Ling Feiyang, although he is already an excellent master, is still in a great fear at this moment, and seems to have seen his death!

At this moment, the twelve knives on the ground trembled at the same time!
Death Knife Array!
Fujita’s ten soldiers and guards’ strong and powerful qi urged the twelve knives to rise from the ground at the same time and suspend in the ground more than two feet high!
"Die, Ling Feiyang!" Fujita ten soldiers defend voice did not fall the twelve knives together to accelerate from all directions ling Feiyang shot up!
The death knife array is full of knives!
Ling Feiyang has been injured and still hurts behind him, but he still has the last way to break through is spiral nine shadows!
Ling Feiyang’s body leaps rapidly in the middle and high speed and soars from the knife net!
Although lucky enough to get out of the knife net, the twelve knives are still attacking Ling Feiyang everywhere!
Fortunately, Ling Feiyang’s body was wrapped up when the third spiral nine shadows were born, and the knife gas cut Ling Feiyang’s skirt one after another, but it never hurt his body again!
However, after Ling Feiyang leaped out of three zhangs, his body had fallen! And the twelve knives together after the tip was provoked to ling float in the sky to meet at the same time!
Snake and raccoon turn over! Ling Feiyang immediately changed his body posture and rolled forward along the horizontal direction!
Death knife array controls the knife to chase the shadow!
Fujita ten soldiers guard twelve knives changed direction again and chased Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang suddenly changed the body rolling direction and fell to the ground!
Death knife array knife light cover the sun!
The twelve knives were scattered and immediately rose to a shape like twelve umbrella ribs covering Ling Feiyang’s head!
The death knife array is hit by a sly knife!
One of the knives fell from the sky and split at Ling Feiyang’s head! Followed by the second, third, and fourth … Twelve knives were cut from falling one knife to flying ling!
Ling Feiyang barely hid for more than a dozen knives, but the second attack of the death knife array has already made Ling Feiyang finally unable to resist being cut by a wild knife, and the blood on the right shoulder immediately gushed out!
Fujita’s ten soldiers’ defensive sabre-cutting has reached a superb level. Obviously, they want to drive more wild knives to fly to Ling Feiyang with the force of dismembering Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang’s wound is more painful than that, but at the same time, he feels a sudden impact of the true qi on the right chest!
It turned out that at the moment when Ling Feiyang was seriously injured, the North Ghost siddhi spontaneously ran to circulate the true qi in the body! However, when the true qi runs to Shenzang point, the blood flow is blocked again!
When Ling Feiyang practiced the trick of "Six Dragons Swirling", blood flow would be blocked every time the true qi went to Shenzang point! This time, although the northern ghost has played a magical role, it is still impossible to break through this obstacle!
At this time, twelve wild knives have surrounded Ling Feiyang’s body. Ling Feiyang can do nothing even if he has borne the sky!
However, at this critical juncture, Ling Feiyang suddenly felt a burst of relaxation in his chest. It turned out that the true qi actually broke through the hidden hole of God!
"This must be because the shoulder wound has been bleeding outward, which has led to a significant increase in the blood circulation speed of the body, and the blood flow has carried the true qi across the Shenzang point!" Ling Feiyang immediately turned white!
Ling Feiyang drink a body qi in the palm of your hand a left a right to launch!
Ling Feiyang unexpectedly appeared around six palms, like six flying dragons, flying around the wild knife department!
Dragon 20 palms and six dragons spin!
Fujita ten soldiers who saw the scene in front of them were also amazed! But he is, after all, the first master of Japan, and immediately continues to fuel the true qi to change the direction of the Twelve Commanders and attack Ling Feiyang again!
Half of the air current formed these six dragons, Fujita, ten soldiers and twelve wild knives, and they scuffled! Every attempt to attack Ling Feiyang’s wild Taidao was blocked by these flying dragons several feet away!
The duel between ps Ling Feiyang and Fujita Shibingwei is still going on. Fujita Shibingwei put out a death knife array and launched a final onslaught on Ling Feiyang! At the key moment, Ling Feiyang’s true qi breaks through the key points and realizes the dragon’s 20 palms and the 27 th palm and six dragons’ gyration! The decisive battle has come to the end. Please see what will happen later!
Chapter 321 Falling into a volcano
Life and death together carved Ling Feiyang’s blood flow accelerated due to injury, so he got through the hidden cave of God, and realized that the penultimate move of the dragon’s 20 palms-six dragons gyrated to resist the death knife array of Fujita’s ten soldiers!
Ling Feiyang’s strange sight of the palm wind and the flying of knives on the top of his head lasted for a full lamp of tea, and the ten soldiers of Fujita finally failed first!
With the "tinkling" sound Fujita ten soldiers defend these twelve wild knives have fallen to the ground!
Ten soldiers of Fujita kept gasping for air. It seems that the power to control the wild Taidao has failed!
Ling Feiyang broke the death knife array!
"I give up!" Fujita ten soldiers who suddenly said
Ling Feiyang’s heart is one leng, although it has been agreed to fight for life and death, but since Fujita’s ten soldiers and guards admit defeat, Ling Feiyang is also inconvenient to continue fighting
"Since you admit defeat, you have to answer me a few questions!" Ling Feiyang immediately performed work to seal the wound blood flow and immediately said to Fujita Ten Soldiers.
"Well, you ask!" Fujita ten soldiers who is also very readily said
"Destroy my tens of thousands of Song Jun’ shadow legion’ what’s going on? Who is their leader? Where is it now? " Ling Feiyang immediately asked
"The’ Shadow Legion’ is an army trained by the general Genlaichao before the shogunate. Their leader is Genlaichao’s Chiba Chang Yin," Fujita Ten Soldiers replied.
"Is this Chiba Chang Yin still alive?" Ling Feiyang continued
"In the third year after the death of Yuanlaichao, Chiba Chang Yin died of illness, and this shadow corps has since disappeared. For more than 20 years, even Jiulai Jing, the successor of Yuanlaichao, did not know where these elite soldiers went." Fujita Ten Soldiers replied.
"I don’t know if what he said is true or not …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about a girl dressed in white and ran to the top of the mountain. It was the source glass! Although Ling Feiyang left her on the mountainside of Mount Fuji, she was so worried about the outcome of the duel that she couldn’t help climbing to the top of the mountain!
Source coloured glaze saw two people’s expressions and knew that Ling Feiyang had finally won. However, the source coloured glaze was afraid of ten soldiers of Fujita since childhood. Now Fujita ten soldiers have been defeated. Although the source coloured glaze is delighted, it still feels great fear!
"Coloured glaze, you traitor!" Fujita’s ten soldiers suddenly rushed to the source glass without saying a word!
Ling Feiyang’s theory, for example, didn’t think that Fujita’s Ten Soldiers Wei was just telling himself about the "Shadow Legion" but suddenly suddenly exploded in an instant!
Ling Feiyang quickly rushed to the source glass, but Fujita’s ten soldiers were still one step faster. As soon as he rushed to the source glass, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck!
Source glass martial arts is not bad, but the fear in her heart makes her afraid to make moves to her equipment coach, and she is stopped by Fujita Ten Soldiers!
Ling Feiyang less blunt sword has stabbed out half, but it is forcefully taken back because this finger will hurt the source glass first if it continues to stab out!
"Let him go! Or I’ll let you die! " Ling Feiyang folded drink a way
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Do you want to save this woman? Do you like this woman very much? You may not know that Liuli is a female ninja in Igawa Valley. She gave me her body when she was twelve years old and slept with more than a dozen male ninjas! " Fujita’s ten soldiers laughed wildly as he spoke.