But now is not the time for sq to sigh. Now the biggest thing is to retreat quickly. If we don’t retreat now, it is very likely that sq will be wiped out.

However, it is obvious that gb will not let sq get out so easily. When Dreven’s axe flies out and Q skill goes in to cool down, clockwork takes over the output weight at this time.
Although clockwork is a late-stage development hero, she is still quite destructive when she is passive in the first-level group, and there is a star mother Suo Laka here in gb.
The clockwork rushed directly without scruple. First, it manipulated the magic ball to directly collect the residual blood spider, and then it directly leveled A, walked A, manipulated it directly and output it crazily near Jax.
Jax was directly pushed back by the momentum of gb, and directly jumped to the back row with a Q. Nami walked away without caring about his teammates behind him.
The performance of yorksq star players in this way directly led to the collapse of the whole sq, and several people had no spirit to pay attention to cover the retreat, but directly collapsed
Actually, in the face of such a rout, gb naturally rushed at it unceremoniously, but in the process of pursuit, Draven Q cooled down, and directly another five-axe would be blown up by the wind girl, and Yasuo and Nami would collect the head.
Level 1 group gb directly for 4! Nami was killed twice, but also directly sent a bloody head.
And Liu Fengde Levin directly got four heads. sqad directly wanted to surrender in this game, because this kind of game is no longer available …
After playing the first-level group gb, he returned home directly with rich rewards. After replenishing the direct line Liu Feng Online, he hit the opposite ad2 times in five minutes.
Sqad cried directly in the voice of the squad and wanted to soak in the spring water directly. sq went wild and saw that the situation was not good, so he tried his best to help the road.
As a result, as soon as I helped Nunu to squat directly, then Dreven cooperated with Feng Nv in Nunu, and it was another three kills. In less than 15 minutes, Liu Feng was almost amazing!
Chapter 39 Playing games
Liu Feng’s performance has completely lost sqad’s confidence. In the end, the combination of Liu Feng and Qian Feng directly forced sqad to withdraw from the experience zone, but sqad had no idea at all.
"It’s amazing. I didn’t expect the M god Draven to have reached this point. It seems that after this game, we can’t see the M god Draven playing again."
"Yes, God M is a headache. There are more and more heroes. I really don’t know what gb opponents will think of bp in the end …" Zhou Zeng deliberately pretended to be worried about gb opponents, but that face was so arrogant.
"Ha ha, it’s still too early for us to say this now. You should know that there is a big gap between this sqad level and M God, and more importantly, sq can actually see that it was prepared, but I didn’t expect M God to come out and break through."
"That’s the same question, but I’m really looking forward to those people who can fight God."
"Hehe, it’s true that God M has reached a position where he can’t stand the cold, but League of Legends is still a team game after all. gb victory also needs to be tested by people in other positions."
"That’s right!"
The words of Xiao Xiong and Zhou Zeng did not affect Liu Feng, and of course it is impossible for them to affect the sound insulation conditions in the competition area, which is very good.
Liu Feng didn’t expect this game to be so smooth. To be fair, sq is still very strong, but the psychological quality of their core player york is still too poor.
After the first-class team beat them off guard, they gave up the game directly psychologically. Of course, it is now a rout.
Because Wei Xianxing’s mother Suo Laka didn’t have any equipment and grades in the early stage, Wei Xianxing’s mother Suo Laka could even press york Jax to fight.
Sq played wild several times to help york catch Wei Xian, but york always signaled him to retreat. Now he feels a little scared.
Although sq has doubts in his heart, york is the core of sq after all. If he has doubts, he can swallow it into his heart, but he can’t eat and fight.
In the middle of the road, Zhou Rebing insists on the policy of "make mistakes or not" and is super obscene to protect himself. Although Yasuo in Anzhong Road looks very good in strength, he can’t eat and fight.
And Yu Lu is already in a terrible situation, and now the game is a slow death rhythm for sq.
Finally, in Liu Feng’s strong performance, sq’s home crystal base was broken in 21 minutes, and sq was late for the first game directly.
The on-site referee seems to be a sq fan. Although the result has come out, the on-site referee has never said the result until Liu Feng and others have gone to the sq competition area to shake hands, and he hastily announced the result.
Speak with a slight vibrato.
It’s true that many people didn’t expect the result of this game. In the nominal survey, 10% thought gb would win the game, but no one thought it would be so easy to win.
Sq’s performance today is just like that of a third-rate team. It has never been the third place in the world, and it is not as good as the worst performance in the first stage of si competition.
Unexpectedly, there was an outburst of anger.
There was a big wave of gb fans in the competition venue. At this time, they were all cheering for victory, but one wave went straight to block the sq door. Several fans asked sq to replace york and let york substitute.
It’s so ugly that york played today. It’s an insult to the title of the world’s number one single
Of course, these have nothing to do with Liu Feng. After dealing with all the news media, Liu Feng and gb players directly took their own bus and returned to the hotel.
"How do you feel about today’s game?" Liu Feng asked Zhou Rebing when he went back to his room.
"Almost!" Zhou Rebing leng leng, but soon Bai Liufeng was asking herself what. Although she wanted to give Liu Feng a positive answer, she knew that she was still not enough to compete with fran.
"If Sister Bing doesn’t take her time, we still sometimes believe that you can resist fran!"
"Well, Xiaofeng, I will!" Zhou Rebing eyes firmly nodded his head.
Liu Fengxiao smiled and suddenly turned to Zhou Rebing when preparing to go back to the room and said, "If Sister Bing wants to come in and sit down, there are interesting things in my room! “
"What?" Zhou rebing asked curiously as soon as she didn’t react, but when she saw Liu Feng’s face and bad smile, she immediately understood Liu Feng’s meaning
"Bah! When are you still thinking about these messy things! " Zhou rebing red-faced jiaochen way
"Ha ha, I’m just kidding you. Okay, I’m going to rest, and you go to bed early!" Liu Feng said that he was ready to enter the room.
But at this time Zhou Rebing is wrapped up like a claw fish, holding Liu Feng in one hand and stroking important parts from Liu Feng’s thigh in the other.