress a draw with everyone!
Just then, the last straw that overwhelmed the camel finally appeared!
Sun Wu came in a cloud with a roar and a big drink, saying, "Everything comes from everything …" A light with similar shapes seemed to rush into the fray!
Sun Wutian’s Daoism was later sought by the Bodhisattva to cultivate the Dharma first, and then studied the demonization and disembodiation. After escaping from heaven, he suddenly realized that Daoism was a precedent of its own, although it was more flawed than its own road. Even the Bodhisattva said that "its nature can stand shoulder to shoulder with thousands of Daozu!"
This Sun Wuguang’s appearance can be similar to the light of all people, which is exactly the word ""! This is the Tao that can cover all things and be soluble in all things!
But Sun Wuling has become a variable even though it is bigger! It is misfortune and happiness that depend on happiness and misfortune!
Know whether this variable is a blessing or a curse, but listen to the judgment!
Chapter 10 worldly desires Road
Although Sun Wu’s power is very strong, he is born alone at the end of the day, but Sun Wu didn’t realize a problem, that is, since his mysterious divine light can be assimilated with other hundred schools of light, it can naturally be assimilated with worldly desires’s thirteen-color light, so worldly desires’s thirteen-color light suddenly rose!
Sun Wu is indeed the last straw to overwhelm the camel, but obviously the camel is not worldly desires at this time!
"Roar …" Lonely people are born with a roar, and all the hundreds of light dissipates and are wrapped in thirteen rays. Good and evil intersect, and life and death are in harmony with each other. Is it huge? At this time, after the explosion, everyone was a man with great magical powers, but they couldn’t help vomiting blood and flying back.
Black, white, blue, gold, red, and six kinds of light suddenly lost their help, and everyone tried to make a bubble!
"How … how did this happen?" Guanyin fell in Sun Wu’s arms. Fortunately, she protected the baby in the early Buddhism. At this time, she was physically injured and did not hurt her flesh and blood! Motherhood is always great. I would rather hurt myself than hurt my children!
"It’s natural for us to wait and see for a moment before deciding!" Zhenyuan was seriously injured at this time because Xuantong was transported in time of crisis to protect Bai Maoxian, but Bai Maoxian was not hurt!
"Military adviser, do you know what this is all about?" As early as waiting for Xiangu and other women to ask about the situation at this time!
"Ah …" Bai Maoxian shook his head. "At this time, the master’s body method is neither Buddhism nor Taoism, nor is it a magic old man. I have never heard of it!"
"So … what will happen?" White shine hurriedly asked
"Mother don’t panic!" Bai Maoxian hand way "now there are two possibilities: the first is that the master can’t survive this daylights out from now on, and the second is that the master knock on wood every cloud has a silver lining! From now on, I can win the master again! "
Ignore everyone’s conflicting views. At this time, I am born alone but I have entered a mysterious realm. It seems that there is something to be understood, but I can’t catch the root!
"Tao? Call Tao? -"Lonely born murmuring voice is full of all kinds of temptations, and the world of mortals is prosperous. Past scenes have reappeared, and the former life is still this life!
Abandoned by parents; Fear when stealing for the first time; I first met peony’s pure love; Be happy with women; Burn out the anger of tens of thousands of creatures in the sky; Laughing and killing people and taking away their wives and evils; More lustful than people!
All seven emotions are in my heart!
Seeing the sky, listening to the whole world, listening to the words of loyalty and disobedience, Gan Kun turned his nose upside down, smelling human feelings, being warm and cold, being mysterious about life and death, but the world talks nonsense …
Six desires return to the heart!
"Ask heaven? Call it a road disciple? " Lonely born suddenly mouth like asking.
Guanyin crossed her hands and replied, "Cut off the lock and leave the bodhisattva heart!"
Zhenyuan stood up in the palm of his hand and said, "If you jump out of the world of mortals, you will naturally return to your heart!"
Bai Maoxian shook his head and said, "If you don’t get it right, it’s the world of mortals!"
Niu Mowang laughed. "Heaven and earth are cruel to all things; The dog is self-reliant! "
Sun Wu smiled naturally when he saw his eyes. "Big Brother must ask others if he asks for his own way?"
"Ha ha ….." Lonely natural body Guanghua suddenly gathered up laughing and said, "worldly desires, who is on the road!"
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was surprised. Even those little demons with no conscience knew that Heaven was not around worldly desires or cut off or jumped out of the highest level, that is, when they were alone, they talked about seeing through it, but they had never heard that worldly desires was in power!
However, I don’t know that Heaven, Taoism, Buddhism, Magic, Confucianism, etc. have only appeared since someone created Heaven. To put it simply, "There is no road in the world, and more people will become roads!"
However, only worldly desires is the congenital Tao! When someone is not born in life, there is chaos in heaven and earth, and when there is chaos in HarmonyOS, there are things before, but I didn’t know that I dare not jump to conclusions!
This innate worldly desires, if willing to succumb to the afterlife, seeks to see through the Tao and jump out of the Buddha, and seeks to cut off. Because he can’t accept himself, he seeks solutions. People seek the Tao but don’t know that they want to cut off, see through and jump out of worldly desires, which is the real road they seek!
I was born to see through worldly desires, but I didn’t want to find another way. I actually found the avenue. After all, I made worldly desires self-sufficient and achieved great magical power in the Gigabit universe.
"Congratulations, Big Brother!" Before Sun Wu laughed, he seemed to be a Taoist!
Lonely naturally laughed. "Wait here for a moment. I’m going to finish some things!" " Say and disappear in the same place!
Nine days behind the world, the original monty of Wan Jian Purple Thunder Large Array suddenly opened his eyes, and the look of surprise came out from his face, and then the laughter shook in the virtual, like the thrilling thunder, echoing for a long time …
Say that this peerless strong man is laughing?
So when the original monty in front of a person! That person is naturally born alone!
"grandmaster!" Solitary born salute with a smile way
"You really are a genius Miaomiao-"The original monty excited body shaking thick chain loud and clear!
"Let me see the power of this Wan Jian Zilei array!" Lonely people are born bluntly and pay more attention to strength than arrogance. When you have strength and arrogance, no one will feel wrong, but humble people will always be despised in the magic road!
"Huh?" The original monty wondered, "I also want to see your strength, but now your physical energy is much worse than this Wan Jian Purple Thunder Array. I think-you are small enough!" He magic eye avatar can’t see solitary natural mana depth?
Lonely born evil laughs. "Grandmaster, this is wrong. If you don’t have great strength, you must be fierce and look …" Then in the original monty’s wondering eyes, lonely born stood for a long time against the Wan Jian Purple Thunder array and suddenly said, "Destroy!"
"poof!" A light sound is like blowing a dust sound. In this soft sound, the so-called billion cosmic energy condensation phase Monty also broke the Wan Jian Purple Thunder Array, but it just disappeared like dust!
The original monty looked at himself and regained his freedom. His limbs moved gently, feeling that it had been away from him for hundreds of millions of years. I felt that this peerless monty was finally free!
"How did you do that?" The original monty seemed unable to believe his eyes, which had trapped him for hundreds of millions of years. The large array of Wan Jian Zilei actually disappeared like that and never seemed to be there!
Strange things happen every year, especially this year!
Gu Tiansheng smiled and explained seriously, "Everything has feelings, and Wan Jian Zilei Large Array is no exception. I just had a good time and exchanged feelings with Wan Jian Zilei Large Array, and then severely condemned his inhuman abuse of an old man over the years and told him the virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the young. Finally, the Emperor of Heaven asked it to die on behalf of all sentient beings in the three realms, and then it committed suicide in shame! Quantity … phase monty! "
The original monty swore that he was born before he was born. From that time until now, this is definitely the most nonsense he has ever heard, but how to look at loneliness is not like lying. So the original monty mercilessly despised the cat called Nine Lives in the two worlds!
"What are grandmaster’s plans?" Lonely born said, "Nu Wa has trapped you for so many years, but you can’t just let it go!"
The original monty where I don’t know solitary born in provoke from looks up at all around to virtual finally shook his head and sighed, "you don’t provoke! When I was trapped in the array, I really wanted to get revenge on Nu Wa, but after I came out, everything was indifferent! Let’s not take revenge, but we must get justice, then enjoy a life of hundreds of years and find a place to close and see if we can see another world! "
"All right!" Lonely born so-called nodded, "Anyway, no one is threatening me now. I will solve them myself!"
The original monty laughed. "But you have taken that step now. Are you going to see it?"
Lonely born with a pie mouth, "I don’t want to find that suffering because I’m happy in the big three realms of my great cause, but your old man will slowly ponder over it!" "
"Well, I’ll see you in the future!" The original monty smiled and disappeared in its place!
"Ah ….." Lonely was born to sigh at the swinging, and there was a faint loneliness in his heart. He came to this world with a lot of luck. It can be said that he has half the credit of the original monty, but what about natural enemies now?
He first saw the Wan Jian Purple Thunder Array on Monty Day, which was almost unimaginable to him, but now he laughs and destroys it. Now he wants to unify heaven and man? In the past, I was afraid that all the gods would join hands. Now the man of God like Nu Wa Fuxi is just a worm in his eyes!
Chapter 11 Old feelings and old hatreds
Zhuang Dan!
Lonely born in my heart thought of this long-standing name. Love in my heart limited him. Now worldly desires Road is richer in emotion than others. Before that, it was suppressed by a cold heart, but it was limited to gush out!
People forget their feelings after all!