"I’m not saying! Mr. Fu is the top alpha, and the susceptible period lasts longer and more violently than other alphas. Most of the time, Mr. Fu is at work without his own ega to relieve the susceptible period, but for a long time, Mr. Fu has developed resistance to the most advanced drugs and needs an ega. "

"But I am an ordinary ega…… … Mr. Fu can’t see me …"
Even if Shen An doesn’t have much social experience, he knows that an ordinary ega can’t deserve a top A. What’s worse, it’s like Fu Fengning’s … How good a top ega is to be qualified to be around him …
There’s definitely something wrong here. Is Fu Fengning mistaken?
"It’s the Gene Bureau that gives matching advice. What else do you want to ask?" Shen Yu has lost patience. He sinks his voice. "You are an ordinary ega. Do you think you are qualified to be picky? But Fu Fengning is opposite! Your generation saved the galaxy and this generation can be matched to Fu Fengning! "
Shen mother took a look at Shen Yu. "Don’t scare him. Can you be smaller? He’s still a patient!"
Shen An brother Shen Ping laughs at "it’s a good thing that I fucked. Why do you look so sad?" Do you know how many famous EGAs are eager to climb the big tree of Fu Fengning? Calling you back is not to reason with you, but to let you sign it. "
Shen Ping got up and went to Shen An’s side, picked up a pen and put it in Shen An’s hand, pointing to the signature place and urging "don’t make dad angry."
Shen An’s ear is half-brother yelling.
My brother doesn’t know if he suddenly exudes a burst of pheromone Shen An with attack power on purpose, and he can shrink even harder in the corner of the sofa.
Shen Mu said, "Shen Ping, come here!"
Shen An, this is like an amnesty.
Shen An is sitting on the soft sofa at home at the moment, looking at his relatives, but he feels isolated.
This has happened in this family more than once.
He fought back tears. When he saw the agreement, he was still speculating about the meaning of the agreement, wondering about the unknown future and fearing that many people would be afraid of the man who was not angry and arrogant.
But when his brother’s pheromone oppressed him, his mind actually realized that he wanted to hide in the heavy arms of ebony on that rainy night.
He stretched out his hand and wiped the corner of his eye, got a pen and signed his name at the signature.
Shen Yu and Shen Ping looked at each other with a sigh of relief.
These days, they are still trying to find a joint opportunity in the newly developed game branch of Fu Fengning. I didn’t expect Fu Fengning’s assistant to call and tell them such a good thing.
At that time, Shen Yu was shocked and felt that he hadn’t woken up yet. Why did such a big pie fall on his head?
At this moment, the door of Shenyang was thrown open, and a high-heeled shoe sound seemed to be stepping on anger and rushed in. "I don’t agree! Fu Fengning has never been kind to ega, but no one has a good chance when he approaches Fu Fengning ega! What’s more, the top alpha matches are all A+ ega. My brother is an ordinary ega. Let’s just say whether he can serve the top alpha susceptible period or not. My brother went there. Do you think he will have someone besides being that person’s "medicine"? ! Will Fu Fengning really look at him! What about after Fu Fengning has a wife? What about my brother if he has a wife? ! You people outside the business circle have no chance to get in touch with the Fu clique, and you have no idea what a terrible person Fu Fengning is! He’s crazy! You are going to push my brother into the fire pit! "
You have something to say.
Chapter 1 Fu Bus, do you want to see Shuanggeng Baby, raise your hand-
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
"Elder sister …"
See angry rushed into the living room, the second sister Shen An’s eyes flashed a light.
Shen Yue dropped the file package in his hand on the marble desktop and sat down beside Shen An to seize the agreement in Shen An’s hand. His eyes suddenly became confused.
Shen Ping sarcastically said, "If anything really happens to the Fu family, it will be worth it to give him some compensation in his life!"
Shen Yue glared at him. "Shut up!"
A householder Shen Yu see Shen Yue didn’t put himself in the eye sink ah way "unbridled! Shen Ping, go and get the agreement! "
Shen Yue narrowed his eyes and turned back a few pages. He intended to tear it up, but the more he looked back, the more puzzled he became. Shen Ping took advantage of this file to snatch the agreement.
Shen Yue gave Shen Yu a puzzled look. "Have you seen everything in the agreement?"
"See" Shen Yu unawares.
Shen Yue frown "speak up ….. I don’t know what kind of credibility edge unexpectedly said will respect Shen An? Will take care of his emotions? Even Shen An has a partner who enjoys his protection? "
This is not like Fu Fengning’s style.
Shen Yue is an alpha boss. She was an artist assistant of Jin Zuoen’s former Shen Anna. She secretly helped to get it. Recently, I don’t know how Jin Zuoen touched Fu Fengning’s brow. Fu Fengning killed his adopted lover. The black material rose again and again in the hot search until it was blocked by the Internet!
Jin Zuoen’s original career and several new projects are wooing partners. When he heard that Fu Fengning and Jin Zuoen didn’t deal with it, they all ran away immediately! Jin Zuoen lost a lot of money, even the stock fell, and several old projects with stable original operation were also shaken, and the capital chain was broken. Shen Yue Jin Zuoen was so busy these days that she came back so soon because Jin Zuoen had a heart attack because of too much pressure, smoking and drinking recently. She also calmed down the company and was so depressed that she hated Fu Fengning.
In the core business circle, she alpha knows some other things that Fu Fengning either took the initiative or directly annoyed others and even angered his opponents.
Is such a person really kind and fair to an ega who is treated as a "drug" to "relieve" himself?
Shen Yue was puzzled for a while, and his heart resisted the wind intuition. These are all tricks played by capitalists. From a realistic point of view, Fu Guyou went to Shen An to be played, and the giants went to Shen An to lose their lives! This identity into the fu family, not to mention whether Fu Fengning will treat him well, just say that if others in the mansion want to bully him, he will be lonely … How pitiful?
However, Shen Yu has put away the agreement and told Shen mother to buy some new clothes for Shen An these days, because Fu Fengning may send someone to pick him up after he is busy with what he is doing.
There are still many questions in Shen Yue’s heart, but Shen Yu and Shen Ping are not too happy. They left the living room with Shen An’s signature, but Shen Mu also said some intimate words to Shen An to comfort him.
Shen Yue was so angry that she smashed in the living room for a while, then put her arms around Shen An and burst into tears. "It’s my sister who can’t protect you. Why are you so stupid to ask you to sign?"
Shen An has locked himself in his room these days, and Shen Yu won’t let him find anything.
Shen’s mother urged Shen An to go out with him several times to buy some new clothes. Shen An followed her out in a weak and weary through illness, but she didn’t even go out at the gate.
Fu Fengning doesn’t seem to care about the agreement. He didn’t respond after Shen Yu sent it to him personally, but the Shenyang family is almost ready for this thing these days, and even the game development has been put on hold. I hope that Fu Fengning won’t go on a business trip when he comes to meet people.
In this way, Shen An spent a week in a daze. At one dusk, Shen Yu came and knocked at the door, "It’s dad."
Shen An opened the door and played with his mobile phone in the room without looking at him.
Shen Yu was silent for a while. "He will pick you up at eleven o’clock this afternoon after receiving Fu Fengning’s words."
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
Shen An stared at his mobile phone and gave a low "hmm"
Shen Yu frowned and grabbed his cell phone before he left.
He found that Shen An was not chatting or playing games, but simply "playing with his mobile phone".
Blame words to the mouth Shen Yu correct Shen An inappropriate attitude "after the fu family don’t play mobile phone in front of Fu Fengning know? If someone talks to you, just look at them, for example, I’m talking and you’re playing with your mobile phone, which is impolite. "
Shen An then sat down seriously and looked up at Shen Yu.
Shen Yu looked at his red eyes and lips and suddenly sipped away. "What’s wrong with you! If you dare to show any reluctance when Fu Fengning comes, I will break your leg! "
Shen An clutched his finger nails tightly and embedded them in the meat. "But I still didn’t understand what happened. I don’t know what I will face when I get to the Fu family. I don’t know how the Fu family will treat me … If it is to alleviate Mr. Fu’s susceptibility period, there is nothing special about my gardenia pheromone. I am afraid that if I don’t treat him, what will they do to me … and if Mr. Fu needs me, no one in Takuya tells me … What will I be like a private doctor when I go to his house?
Shen Yu was so angry that he lit a cigarette. He sat beside Shen An and stared at him for two eyes. Finally, he explained roughly, "You have too many questions. What do you want to do so much? You need to know that because you won the lottery, Fu Fengning gave us the benefits of Shenyang, so that my father and brother’s company could pay back the debts to make up for the losses! And you are not a worker. You are his wife. "
Shen Yu flicked the cigarette ash and continued, "But don’t imagine that he really takes you as his wife. After our family is ready, Fu Fengning will be prepared to break off an engagement when he has a wife, but don’t worry that it will be a big compensation. If you have this identity in Fu’s house, you will not really be too difficult. Besides, it’s good to eat and drink."
Shen Yu seldom talks so much with Shen An at ordinary times. After talking for a year all night to appease Shen An, he finally felt that Shen An’s brain was still not good enough to accept the limited, so he gave up in distress.
Fu Fengning will come to Shen Yu the next day, so he was restless and stayed up all night for fear that Fu Fengning would come to meet someone the next day. Shen An’s attitude was wrong or he said something wrong and smashed this "marriage."