It’s ironic to criticize those who always win and Mourinho is too arrogant. It’s them who always win and Mourinho come to make profits, or they still do.

Various experts, celebrities and journalists came out to comment on the game and wrote articles on the analysis of the game.
Pacheco is one of them.
Inter Milan’s failure disappointed him.
He had hoped that Mourinho could beat the winning streak.
Because Mourinho is now the most powerful coach in Serie A besides winning regularly.
Look at his performance at Inter Milan.
But who would have thought that even Mourinho could change this reality …
The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Pacheco published his own article in La Gazzetta dello Sport the next day, angrily denouncing Mourinho’s tactical conservatism, which should continue to expand the score instead of shrinking the defense after leading by one goal in an attempt to maintain this goal advantage.
I don’t know if it’s coincidence or intention.
Mourinho’s response to Pacheco’s article is "Pacheco? Who’s that? "
That’s great. Pacheco offended two of the craziest managers in Serie A at the same time …
Unless he doesn’t interview Inter Milan and Lazio, he will feel better …
Lazio fans were particularly elated by the victory over Inter Milan in the Lazio League.
Before the new season this summer, Lazio sold people crazily. At that time, the media kept singing bad words. Lazio thought that it was impossible for Lazio to remain in the championship team after this great turmoil. It was good that they could participate in the European Games every season.
At that time, everyone was very pessimistic
Even if Chang Sheng and the players renew their contracts one after another, there is still such a sound.
Especially that influential representative of the "non-indoctrination" program.
They think that these players are all after high salaries. They have no motivation and reason to continue their struggle and stay in Lazio for high salaries.
If you transfer to other teams, you can certainly get a high salary, but they will lose their status as heroes in Lazio.
In Lazio, they are the heroes who won the first Champions Cup in Lazio’s history. They want money, money, status and status. They live in Rome like emperors. Even if they are mediocre, they have idiots. They cheer and pay for their jerseys …
So there is no need for them to leave Lazio and go to other teams to get high salaries.
Lazio will never win any championship with such a group of people.
This is the law of nature. No matter how strong it is, it is impossible to violate the law of nature!
This is the "incorrigible" argument.
But now … even Inter Milan, the most difficult team in the league, can beat such a team. Would it be too hypocritical to say that it is impossible to win the league title?
This result also embarrassed the North Stand program.
They can’t help but talk about the victory of the game and can’t escape.
But what can I say?
Praise the winning team for winning?
Isn’t that hitting yourself in the face?
Never do this!
But if it is not good for the winning team to win … where does this make the organization of "incorrigible" die-hard Lazio fans locate?
Finally, the North Stand will focus on its own fans’ groups and tell them how their fans support the team in the game …
But it’s just not always winning.
A far-right program is so good that Changsheng is forced to find some words.
The incorrigible factions are struggling …
Chapter sixty-nine Sensational whole European football
Three days after the match between Lazio and Inter Milan, Lazio will go away to play Eindhoven.
Considering that we have just played a difficult game in the league and always win, let the main players rest in Lazio this time.
He took a group of substitutes to Holland and even changed his goalkeeper.
Mirante played in the Champions League for the first time.
Anyway, Lazio will have the overall situation no matter how it plays in the last group match, and it’s a good opportunity to practice the team.
Let many players accumulate Champions League experience.
This game is due to too much rotation.
Coupled with the strength gap and away factors, Lazio finally lost to Eindhoven at 13 away.
Eindhoven finished third in the group with six points because of this victory, and was qualified to continue to participate in the UEFA Cup knockout stage.
Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, played a away game against Marseille.
In the end, Atletico Madrid also qualified for the group, and they scored ten points and finished second in the group.
After all the teams played in the Champions League, a draw ceremony was held for the top 16 groups.
Lazio group has the advantage of first guest and then main schedule.
As a result, they won the Premier League team Arsenal.
However, this is not important for the winning team, nor for Lazio.
For European football, the result of the draw for the last 16 of the Champions League is of no importance.