After eating the giant potion, the number of squares you can step on will increase to three. However, due to the increase of characters’ stepping on monsters and eating gold coins, the number of squares you step on will increase. In addition, if you encounter a star square on a fault and the characters become bigger, they just don’t step on the square, but go from the front, so there is a great possibility of falling into the pit.

With the help of the elastic force of these two star squares, Mo Tianyuan bounced to the rear, and two other star squares on the same horizontal line stepped on a square and then jumped over the rear, and then glided out of this fault.
"We need to pay attention to this section just now, that is, we jumped up after passing the baffle instead of going into the pit a little bit, and Tianyuan just passed the flash monster smoothly, which is mainly due to this skill."
Zhang Shaotian looked at the little sheep who had entered a section of the security route in front of him and analyzed that Mo Tianyuan was used to learning other people’s experience from the video of skills that can make people improve their strength before playing professional online games, which is also an important reason why he is proficient in various skills. During this period, several people trained together and unconsciously several people also dyed some of his habits.
Xia Qiu and Mu Yang Shen nodded their heads. A few people know that this skill will be a lot unless the missiles flying after the fault in front need to go into the pit to dodge.
Mo Tianyuan jumped over two clusters of thorns and then came to a long row of square blocks bent into arcs.
Getting extra points in the case of eating a sprint in a long row of squares is absolutely equivalent to making a windfall, but you can jump and step when there is no sprint.
Because this square group bends in the front direction and changes direction after reaching the middle vertex, it is doomed that it can’t use Mo Tianyuan to make the gliding edge to step on it, otherwise it is likely to be squeezed into all the squares higher in front, and he can walk safely and steadily directly by ordinary jumping and stepping.
Chapter 115 Laser line of sight
"Why didn’t he glide with that bright blind eye just now?"
There are some confused sounds in the crowd. For most people, it seems that Mo Tianyuan just glided in front of him and almost crossed the whole square line. That trick is simply amazing! It’s strange that this place looks like a star square, too. Why didn’t you see him try it again just now? Let’s watch it again carefully …
Beside, some boys who usually run far away replied with a hint of pride in their tone, "don’t you understand this?" In the past, the star square line was in the middle, but the gliding skill had two jumps before it could be connected. This made it necessary to glide to get rid of the whole star square. Before this, the row of squares must not be that kind of ground! "
"Although the front row of star squares is said to be bent in an arc direction, its starting point and terminal are all on the flat ground, so there is no way to glide and step on it after taking off, and the parts bent higher in front will be in danger of crushing people …"
"After passing the highest point in this row of star squares, the rear arrangement is that, which makes it even more impossible to glide, so you can’t visit them because of the roots!"
After getting this answer, the page nodded as if it were a little white, but he still tirelessly said, "Didn’t you say that the gliding route is gradual? Isn’t it just right to glide to the same direction after passing the highest point of this row of curved star squares?"
"Idiot! Gliding is true, but the angle of that point is not as steep as the star square! Can you touch an egg by taking off from the highest point and gliding? "
"Oh …" Page like finally understand the general nodded without saying anything more.
When they were talking at the same time, a bright laser line suddenly lit up in the square of the row of stars, followed by two crisp but unpleasant bells!
Missile sound!
Just before the missile comes, a cool laser will flash on the screen, like a line of sight, which makes people who realize that they have been targeted secretly frightened. However, from another perspective, this white laser also shows that the missile is coming to the track, so that players can make corresponding precautions according to this laser.
Because the star square inclines after passing the middle and high point, players who want to step on the back square will often get used to continuing to let the character jump and step on it naturally, but in this case, it will be severely broken by missiles flying from the rear.
At this time, we must resist the temptation to eat one more star cube, and adopt the method of two consecutive jumps. After skipping the missile first, we may be lucky enough to fall at the end of the star cube group. If we eat one and step on two, we can almost step on three or four.
They looked at Mo Tianyuan and jumped up and turned over. Recalling that after substituting himself, they couldn’t help eating cubes and then being hit by missiles, they couldn’t help but feel a burst of chrysanthemum and broke out in a cold sweat.
Behind it is a row of squares with the same stars. Mo Tianyuan did the same thing. Two squares each ate four. Although the number was small, it was better than safety.
Xu Hu looked at the screen route that has reached more than 1,000 meters in front of him and said, "Great God is a great god. Changing the track is still so nb …"
Xu Hu, a senior player who is proficient in the classic mode track, doesn’t run very fast, but after all, he adheres to the concept of "just relying on one mode nb", which is considered to be a rare opponent in the first year of high school.
He has always believed that it is great that an ordinary player can run out of a mode, but today, seeing Mo Tianyuan can be so powerful at top speed, his admiration for him is even greater. At school, he doesn’t think that those academic achievements are so great, because he feels that he can mix himself up in front of the teacher if he is bent on it.
However, the level of cool running that can play well and fly is not generally high!
With a proud face, Xu Hu turned his head and glanced at the player behind him who just questioned Mo Tianyuan’s strength. "Hu Tuchong, do you believe that my eyes are right now?"
The boy who is called Hu Tuchong’s sturdy face is a little embarrassed. Honestly, after seeing Mo Tianyuan’s equipment just now, he really doesn’t like this seemingly elegant senior. How can a little sheep be nb!
However, Mo Tianyuan actually ran more than a thousand meters in the classic mode without breaking a protective cover! Look at this posture. Even if he accidentally hangs up now, he is a real master …
"Emoko is really my mistake just now. I didn’t expect him to be so powerful or your eyes are higher." Hu Tuchong smiled awkwardly and said to Xu Hu, I don’t know if it is sincerity or flattery.
Xu Hu nodded with satisfaction and laughed. "Well, learn something. Although our strength is one of the top in the first year of high school, I didn’t expect these guys in the second year of high school to be so much worse than us! It is said that the second year of high school is the most leisurely and sometimes chic in the three years of high school. It is true that we were too careless before this competition. If there is another competition in Hua Mao, we must get the school quota! "
Hu Tuchong heard nodding behind him, but looking at Mo Tianyuan sitting in front of him, he hoped that he would hang up and lose to Guo Liang, who was still alive, so that Xu Hu wouldn’t be so embarrassed
A page beside him said, "If there is another big competition in Emoko, it is estimated that we should be a sophomore …"
"Lie trough! It’s quite right to hear you say so, but when the time comes, this group of high school students will be promoted to high school, and it is estimated that there is no time to grab places with us. "Xu Hu mused.
The page looked at Guo Liang sitting in front and muttered, "But today, Luo Tai and Guo Liang, both of them are senior three, and they are still here to grab places?"
Xu Hu remained to give this pot a small one.
After passing through the two rows of arc-shaped star squares, Mo Tianyuan climbed over several short spikes all the way, jumped out of two short faults, and finally came to a line section that looked like a complete long gold coin.
The appearance of a long gold coin line means that there will be a complicated difficulty ahead, and it is necessary to arrange a gold coin line to guide the way so that the chances of players hanging up here are not so high!
Chapter 116 Between man and nature
Looking forward along this gold coin line, the first thing you see is that the ground is separated by two tracks, and the two missiles behind it are in close proximity and side by side, flying along the track attached to the ground and separated by the gold coin line.
The position of the rear flash monster is relatively low, almost the same as that of the previous flash monster. This means that if you don’t land when you pass the first flash monster, you will hit the rear flash monster immediately.
Then there are two similar obstacle sections in front, and the gold coin line connects the front flash monster and the missile obstacle section to form a two-segment repetitive whole.
"I met this missile in the classic mode, and I just hung it in the back, and then I practiced it several times. Now there should be no problem passing this point," Hu Tuchong said at this moment when the crowd was near the front.
Smell speech sitting Xu Hu skimming the pie mouth and said, "of course, you can’t run to this point in the classic mode and come here slower than in the classic mode. If you are careful, you can always see how fast it is in front of you in the past." You try this point when the speed mode is approaching 10,000 meters? "
Hu Tuchong’s heart is far away from Xu Hu, so he has to be sprayed by this blocked goods again.
Your sister! If I can run to 10 thousand meters at top speed, why should I call you brother now?
Mo Tianyuan had a dispute in his heart when he saw this gold coin line.
"Just be careful not to jump twice when you pass the missile. Those flash strange roots are useless. Just crawl forward when you pass the flash strange, and don’t get rubbed."
In my heart, my thoughts are synchronized with my hands. I saw on the front screen that I was driving a small sheep blade and suddenly jumped before the first two missiles hit me. At the first meeting with the flash monster, I successfully hid the first two flying missiles!
Then after Mo Tianyuan’s left thumb pressed the sliding key to land, the moving car tilted slightly and jumped up again in an instant after hiding from the second flash monster! In front of Fang’s third flash face, he took a jump exercise and left the second wave of roaring missiles behind him again. He didn’t care about that face!
After landing, the baby blade will bend slightly and lean a little. The fourth flash monster will hide. After turning over and crossing the last two missiles, it will rush out of all obstacles in this section immediately before gliding!
"After this super reward, it will break through to 10,000 meters." Zhang Shaotian looked at what he was looking at and once again entered the super reward blade with a smile floating in his eyes.
Pastoral Yang said aside, "It’s really a bit unexpected that Guo Liang hasn’t hung up yet."
It is unlikely that the original Guo Liang ran to 10,000 meters, but who knows that he has not died yet! No wonder this little guy wants to compete in the speed mode. Now it seems that he is really a master.
"Ha ha! If we have nothing to do, how dare we come in front of so many people today? " Sitting opposite Luo Tai saw Zhang Shaotian’s several faces stunned, and his heart was filled with joy. This feeling of being regarded with special respect by others was simply wonderful, even though it was not his own to show off in front … Well, it’s ok to be a teammate!
Feng Li’s face looks less cloudy. "Whether you can qualify in school depends on this game …"
Just now, you people embarrassed the old man so much. In the end, if we win your last few games, it will be nothing! Classic 16 thousand meters? You can run 20 thousand meters again! This game depends on the team to see who can laugh last!
Feng Li gradually has a sense of team in his heart, even though he is also vain. He just held the team back …