"I …" Yuan Gungun was startled by him and looked at him with a glassy stare, biting his lip and tears dropping down his face.

Yan Yan Che looked at her and said nothing.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and wiped the tears off and on. "I’m sorry for … I’ll call my brother Rui to pick them up … and take them back."
Yan Yan put a curse on her, took her into her arms, raised her face and kissed her red lips rudely.
"Well …" Yuan Gungun looked at her eyes with tears and enlarged her handsome face.
I kissed the little woman in my arms, and she was so overbearing that she was suffocating. The kiss panicked her inexperience.
"Little … um … ye …" Yuan Gungun tried to break free but was tightly clasped in his arms, so he could passively follow his rhythm … she wanted to catch her breath …
Yan Yan chewed on the tip of her tongue, causing her to tremble.
Only when Yuan Gungun was about to faint did he let her go …
Yuan Gungun leaned on Yan Che’s arms and gasped for air. After half a ring, he looked up at Yan Che. "Master … you can’t do this. Mommy said there are two lovers who can kiss."
Yan Yan looked at her blushing face and put it on her to muzzle "You and I want to kiss you? I don’t want to suffer. You kiss me once. Don’t take advantage of me after I kiss you once. "
"Oh …" Yuan Gungun nodded stupidly and then bowed his head and said, "Then I’m out good night." Then he squatted down and picked up her babies and walked towards the door.
"Living" is completely stopped by inflammation.
Yuan Gungun turned to guard against hugging her baby.
"After taking them to the garden, they are not allowed to enter the room," Yan Yanche said with a full face of reluctance
Yuan Gungun was suddenly excited and ran to him. "Master, do you mean I can keep them?"
Yan Yan Che looked at her and said nothing.
"It’s very kind of you, Master." Yuan Gungun smiled and smiled. When he wanted to kiss him, he quickly posted his face. He stopped smiling and retracted his face. "I don’t take advantage of you."
Yan Yan frowned "Go back to sleep"
"Good night, master," said Yuan Gungun, taking his babies out of his room.
Yan Yan touched his face. Did you feel disappointed at that moment?
Chapter 37 Luxury Animal Playground
Chapter 37 Luxury Animal Playground
Breakfast is thirty minutes
"Master ~ ~ ~ ~ Get up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yan Yan looked at her quietly with purple eyes open.
"Good morning, master." Yuan Gungun smiled and waved.
Yan Yan Che got up with a cold hum and went into the bathroom.
"Master, what do you want to eat today?" Yuan Gungun fart Dian Dian is in a very good mood behind him.
Yan Yan brushed his teeth and asked coldly, "Did you put them in the garden?"
Yuan Gungun one leng embarrassed scratched his head "not yet"
Yan Yan Che looked at her and gave off air conditioning.