Tianlin margin saw a few people in the distance injured but it didn’t matter, and the angry face was finally eased

At this time, the power of several robbery mines is surging, and all kinds of flashing brilliance are flying together, turning into pieces of robbery mines and instantly drowning the forest edge in the center.
The world road is poor. Some people say that there are three thousand roads. Some people say that all roads return to their source. Some people say that there are countless roots in Taoism.
Now, all kinds of flashes and dances are actually bombarding the forest edge. Although it is very weak, it represents a direction, and a road leading to the other side and the end of the world of life has become apparent.
In this way, every thunder robbery rushes out and adds its own strong power. At this time, it has become an ocean.
Lin Yuan’s mind is quiet and enters a mysterious state. His heart is understanding that his body is strengthening and every skin is undergoing transformation.
Turning cocoons into butterflies, this is the state of the forest edge at this time. It is unimaginable for several fighters that it is a natural barrier.
At this time, the forest edge has gone through many ways to rob the thunder, and how many people can do it?
At this time, the edge of the forest was surrounded by several thunder-bolts, and his body was pregnant with lightning, and it was so motionless that it was no longer ups and downs. It was as steady as a rock, and the tripod and furnace were transformed between them. Occasionally, a purple-gold nine-story small tower appeared between his eyebrows, and a fairy tower was shaken by the leisurely body.
Chapter five hundred and thirteen-flesh sanctification (subscription)
His flesh and blood are shining like a dry Kun, and if he wants to break this layer of heaven and earth and let the true self be sealed in it, he will come back to life again.
Before the forest edge, he carved his own road mark, and now he finally reappeared. He had his own plan, and now he was sanctified in the flesh.
Even a few people in the distance can’t help but be shocked to see the law of avenue appearing on the edge of the forest at this time.
At this time, the forest edge deepens the road, robs the thunder and refines itself to achieve itself.
This is a great perseverance, just like nirvana rebirth. After destruction, it is rebirth, and the forest edge deeply understands this true meaning.
Lin was born of a new life in the thousands of robberies. The Zifu Haotian Tower shook gently. At this time, several strong people appeared in it, and he seemed to be in a dream.
At this time, Lin Yuan didn’t think that such a situation would happen when his body was sanctified and Taiyuan was running.
An ancient relic is filled with mysterious blue light, and Qionglou Yuyu is flickering in it. Finally, a nine-tower is seen at the edge of the forest, which looks like a purple and gold pearl blooming in Shenhua in suppression of the heavens at the top of the tower.
I’ve never seen such a beautiful place on the edge of the forest, quiet and peaceful, even if I’ve never seen it in a painting. Just then, when the picture turned, the beautiful temple collapsed, and layers of people appeared in the sky. There were several streamers that flashed by. Those streamers looked beautiful, but they fell to the earth and the peaks were instantly annihilated!
The forest edge seems to be shocked by this scene, and the dark blue light that spreads out is also shaking and wandering around the forest edge.
The violent explosion was torn apart, and the whole sky rolled up a huge vortex, which swept the whole world with great power, high mountains, landslides and collapses.
Several halls are instantly annihilated, and in such a vortex of terror, the soul of the ten thousand figures is smashed into pieces, and there is a nine-story tower left in the world.
Just then, a hazy figure appeared against the nine-story small tower and went to the edge of the forest to see the number crumbling and the nine-story small tower actually jumped up and bombarded the hazy figure.
In this way, a purple and golden jade bead instantly flew over the top of the nine-story small tower and fell into Fang, while the figure was seriously injured and returned
"What’s going on? What will happen like this?" Lin Yuan’s heart is hard to calm down.
"What kind of fighters can reach that level and destroy heaven and earth with a gentle shock?" Lin Yuan actually raised a big sigh.
"No matter what, let’s get through the disaster first. It’s just that the tower of heaven reveals breath and so on. I must explore it." Lin Yuan decided to get a white this time.
The thunderbolt surge expanded three or four times, and the body of the forest edge trembled. The pain made Lin Yuan finally feel the breakthrough coming.
Stand aside and filter millions of thunder and lightning, and the forest edge will be roasted vigorously to refine its body.
The edge of the forest glows all over, and a mysterious atmosphere is emitting. It seems that there is a statue of dormant power that is about to be awakened, which is more and more awesome.
In his body, the magic lamp shines forever and blinks. Half of his body lights up like a rainbow, and the whole person has purple and gold luster.
The track marks on the edge of the forest exude their own blood recovery, rumble and thunder, and there is a strong smell that is suffocating!
"It’s a sign of breakthrough to be sanctified in the flesh!"
Tianyuntai was shocked to see the vision of the forest edge, and everyone looked forward to the breakthrough of the forest edge with joy.
However, when the forest edge body is more than half bright, those bright Shenhua in the forest edge body no longer increase, which makes many people nervous.
He snorted, and the thunder shook out of the body at this time, and then his flesh and blood shook and his bones rattled.
Boom, he grew up, and all the Shenhua were blazing in an instant, which made his flesh and blood seem to burn.
A breath of terror spread, and the outbreak of coercion made this place form a terrible field, and those thunder robbers flashed around him.
Ten thousand roads rob thunder and shuttle through the body of the forest edge. Every time you shuttle through the forest edge, your body is taken away with a trace of impurities.
The very purple and golden light mixed in it makes the forest edge become a flash of human nature at this time, full of explosive power.
"The flesh is sanctified, and his flesh is going to break through the realm of Tao and soul!" Everyone exclaimed.
"Accomplishing the realm of Tao and soul" This is an eternal experience. Only in ancient times, it is rare to see the fighters who achieve the realm of Tao and soul in the physical body. "Tianyun marveled at seeing such a scene, and he was excited.