Nine days later, a new round of chopping was once again painted nearby. At the same time, the goods who made soy sauce pits were very happy to watch their own pigs kill, and they also rushed into the crowd again with their weapons.

"Stop it for me! Stop it! " Mu Hua Sheng shouted at the top of his lungs again.
This time, I almost heard the soy sauce because I was forced to wear headphones. I don’t know which side of the river the lion’s roar is really scared and stopped.
Looking at the animal husbandry Hua Sheng who has slowed down his body, he nodded his head with satisfaction and looked at the hanging infusion bag or bottle next to him, which is equally at a loss. He hates iron and does not produce, and he is furious again in her eyes. "Tyrant! What are you doing? Hurry and take them to kill the head! "
"ah? Oh, oh … "Xiong Lian, the tyrant, promised him that he had not seen such an emotional Wang for a long time.
It’s not right. It seems that it’s not normal to be indifferent if soy sauce makers appear in their own Wang.
While mulling over it, I don’t forget that I am a United front. I quickly screamed again in my eyes, "Double pole Jiugong is ready! See the wall next to it! Shoot from there! "
Ouch! Ouch! What’s the fucking rhythm?
Watching their friends jump from the wall like dumplings one by one, and then watching them all kinds of martial arts, all kinds of almost special effects, flashing dead moves, taking them away. They just struggled to cut half a tube and had a lot of blood.
This ….. This ….. This is our close friends! ! !
The soy sauce makers suddenly went to blx.
It’s strange to rob them in front of them.
Good intentions ~ good intentions ~ they don’t want to live!
The soy sauce makers there are squatting in the corner with a heavy heart like a long-abandoned dissatisfied housewife, sitting in rows and hanging bottles here, and they are under great psychological pressure while fighting.
Who can drag this group of goods away?
This dense resentment and malice, even through the brain, they all feel it, okay
Oh, no, no,no. After the first push, many people couldn’t stand going on strike, but the tyrant bear didn’t feel it, but there was really nothing to do with this group of people
At times like this …
[Private Chat] Tyrant Xiong Wang
[Private chat] Mu Hua Sheng Meng/What’s the matter ~
It can be seen that Mu Hua Sheng is in a good mood at this time, and it is very difficult to send an expression at this moment of killing. Even if it is not like this, the tyrant bear can see that he is in a good mood from the small wave.
Come on, it seems easy to hunt down this time, just as the soy sauce makers found out that the other party’s equipment and treasures were too good, and some of them even changed to physique and blood, which made it very difficult to collect the heads.
Then, even if the soy sauce players make trouble, they have helped a lot. For example, thanks to their being soldiers, they can get so many people so easily that they have surpassed each other by a big margin.
[Private chat] We can’t kill the tyrant bear.
[Private chat] Is Mu Huasheng surprised/what happened?
[Private chat] Is there an enemy coming from Mu Huasheng?
Hurriedly looked around, but I didn’t see other gang members coming. It should be that I thought too much. After all, who has the leisure to take part in this kind of killing except soy sauce?
When I put my eyes back in the chat box, I found that the tyrant bear had two more lines.
[Private Chat] The tyrant bear is not the enemy but the soy sauce.
[Private Chat] Tyrant Bear, we can’t go after being tossed by them.
[Private Chat] Tyrant Bear We don’t want to rob their heads any more …
[Private chat] Mu Huasheng tyrant? Are you crazy?
[Private chat] Mu Huasheng, do you know what you are talking about? A United front should say such a thing? Return what? Grab their heads?
Mu huasheng simply feels that it is unreasonable that your sister is their own pursuit, even if the head is beheaded, it is also them!
Is the tyrant bear bought by soy sauce?
Hum Mu Hua Sheng laughed coldly and then looked for soy sauce.