Are all inferno women so tough? ! !

At this time, it happened that Ziyan couldn’t help but despise "Nothing!"
But this time Xiao Wen really can’t refute it because he really lost the battle just now
I’m afraid it will take a long time for Xiao to get used to the costume and boldness of women in the underworld.
Finally, Xiao Wen, the famous Dibaozhai restaurant, went to drill into it. He was sure that the women he met just now were still paying attention to him …
After going in, Purple Yan directly asked for an elegant one. Immediately after going in, Purple Yan ordered a lot of food and drinks.
In a short time, the dining tables are really very different from the celestial world. The wine here turns out to be purple, se, spicy and sweet, and it has a taste. After the dishes are gone, many even can’t name the purple Yan …
The raw materials of Dibao vegetarian dishes are almost produced underground. There are not many ingredients in the underground of the fairy world, but there are many in the underworld! Obviously, there are great differences in the love of Yan Se in the underworld. A large table full of dishes smells very fragrant, but it doesn’t look so beautiful. For Xiao Wen, this is the underworld … And the main banquet this time is not Xiao Wen, but 99,000 aesthetic and celestial people have different shapes that can accept those dishes.
After only a few mouthfuls of 90,000, she became addicted to it. For her, it was like discovering a new happy world. The food in the underworld and the fairy world were different in style but equally delicious!
Satisfied with ninety thousand, Zi Yan and Xiao Wen simply ate for a while and then got down to business.
First of all, ZiYan must give Xiao Wen a supplement to the common sense of the underworld, otherwise it will be too easy to reveal the truth.
For example, in the street just now, he was a little shy because he didn’t expose himself. Few people will know that he is going out for the first time, but it would be too fake if he shows his outstanding strength and bows his head at the sight of a scantily clad woman.
However, what Purple Yan wants most to ask Xiao for compensation is common sense in Ma’s practice and combat.
Although there is too much common sense, the best way is to let Xiao Wen slowly realize it himself in the underworld, but at this time he can’t take care of so many purple Yan’s thoughts and words and pour them into Xiao Wen’s head
First of all, there are no realms of human practice in the underworld, such as small fairy and true fairy. Even if there are people who are small demons and true demons, there is still another name. However, at a higher level, it is finally agreed that the devil corresponds to the fairy king, the holy devil corresponds to the holy fairy and the Asian god corresponds to the Asian god.
Then there is the underworld, not only that there are no seven or even four paths in the celestial world, but also that it is similar to the celestial world rather than the underworld. The most unified way of practicing is that forging bodies can be transformed when they reach a higher level! Xiao Wen said before that the statue in front of a temple was ugly. In fact, there are many people in the underworld who are aiming at that shape when exercising! But there is a special name in the underworld, not taxiing but fiend arrival! It is said that according to some forging body method, forging body can really appeal to the demon in the dark after reaching a higher level, thus stimulating the strength of the demon arrival technique to rise greatly!
After forging, there are two other ways of practice: direct condensation of ghost gas, blood sacrifice, and refining magic weapons
Violet Yan simply said Xiao asked and immediately realized that there was no need for gold and stone materials to refine the afraid objects in the underworld … The magical devices in the underworld are also very powerful, but these magical devices are directly in the underworld, not in the nether world, condensed into a prototype, and then went with a little sacrifice and blood sacrifice.
The magic tactic is Xiao Wenxiu’s Thirteen True Magic Tactics, but the inferno doesn’t seem to understand the laws of heaven and earth, but it is directly compared with the gourd painting. Most of the magic tactics come from ancient times, and a few of them are made by others.
Then there is no sign of the Tao in the underworld; Dan Dao is very different from the celestial world, but it must be refined and attacked, which can be attributed to Xiao Wen’s method of absorbing Se in the air and painting it on his body. There is also no demon world and monsters in the beast road, and monsters are completely on an equal footing with human beings to establish blood marks; There is a way of array, but it is mainly in the aspect of prohibition. At this point, Zi Yan also has to admit that the underworld is really going to lose to the celestial world. In fact, people in the underworld should be called "Fairy Road" to benefit from the fairy world. Unfortunately, up to now, there has been a purple Yan who succeeded in bringing Xiao Wen back …
Then Purple Yan solemnly woke up again. Xiao asked, Don’t underestimate the overall combat power of women in the underworld. Compared with women in the underworld, the overall combat power of women in the underworld may be much greater than that in the celestial world. This is because there are several methods in the underworld that are suitable for women to practice, and the power is no less than that of those men. In the underworld, there will be men who will give birth to such feelings that I am not a woman, not because women are beautiful, but because women do have inherent advantages when practicing many methods.
In fact, it’s impossible for a woman in the underworld not to ask Xiao. The reason is too simple. Isn’t Purple Yan the best proof?
Two of the better people in his generation are women, one is Nan Yunqing and the other is Zi Yan.
Look down on women?
Even if everyone can ask Xiao, they won’t!
Purple Yan has been asking Xiao about the past, while 90,000 people are eating and drinking without regard to the image …
Before you know it, a table full of dishes is already clean, and 90 thousand is finally a full burp
"How enjoyable!" Ninety thousand girls threw themselves heavily into the back of the chair, narrowing her eyes and Shu tunnel
Xiao asked couldn’t help but take a look at the ninety thousand small belly, where it has bulged slightly, which makes people want to stretch out their hands and pat it …
Purple Yan looked at 90 thousand, and that happiness shook his head and said, "Let’s take a break and then we’ll leave."
"Where to go next?" Xiao asked.
"I didn’t know that my old friends are like this now. Naturally, I have to ask around first."
"Do you want us to follow?"
"Get familiar with the situation with me first" Zi Yan said.
"Line" xiao asked to nod a way
Xiao Wenning, who took advantage of the 90,000-rest kung fu, finally mobilized the stone painting and the boundary force to suck the breath of the underworld.
Purple Yan knew that Xiao asked something was wrong, but she didn’t know what he was doing.
When the purple Yan seems, Xiao asked directly, "I’ll take a break, too."
Then Xiao asked to lean back in the chair and directly entered the stone painting.
Quickly call out the "Qi Dian" and turn it backwards, and the result is white …
"I’ll go! This underworld is really … "
It’s really a shame that there isn’t even a gold and material refining magic weapon in such a big world. He is a stone painting holder. He was counting on a semi-artifact or artifact to appear after coming here.
But if you think about it, it’s also the ghost gas, which is the unique advantage of the underworld. Since it’s so profitable to condense the magic weapon with the ghost gas, why bother?
I just don’t know if there is a good mine in this underworld. If there is, it will be a wave. Maybe the underworld is in a special situation and there is no mine at all …
Quickly out of the stone painting and waited for a while, ninety thousand also rest almost three people will check out.
In the next few days, Xiao Wen and 90,000 have been following Zi Yan around, which has greatly deepened their understanding of the underworld.
But ZiYan got the news, but she was not very optimistic. Although she was only five years away from the underworld in total, she was missing in the past five years. The evil queen has died. Those who dare not show up in the flat Ri jumped out and remained neutral and fell to the other side. Her death turned out to be a great joy …