In addition, the purchase of np arms is also a high-grade goods bought by Jiuzhong from heaven. The combat effectiveness is much better than that of the first part of the Holy Alliance player combat troops.

Finally, the forces of free players are not strong enough in fighting capacity, but they are unstable in large-scale group wars, and they are easy to be supernormal in downwind conditions, but they are also easy to be killed once they are against the wind.
In order for an army with such characteristics to exert its maximum combat effectiveness, someone needs to give them rhythm and lead them to fight.
I don’t know how many battles have been played with rhythm, which is what the Holy League players are good at. However, it is really easy to bring out the rhythm after listening to the command np formation.
If the rhythm is brought out, then the free forces players’ troops will be able to play their combat effectiveness as good as that of the Holy Alliance players’ troops.
This is indeed the case. The Holy Alliance and np troops stopped running and launched an impact on the imp troops that had rushed out of the city and were pursuing them. Once they showed real combat effectiveness, the contrast caused by the sudden drastic change in combat effectiveness made the imp troops temporarily unresponsive. As a result, they were directly killed in flight after a charge.
Players of the free forces followed the Holy Alliance and np troops to play soy sauce and chase after the imp retreated to the front troops’ ass. They had a headache and beat Reservoir Dogs to kill Japanese players and np soldiers. With the accumulation of heads, their confidence was also accumulating, and they became more comfortable. When the enemy’s first pursuit troops were defeated and hit the enemy’s big troops, the momentum was already finished. The momentum was unstoppable, and the deities and buddhas were blocked.
At this time, the large forces in the Japanese area are a little too fierce to find these people. It is simply too strong to be effective, and the battle will not be dominant. If you add a virtual heart, you will not be able to fight the battle in an instant.
If the Japanese troops don’t run, it’s a good run, which will even fuel the arrogance of the free forces players’ troops, making them feel that they are also quite good, and they are no worse than the holy alliance people to abuse these kids like food.
Once you have this idea, the spirit will dominate * * and it is conceivable that in terms of the number of people, the most important component of this mixed formation, the Free Forces Player Force, is getting more and more fierce and out of control.
In the face of these free forces that have been completely burned, the players’ troops and the Japanese troops have been killed from the roots!
"* * * This is not how the combat effectiveness of the three major league combat troops is so abnormal? !” Everywhere, the battlefield, the Japanese area, went out of the city to pursue the troops’ line and collapsed. Soon after the temperature returned, the morale once again fell to the bottom of the valley. Players in the Japanese area could not help but cry sadly, "This is really a day to die in our Japanese area! !”
The Japanese troops who fled back to the city also planned to hold the absolute defense line at least, but this was obviously unrealistic.
The siege troops from all walks of life in the Holy Alliance swarmed like wolves and instantly defeated the guards in the city and seized control of the city.
The Holy Alliance is in full swing here and has achieved brilliant results. At the same time, the All Saints Alliance and the Hongwu Alliance are not too much to let one player city after another bomb in the absolute defense line of the Japanese zone.
If the Japanese area builds this absolute defense line, if it can keep the golden body unbreakable, it will naturally get better and better. However, once a gap is broken, other points of the absolute defense line will have a chain reaction like dominoes.
Now, the three major alliances have not broken through a point, but have torn three big mouths in the absolute defense line in the Japanese area. The direct result is that the absolute defense line in the Japanese area has just been established for less than half a day.
The unfavorable encirclement and suppression in the rear and the collapse of the absolute front are precisely the diplomatic attacks, and the counterattack forces have been completely dispersed, causing the Japanese regional map department to fall into chaos.
It is only a matter of time before the general trend is gone and the speed visible to the naked eye is constantly eroded by the troops in Huaxia District and the whole Japanese area is completely occupied.
第六百四十五章 劫持
"Thank you for your understanding!" Miyazawa Liangchen was very moved by the generosity of the Jiugong Great God. If the Jiugong Great God was in front of him face to face, he would certainly be in tears. "But please rest assured that although this nine-reconstruction is superb, it is not a weakness! I have found such a weakness now to make me successful, and I guarantee that this nine-fold will be finished! "
"Oh?" Jiugong great god smell speech shine at the moment "Fang Sheng what are his weaknesses you’d like to hear it? !”
"His weakness is that he likes women very much, and he won’t hesitate to kill other women, even daoshanhuohai! By …! " Miyazawa Liangchen is proud of insidious smile. "If we can arrest his woman and make her a threat, we have a great chance to kill him!"
"You said a great chance … that is to say, there is no guarantee that you will kill him completely? !”
"This ….. this nine reconstruction is really profound. I really can’t guarantee that I can totally kill him! But the chances are definitely great! "
"I don’t want to be big, I want to be 100%!" Jiugong Great God wanted to think that Miyazawa Liangchen’s gang should be 100%, which is really impossible. "So … I will ask my two ancestors to help you in the past. This time, it is necessary to give me Fang Shengren’s head back! Do you hear me clearly? !”
"Ah, if there are two ancestors, it is absolutely certain to deal with Jiuzhong … if it is wrong, it will be lost!"
"When the two ancestors pass by, you will act immediately and kill Fang Shengmin in the shortest time!"