Concave … Concave!

"What happened! ?”
This scene is shocking! Nobody saw what happened …
Everything came so fast!
Just now, I laughed at the white man who bet Ziyun proudly because he was kicked in the brain by a donkey. For a second, he felt that his brain was caught in the door. What happened? Ziyun proudly won! ?
Ah, ah, ah, this can’t be. There must be something wrong! Is there a master to help her! ? Everyone is looking around in horror, and it seems that they won’t stop until they find the’ master’ shadow!
Jun Ya picked his eyebrows. These glistening people can’t earn money. Oh, it’s better than him. It’s not that waste can also control the wind. It seems that her wind rating is not low …
Look at the man in red, still motionless.
The field has been fried, but I was surprised to see the referee elders go to the exhibition hall to make sure that they were repeatedly surprised.
The exhibition hall speech did fall down and didn’t get up for a long time.
It was a long time before the elder recovered from his surprise and announced that "Ziyun won the first preliminary round …"
It’s explosive news!
Are you kidding? The exhibition hall said that at least he was a kind of player and was knocked down in one second! ? And people haven’t come yet, and the reaction speed has ended this game! What an exaggeration! If they don’t have problems with their eyes, it must be that the world has suddenly become illusory. Everyone seems to be sending such a message in their mouths. Has this gentleman been kicked by a donkey?
Men in red wear silver masks, but they can’t see the expression, but they don’t stop it.
What’s wrong with both of them?
Only the man who was called the first man looked at the white man with appreciation in his eyes.
The attendant trail beside him said, "Your imperial doctor has a unique vision." In fact, he also felt that this proud Ziyun was very special and might be able to compete with Ziyun Chen.
It’s Junya Jun’s imperial doctor.
First statue conveniently cast a glance at the man in red wearing a silver mask to see that his temperament is extraordinary. Is it-with the imperial doctor?
No, he quickly denied his hypothesis, because it is well known that the man doesn’t like luxury, let alone excitement, but this noble man seems to be very interested in this excitement
"Look, look, look, look at the fight-"someone shouted like this and everyone watched the game together.
The second ring at the beginning of the preliminary round!
Zhantangyan vs Ziyun proud!
How many people don’t know that in the past, puffed up teenagers used to bully girls with their hands tied? Today, I still look disdainful when I meet you in the exhibition hall.
"I said ugly pool is dead this time? Still don’t think brother has done enough for you? "
The story of the second lightning strike still rankles. If it weren’t for his bad luck, she would have been trampled to death at that time!
I didn’t expect this fool to appear here. Ziyun proudly smiled with a sneer, as if he was too lazy to say a word. He felt that he never wanted to see this face again!
You silly ya, get as far away as you can from your aunt! Ziyun ao snorted coldly and moved his mind. Wind, wind, let this fool go to see Mother Earth …
Hula … The wind seems to hear her call.
Hear three winds-
The arrogant boy suddenly threw himself forward. He didn’t seem to know what happened. He stared in horror and realized that his body was manipulated by something. He didn’t listen at all, as if something had severely pressed his back and he threw himself straight!
Burst a …
The exhibition hall says that the handsome face of the enemy has been tightly attached to the ground and the trend is about to sag in-
Concave … Concave!
"What happened! ?”
This scene is shocking! Nobody saw what happened …
Everything came so fast!