People struggle for happiness and poverty!

He is not afraid that his opponent is in trouble, but he is afraid that smooth sailing will be too dull.
After Sohler became the president of the club, he didn’t have any trouble with Changsheng. Everything seemed to be in peace.
Although Jill was later proved to be a Sohler family medical consultant, she didn’t come to be a team doctor and she kept a low profile. She didn’t choke herself with chicken feathers as an arrow.
This makes Changsheng a little disappointed-he will have another storm.
However, at present, the team is not in the place where Sohler needs to be purged for the first time.
He’s busy excluding dissidents in the club department …
Maybe it’s the team’s turn when he finishes sorting out the club department?
Changsheng decided not to think so much for the time being, concentrate on playing the game first, and then wait until Sohler really makes a move. Bye.
Anyway, it seems that Sohler doesn’t want the horse to drive him away at present, so he is doing it in Valencia now
In fact, on the first day when Sohler became the president of the club, he had the idea of getting rid of the winning streak.
He is the president of the club. He decides whether a person lives or dies. If he wants to fire a person, it will be a minute.
However, when he studied the winning contract, he found that it was not worthwhile to fire winning.
Because Oti stipulated liquidated damages when he signed with Changsheng.
If Valencia Club dismisses Changsheng, it will pay Changsheng an annual salary and pay Changsheng 30 million euros!
This is not a small sum for Valencia to the club.
You know, Valencia’s transfer budget every season is only 25 million euros …
When Sohler first saw the contract, he was so angry that he jumped into the air and cursed.
"Oti that damn bastard how can sign this contract with the China people? !”
This contract was signed by Oti after Changsheng led the team to win the league title.
At that time, in order to prevent Changsheng from being poached, the liquidated damages were specially stipulated.
If the club cancels the contract before, they will compensate Changsheng for liquidated damages.
If other teams want to steal the winning streak, they have to pay a penalty of 30 million yuan to buy a player, and many teams have to frown, let alone buy a head coach.
At the beginning, Oti didn’t expect that he would take a dim lesson after only two seasons. He set this penalty clause to prevent his opponent from poaching. But he didn’t expect that he would fire Changsheng before he led the team. He didn’t expect that he would fire Changsheng before he had enough support. I didn’t expect that Sohler defeated him and became the president of Valencia Club and planned to drive Changsheng out before …
So this just in case clause really plays a just in case.
Oti himself didn’t expect that this clause didn’t trap the enemy outside, but first trapped the "one of our own"
This one makes Sohler as sick as swallowing a live fly
It’s not as simple as the scenery to become the president of the club. Since he wants to enjoy the scenery of the president of the club, he naturally has to bear the responsibility.
He must solve the problem of club debt, otherwise, how he attacked and impeached Oti in the first place will be how others will attack and impeach him in the future.
There will be nearly 200 million debts, and another 30 million will add fuel to the fire …
So although Oti really wants to get rid of Changsheng the next day.
But at the thought of paying 30 million plus a year’s salary to that damn China man, he chose to put up with it.
Anyway, Valencia and Changsheng signed a 2+1 contract at the beginning, and this season is the last year of a two-year contract. Whether the contract can be successfully renewed in the new year depends on the wishes of both parties.
By then, the initiative will be in your own hands, even if Changsheng wants to stay, crying and crying, begging himself to give him a chance, he can completely ignore him.
Kick him and it’s over.
Anyway, Sohler can see that he is always winning, that is, he is a league champion. It is difficult to expect him to achieve a breakthrough in the European war.
If you are a league champion coach, the world will catch a lot of money, but if Valencia is to become a Spanish power, after Real Madrid and Barcelona, roof of the world forces must win something in the Champions League.
It has always been Sohler’s dream to turn Valencia into roof of the world.
He felt that the winning method brought Valencia such a future.
Then it’s reasonable to dismiss the winner.
He also believes that once he finally makes this decision, the fans should rebound less.
He led the team to the league championship, but that’s all in the past.
Take a long-term view. As time goes by, the excitement and joy of fans for winning the league title will gradually fade and eventually disappear.
Sohler is full of confidence in his plan, and he feels that everything is under control.
Just let Changsheng scamper for a few months.
Because after this, he will never be able to jump again!
The turmoil of high-level changes in Valencia club soon subsided, because it was not manifested in the team, and everyone lacked intuitive feelings about it.
After all, most people’s impression of the club mainly comes from the team.
If the team doesn’t mess up, they think everything is normal at the club.
In fact, the performance of the team was not very stable before the change of Valencia club shares
However, when the club knew about the earthquake, the performance of Valencia team actually recovered.
Ronaldinho, who was criticized for his poor performance, also showed his strength.
He has gradually integrated into Valencia’s tactical system to play his normal level.
From the high-level changes of Valencia club to the winning team’s seven-game winning streak in the league before Christmas! Thirteen goals and only two goals!
Such excellent performance made them completely secure the first place in the league.
Valencia came off the bench in the King’s Cup and beat Murcia 2 at home to reach the third round.
In the Champions League group stage, Valencia scored four wins, two draws and fourteen points, and the group first appeared in the knockout stage of the last sixteen.
It seems that this team has not been affected by the change of club shares, just as there has been no personnel change at the top of Valencia Club …
Valencia fans are relieved.
In fact, they are not very concerned about who will be the president of the club, whether it is Oti or Sohler, as long as he can make a positive impression on the team.
Although most of them are in secret contact with the news of the new coach in Sohler, they have not been confirmed so far.
Therefore, the base can be classified into the category of "fake news"
If you want to stay in the winning team in the new season, you should continue to be naive and look forward to things …