Zhou Jiaoshi said, "I don’t know if nine niang can hear it?"

Xia Huaxin was busy with the interface and asked, "But I want to give it to my brother and sister."
"Exactly." Zhou Jiaoshi sighed and looked at his brother who was having fun. "It’s a pity for a couple. Now one is dead and the other is in jail."
Su nine niang was surprised. "How did that honest young man who came to Xi I met go to jail?"
Zhou Jiaoshi said, "Yesterday, I went to my nephew’s house in the town to listen to him say a miracle to celebrate. His father loves to rent a heifer, and when the cow is big, he will take it home. There is a family named Hu in Langyagang, a neighboring village. Just as the cow plowed, he found a cow in Laixi’s house and agreed to return it for three years. Who knows, the cow grew up and gave birth to a calf for two and a half years. This name is Hu Huanxi, and he forgot that the cow was rented to him for three years .."
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Zhou Jiao’s is a deep sigh and continued, "Laixi’s father went to get Niu Guo’s name, and he refused to pay it back. He said that this cow had been cultivated for two years for nothing, and it was going back to Laixi. His father put five taels of silver on it, and he didn’t agree to go to the county magistrate’s office for a long time. He just sentenced the cow to Laixi’s house and took the cow home happily. The surname Hu was unwilling to find the witness that he hoped that his brother’s death was a good thing and stopped the magistrate’s car." I was sent to prison to celebrate my father’s happiness. My son wanted to sell all the cows at home so as to dredge my nephew’s business. That’s why I trusted my nephew. My nephew originally wanted to have a few friendships and wanted him to do his best. Those cows can also be sold cheaply. "
Sue nine niang sighed in surprise and couldn’t believe it. "How could this happen?"
Zhou Jiaoshi sighed, "It’s really amazing that Lai Xi was inexplicably charged with murder."
Xia Hua knows the darkness of officialdom. If ordinary people meet honest officials, it’s okay. If they meet corrupt officials, they can’t help but kill them. It seems that this will be a happy occasion. Although I am not familiar with it, I also remember that I will look forward to my brother’s happiness and look forward to it.
Summer flowers sighed and Zhou Jiaoshi spoke a few words before going to town.
It’s about an hour’s journey to Qingshui Town. Although it’s not as noisy as the county, it’s already very noisy for a long time without Xia Dashuan.
Xia Dazhuang is another troublemaker. Xia Dashuan mutters all the way and hates that he doesn’t have enough hands and eyes. He also likes to look at this and that and wants to buy it.
Su nine niang thought about going to Zhou Jiaoshi’s nephew’s house to buy cattle and summer flowers. When he saw Xia Dashuan’s visit, he took a silver or two from his bag and told Su nine niang to ask Su nine niang to take the big bolt around the town and then meet in a teahouse when he made an appointment.
Su nine niang believed that Xia Hua handled affairs safely, so she smiled and took photos of Xia Hua. She went shopping with Xia Dashuan, and Xia Dazhuang insisted on buying Niu Xiahua with Xia Hua. She had to ask people all the way to the Zhang family next to the Rainbow Bridge.
Zhang Gukai went straight to the mouth with two sides of summer flowers but saw a white woman coming out head on. The woman pulled a smiling face when she saw a guest busy. "Yo! Good handsome girl to buy cattle? "
Xia Hua laughed. "I’m grandma Zhou from Baitou Village and asked me to come to your house to buy cattle."
The woman looked at Xia Hua without moving. Although the girl was dressed like a country girl, the air hole was not more welcoming than her. "It turned out that my aunt introduced me to go to the backyard with me, and there were still a few seas in the bullpen."
Xia Hua and Xia Dazhuang followed the woman into the courtyard and walked all the way to this room. Although they didn’t look big outside, they went inside, but there were five big ones.
The woman laughed as she walked. "These cows are all kept in the township cowshed. Some cows in this courtyard are not our sisters. Please have a look first. If it is not suitable, I will send someone to take you to the township to see the cows. It is also less than half an hour away from this town."
Xia Hua saw that this woman was very talkative and guessed that this must be Zhou Jiaoshi’s eloquent niece Zhang. She said that those cows should be Laixi’s family.
Xia Hua thought to herself that this woman was really willing to help Laixi sell those cows first. She laughed. "Sister Zhang doesn’t know how much silver a cow can be worth now?"
Without much thought, the woman said, "Sister, we don’t talk in secret. You are both introduced by my aunt …" Suddenly, I took a look at Xia Hua. "You don’t mean to boast that my aunt is handsome and thoughtful, like a goddess of mercy, and saved that flower girl in my house?"
Xia Hua blushes. Does she look like a bodhisattva?
Have you beheaded, dismembered, dug your heart, searched your liver, cut out your skull and swallowed the zombie crystal goddess Guanyin? The zombies and animals she hunted swallowed countless kinds of crystals, regardless of the cardinal number. To be precise, crystals are brains alienated into spar with energy.
She touched her nose and gave a quick laugh. "Grandma Zhou is too boastful."
"Niang Guanyin Niang … which is the empress? Does Niang … Niang look good?" Xia Dazhuang novelty asked.
"Good-looking and good-looking" The woman smiled and took a look at Xia Dazhuang. "Is this Dazhuang?"
Xia Dazhuang nodded ha ha smiled a "good milk … grandma …"
The woman laughed, "I’m really happy to be a grandmother for the first time." She said, and she became familiar with pulling the hand of Xia Hua.
Summer flowers are not used to strangers being so close. A woman retreated slightly. She laughed again. "Look at me. I am so excited that I forgot to make a backup gift for my grandmother today." She turned back and said, "Take charge …"
Xia Hua quickly declined, "It’s very kind of you, Sister Zhang. How can I ask you to prepare a gift when I go back to your house for shopping for the first time?"
The woman knocked on her head and smiled. "Look at my memory. I went to the county. Look at his brother. It’s a pity that his brother came to Xi …" His eyes suddenly darkened and he sighed and turned up. "What have you done with you? I’ll take you to see the cows first."
"Mom, look at rhubarb … several scalpers …" When I got to the cowshed, I couldn’t wait to see the cow’s long and charming big eyes, so I had to drop my eyes and call it "this head is good …"
Summer flowers have been carefully looked at, and it turns out that they are all good in color. Among the cows, the best one is a big ox with golden yellow hair, like a satin horse, with two curved heads and sharp horns. A pair of cows have eyes as wide as two bells and strong limbs, and the oxtail is thrown around like a golden whip to drive away mosquitoes and flies.
Summer flowers pointed to the cow and asked, "Sister-in-law Zhang!
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The cow asked, "How much silver does Sister Zhang sell at this end?"
Zhang laughed. "Flower girl is really a discerning girl. The youngest and strongest one here is the ox. I’m afraid …"
Xia Hua thought that no matter how fierce she became, she had tamed a scalper. Besides, cultivators want to buy tame cows, so cows are easy to tame when cultivated. Most people dare not buy such fierce cows, but the price is cheaper.
She laughed. "Sister-in-law Zhang doesn’t worry that no matter how fierce it is, it’s also a cow. Just tell the cow how much silver it is."
Zhang held up his fingers. "Although this head is young and strong, people don’t dare to buy it and can’t sell it for five taels." After thinking about it, he added, "Is it feasible for ordinary people to sell her five taels and you are introduced by my aunt to charge you four taels?"
"Where can it be five or two?" Xia Hua knows that this is a life-saving money for Laixi. She can sell such a cow for five or two silver. She is already very satisfied. How can she be willing to lower the price a little more and have more hope for Laixi? After all, I hope that my brother was as good as Laixi.
"Good a frank love to read, love to read the dot dd! Flower girl "Zhang patted his thigh with admiration." If you are a man, you must be a great man. "
Xia Dazhuang proudly said, "Niang is a woman and can do great things …"