But Xiao Wengen didn’t take it seriously. Instead, he had a brainwave. Now Purple Yan has no idea to hide from him. He needs to guide him in that direction. He will feel it even if he doesn’t tell him.

"Say what are you afraid of?" Since know purple Yan Xiao asked is the first time so proud so confident tone to talk to purple Yan.
"I am afraid of your head!"
"Hey, hey, don’t think I’m watching you now. When you think about it, I know don’t think about it …" Xiao asked, just like chanting, that tone made Zi Yan hate her teeth itch.
Violet Yan herself is really telling herself not to get away with that little death, but the more so, the more dangerous it is. The will of the Asian god is very firm, and it can block all information from entering the outside world. I forgot the situation, but now the situation of Violet Yan is so special that she can’t calm down at all, and there is a Xiao Wen who is making trouble there.
Finally, the secret accidentally passed in her mind.
Xiao Wen has been watching it. Once he caught it and figured it out, he couldn’t help but growl, "Are you always like that?" !”
Purple Yan immediately knew that revealing the secret was a rage, but she couldn’t vent it. She could ask Xiao to blackmail her, "If you dare to do that, I won’t skin you alive!"
"Who wants it!" Xiao asked disdain tunnel
The secret of ZiYan is very simple. She doesn’t like men, so she also cares about men touching her body. When she teased Xiao Wen, she took the initiative. Naturally, nothing is different now, but Xiao Wen can thoroughly understand her body! The thought of this purple Yan will raise a sense of strength, and I have an impulse not to live …
She doesn’t have the idea of "keeping a clean body" in her heart. She simply can’t look at men. Her body is her own. She doesn’t want anyone to move and have a look. Besides, although it’s just a body, she also counts the number of readers. It is clear that she is the top in the underworld regardless of her appearance or shape. It is a rare treasure. Of course, this idea has some narcissistic elements, but it can’t be cheap.
I don’t know how long it was before the purple Yan and Xiao asked finally found a clue, and the purple Yan was relieved.
The method is very simple, that is, when Xiao Wen is familiar with the soul imprint of the purple Yan skull cavity, he will fuck off … At that time, the purple Yan will regain control of the body again.
But it will definitely take a few days. Anyway, the fit between Xiao Wen and the soul mark is not too high now.
After the conclusion, Ziyan asked Xiao, "Can we do this first? Be honest for the next few days. Don’t talk or move my body!"
"Why?" Xiao asked mouth shut way
"With this is the old niang body! You are willing to pose to get yourself! "
"Lend me your eyes and ears, or you won’t suffocate me?"
"You must borrow your eyes and ears!" Purple Yan threatened.
"Know know"
Then purple Yan finally stopped talking to Xiao, but looked at the 90,000-nai smile. "Sister, don’t worry. Let your brother be honest for a few days and he can go back in a few days."
"What’s the matter, Sister Ziyan?"
Purple Yan explained the cause and effect to ninety thousand, and finally relieved ninety thousand.
"Then we will rest here?" Say that finish after ninety thousand asked again
"Good younger sister, I didn’t expect this to happen. Now it seems that we can’t go out fair and square before your brother’s soul is dead. If you are greedy, you can endure him first. Now we can take a good look at it. If you put it in the ring, you will become a dead person directly …"
"Hey, hey, it’s okay. Although I like to eat, I don’t have to eat, but I really want to have a full meal again …" Ninety-one thousand faces are fascinated by the tunnel.
"Well, let’s go when your brother recovers."
"Well, I went to practice, Sister Ziyan."
"Go ahead"
Ninety thousand directly turned into a red light and went into Xiao Wendan’s blood mark to practice. This time, she made great contributions. Although Zi Yan and Xiao Wengen didn’t care to praise her, she still made her desire for strength to rise a little more.
After 90 thousand left, it’s nothing. Finally, I took out the healing medicine and meditated.
She was not seriously injured this time, but she certainly had to rest for a few days, which just took Xiao Wen away. She really couldn’t stand Xiao Wen’s soul occupying her body.
In an instant, a day and a night passed, and Violet Yan opened her eyes again. After all, she was still worried that someone would chase her back to recover from her illness and she was restless. After opening her eyes, she carefully arranged it around.
She is not too afraid of war demons chasing her, because war demons are really good at fighting, not finding people. The underworld is good at finding people. Besides, there are few people who know that several guys have great search methods.
In this way, I hid in the same place for another day and finally decided to transfer.
The next afternoon, she took Xiao to a narrow mountain stream and settled down at the water’s edge.
Xiao asked nature why he knew Ziyan was running. He had been in Ziyan for three days and couldn’t help saying, "Is it necessary to be so careful?"
"You’re not afraid of losing your life, and I’m afraid I can’t get revenge!"
"Is the war demon that powerful?"
"The main problem is that no one knows how good he really is." Purple Yan Nai tunnel
"Then we have to make full preparations or we will take the initiative to send it to the door."
"Wait for it, then, and then call Hainong when you finish setting Haizhu."
"I think so."
Then Xiao Wen continued to deal with the soul mark, while Zi Yan stayed in place.
In fact, even if Jia Hainong, she is not too relieved. She feels that the underworld has indeed said this, that is, the magic of war is not afraid of group warfare. If the effect of three strikes and one fight is similar to that of one-on-one, what is the point?
It is still extremely important to improve one’s personal strength.
Although the mouth never said that she had to admire Xiao Wen at this time, this little one was hit by a big luck, but today’s combat power is really strong. Now his real realm is still the initial stage of the immortal. If he rises to the higher level, what will it be?