Xu Taotao slowly took a sip of water and thought that her physical ability was not a reward from God, but a reward from the whole system.

【 The host used to be clear about the cultivation of the host, but it still maintained its identity as a host. It was always cold, violent, sarcastic and sarcastic to hurt our young mind.
Ah, the host is really not a good thing]
Xu Taotao []
Chapter seven hundred and seventy The truth
A group of people struggled to climb the stream pool, but finally they picked a few’ poisonous weeds’ and went back.
As the saying goes, mountains are easy and difficult.
Xu Taotao and his party ate their own pie with mushroom sauce in Xishui Lake, and then went back with a large army to repeat mountain exercises.
Two villagers, born and raised, opened the way in front of them, and some mountains had dangerous snakes and insects, so they cleared them first, and others followed.
Mountains are physically exhausted, and mountains are physically and mentally exhausted.
As far as the eye can see the foot of the mountain, my legs tremble and I eat some dry cakes at noon. Several people are tired, hungry, dry and thirsty.
Cai Junhao panting unwilling unwilling "xu factory director golden grass is poisonous weeds you pick that thing this is not a joke.
There is a tea forest next to Xishuitan. I said I would take you to see it, but you refused to go. Please tell me honestly whether you are really interested in the golden grass. "
Xu Taotao’s eyebrows are raised, but I didn’t expect Cai Junhao to look silly but quite sensitive.
But Xu Taotao never wanted to hide it from him.
The golden grass grew in the border of the box commune. Anyway, even after she signed a contract with the box commune, she could not leave others.
It’s not Xu Taotao’s style to hide anything.
She said, "What should I say?"
Give President Cai a vaccination first.
Cai Junhao’s face showed a look of correction. His eyes were complicated and he looked at Xu Taotao and sighed, then earnestly advised him.
"Director Xu, I don’t know if you heard Xiao Jihu say that golden grass is really poisonous weeds and life-saving holy medicine is nonsense feudal stuff. Why do you still believe it as a college student?"
He made Xu Taotao look stupid with a look of’ Are you reading silly’.
She said angrily, "I’m not as stupid as you. Whether Golden Grass is a holy medicine or a poisonous grass needs to be studied by a professional institution to prove its effectiveness. You say it is a poisonous grass, but I believe that there is a reason for the wind. Maybe Golden Grass is not a holy medicine, but it lacks key evidence to say it is a poison."
"There is still a lack of key evidence that our family orchid-"
Cai Junhao’s face changed and he blurted out Cai Lanhua. It was just when he said the name of the orchid that he abruptly suppressed it.
It’s an ugly face and stubborn eyes
Professor Gu took Xu Taotao’s hand and said to him coldly, "But don’t you even want to wait for a few days to take it to a professional institution for testing?"
Cai Junhao stalks his neck and doesn’t talk.
Professor Gu pointed out, "If the golden grass has the research value, wouldn’t you wait for the opportunity to turn over the commune?"
Cai Junhao "! ! !”
To tell the truth, he has a crush.
There were more people present, that is, Cai Junhao walked with them at the end, and no one Xu Taotao and Professor Gu told him so much.
Arguably, Xu Taotao should not expose the possibility that the golden grass may really be the root of the golden grass before signing the contract to ensure the absolute interests of the Western Province Meat Factory.
But how can I say it? Her intuition is that golden grass should not be van since it is valued by the whole system.
At this time, science and technology can’t develop the value of golden grass to the greatest extent.
It is actually a way to send the golden grass to a professional institution for testing, but in fact, she didn’t expect those institutions from the beginning, and she planned to always ask the system to help with the testing.
[The host is dead. This is your heart. If you can’t complete the loss, it is your career point. Why should I help you? 】
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-one Abuse of food
One night, the "dirty" lotus system confessed everything to Xu Taotao.
Include, but not limited to, that reason why it replaces dedication to her.
The next morning, Xu Taotao got up refreshed
Black-hearted lotus system is particularly intimate. [The host guest house should have millet gruel, black mask, dried noodles with pickles, boiled corn in Wowotou, which has been pickled for three years.]
Like a sweet personal assistant
However, all this is the beginning of its redemption.