"Eldest brother, what do you say? Why can’t I understand a word? " Chen didn’t understand a word in the fog.

Chapter 32 Bald and fat
"I just said that I wanted you to be the boss of the gang," said Li Yi.
"Eldest brother, I love you to death" Chen Yi hugged Li Yi.
"sop, I’m not gay" Li Yi made these people laugh.
"Eldest brother really won’t go to school this afternoon?"
"I’m looking forward to missing class for the first time."
"Huang Mao, take us to find a way to your former gang."
"Good Art Brother" Huang Mao said with a little excitement.
When everyone was ready, he made a very reasonable remark.
"Don’t you have any battle plans?"
"What war plan does the old man want? Why don’t you just hang up the new Wang?"
"Are you sure that gang has no guns? Your magic gas protector seems to be unable to defend against the power of the bomb and smiled extremely.
Li Yi’s face is a little discolored, and she almost made a big mistake.
"Old man, I’ll ask you later."
"sop yellow hair, let me ask you a question."
"Art elder brother what’s the problem? Can’t we talk while walking? " Huang Maowen
"No, this is very important. Does your gang have a powerful weapon like a gun?"
The problem of yellow hair turning into dishes is too important for your own life.
"When I was a Wang, I didn’t have a gun, and I didn’t have a gun, but now I still don’t have a gun. The gang doesn’t have that much money, but it’s not necessarily whether the bald man has a gun. We’d better be careful."
"The old man might really have a gun."
"This question is a bit difficult," he thought for a moment and said.
"Then will I die after being shot for a while?" Li Yixin is whether he will hang up or not.
"You can try."
"The old man is not telling jokes now."
"I’m not sure that I will never hang a fixer and let the gun solve it, and I will not let others laugh."
"That won’t be a serious injury, will it?" Li Yi is still a little worried about what he will do if he can’t kill me with one shot.
"It should be a minor injury and slander. Don’t worry, even if you are shot, he will never have you again. You still have magic gas to protect yourself."
Li Yi is relieved, or everything will be fine.
Chen and Huang Mao are waiting for Li Yi at the door.
"Why don’t you come back first and forget to discuss the plan for World War I?"
Huang Mao finally realized what he was always missing.
"First of all, Huang Mao took us to this gang building. You should all be this gang?"
"Great God, we are all this gang."
"Then you should be able to know wang guard at the door? If you are not allowed to enter, you will be like this … "In this way, Li Yi made his own battle plan according to his extreme ideas.
"There are two roads in front of Brother Yi. Which way shall we go?"
"Chen, I miss playing cock when I was a child."
"Boss, why are you still like a child?" Chen asked with a smile
"Who can forget his childhood? Forget it, don’t think about it for the time being. Is the yellow hair fast? "
Huang Mao pointed to a road and said, "This one should be five minutes faster than that one."
"Go" Li Yi led a group of people to this road with a shout.
"Art is coming," said Huang Mao, looking around.
"Are you ready?" Li yiwen
"Who are you?" Came to this relatively simple building next to a man asked
"I’m fucking blind. You don’t even know me," a man said.
"Who are you? I told you not to fucking scold haw. This is a gang."
That guy stopped talking. Looks like there’s a new guy here.
"I’m Junge’s younger brother." The man said his boss.
"It’s Junge’s younger brother. I think I’ve seen you before," said the guard.
"If you don’t close the shutter, we still need to find Wang."