"Come in." The third thunder came in. He rubbed his eyes and his face was full of horror. He couldn’t get it back for a long time! What did he see … He actually saw their high palace master waiting on a fox to take a bath!

He washed it so carefully that all its claws were clean!
"What is it?" Although the third child is already stunned, his mouth is almost falling off, but the night is still so calm as a stranger. I don’t think there is anything wrong with his line at the moment. Chapter 188 The world is the biggest and the fox is the biggest.
The third child didn’t take a breath, and the night was like a stranger. He asked again, "What is it?"
It seems that I don’t like being disturbed by others. The old man immediately made it right. "The night porch was quiet for a while and then it revived …"
The night is like a stranger. Nodding doesn’t seem to take it to heart. It seems that nothing is important to bathe the little fox now. The little fox is the biggest in the world!
He is so special to this little fox that he wants to refresh his old age and three views!
And the night is like a stranger to the old, and he added, "Let Haitang prepare a suit."
"Huh?" Haitang is the boss’s name. Haitang has enough clothes for the palace master to wear for a generation. Why does the palace master need clothes?
"It’s not a seat, it’s a dress for this little fox." The night is like a stranger. I haven’t finished saying a word. My deep eyes fell on Zhuge Yue’s body. "Prepare a long dress for it."
Zhuge Yue "… the night is like a stranger, you old rogue!"
She hurriedly covered her hand somewhere and seemed to vaguely see that the night was like a stranger, and the corners of her mouth were tilted a little.
As soon as Lao San came out, he ran to find three other people.
Boss Haitang is a woman, that is, Zhuge Yue just looked at the one who almost became Wang Fushi.
The second whirlwind is the big bold foodie and female Han who brought Zhuge Yue back.
The third thunder is like a naughty boy
Old four thunderbolt was the first man to sit on the swing.
Haitang frowned. "Is he really so special to a fox?"
Thunder rushed to nod and raise their hands and swear "It’s true that if there is a half sentence of empty talk, it will thunder."
The whirlwind is bitter and haha. "The original palace master will eat it, and we can still get a little meat. It seems that we can be vegetarian tonight …"
"By the way, the Lord of Haitang Palace wants you to prepare a little skirt for the little fox."
These other people changed from shock to horror, and the three looked at each other.
"What does the palace master think?" Cyclone scratched his head and was puzzled!
"Know" Chinese flowering crabapple bite should secretly hold gills don’t know what to think.
-dividing line-
The night is like a stranger, just washed with Zhuge Yue.
Haitang came in, dressed in a green dress, which made her quiet and peaceful like a forest flower fairy!
She is quick and clever with a tray in her hand, which is Zhuge Yue’s little skirt!
She picked up the skirt in her hand, but it was faster than her to take it over and personally wear it for Zhuge Yue …
That call a careful … His hand touched her body through the hair, but it filled Zhuge Yue with panic and shame. I couldn’t wait to dig a hole and bury myself at once!
"The palace master this fox …" Haitang took the lead in saying that she knew that the palace master didn’t like her talkative words. She was awkward and waited for the night to tell her that he was so special to a fox!
The night is like a stranger. She glanced at her lightly. She was so scared that she immediately took a big step back. "The palace Lord please forgive Haitang for crossing …"
"You go."
Haitang bite lips is still some unwilling "palace Lord don’t want to live in a room with this little fox tonight? As far as Haitang knows, the palace master loves neatness. Chapter 189 Living in the same room.
Haitang bite lips is still some unwilling "palace Lord don’t want to live in a room with this little fox tonight? As far as Haitang knows, the palace master loves neatness. "
"Huh?" The night is like a stranger suddenly getting up with a smile on his face, but even Zhuge Yue feels that his back is cool as if there are several skates inserted into his back! "Chinese flowering crabapple you tube too much? Yes, you have been following the seat, helping you to make clothes and handle all kinds of things in detail, but it doesn’t mean that you can take over everything! "
A few words suddenly raised this matter to a new height …
Chinese flowering crabapple’s eyes are full of tears, and a drop of them dare not fall with their heads down.
The night is like a stranger sitting in Zhuge Yue’s room, feeling that the original condensation around him is suffocating and flowing again …
"This is the first time, but I hope it’s the last time …" He waved his sleeves. "Go ahead …"
He doesn’t want to eat her now. Zhuge Yue looked at the ink on the table and she knocked over the ink once.
In this case, she will try to find a way again, such as telling the night like a stranger about her identity and asking him to save herself!
Glancing at the bed, she stuck out her tongue, although the bed was softer and more comfortable! But if you sleep with a stranger at night, she’ll think about it all night. Forget it …
At last, she chose a cold chair and huddled herself up. Only then did she find that being a fox was warm even if it had hair …
A thick, long tail covering your body is like wearing fur. No, you came wearing fur!
She was so sleepy that she fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.
In a daze, what gave her up? She was dissatisfied and opened her eyes. The night was like a stranger’s face. The silver mask refracted the moonlight into her eyes, adding a bit of cold taste.
Without saying anything, she went to the bed, and Zhuge Yue woke up instantly, and Zhong Gu fluttered her little arms and legs. She didn’t want to sleep in a bed with the night like a stranger!
But she turned out to be a scum in front of a stranger at night, and now she has become such a weak fox, even less!
It suddenly occurred to me that the woman named "Haitang" said that the night was like a stranger and she was neat, so she shouldn’t like small animal types, but why did this goods like her so much? Is it just like some people have preferences?