"Please" Ye Guchen directly looks at this expression, but there are some expectations in his heart. After all, this is his first time to fight with people, and he is eager to try his skill and his ghostly claws.

"Hum ~" Ye Guhe cold hum a whole body suddenly bounced up, turned around and punched Ye Guchen’s chest. Although Ye Gu is good at swordsmanship, after all, it is a kin fight and the object is Ye Guchen’s weapon, which is forbidden. But Ye Gu is also a noble family after all. He has made swordsmanship and collected a lot of other martial arts, and so on. Ye Guhe naturally has some skills, although he is not proficient, but he should be confident to deal with Ye Guchen.
But Yuzryha solitary crane didn’t think it was Ye Guchen who didn’t dodge to bombard directly with a punch and Ye Guhe slammed together. Ye Guhe flew out in an instant, while Ye Guchen seized this opportunity to change his fist into a claw with a deep and remote blue light. The "ghost claw" instantly appeared in front of Ye Guhe without saying anything, and directly came to the other party’s shoulder, chest and thigh.
Although Ye Guchen has tried to keep his hand, it is the first time for him to compete with others, and he doesn’t know that this "ghost claw" is fierce. Although he has tried to be a little lighter, Ye Guhe’s three parts are still easily torn by him. When Ye Guhe landed, his body was already bloody, and the whole person fell to the ground and repeatedly vomited three blood.
"what! How is that possible? !” The family brother who was present stood there when he saw such a scene. No one could believe that everything in front of him turned out to be true. Actually, it happened in front of his face. Ye Guchen defeated Ye Guhe so easily and behaved so cleanly, causing so much damage.
Yu said that Ye Gongwu was also horrified. After a short shock, his mouth was a little bitter. He could have stopped two people himself, but he didn’t expect the result to be like this. Ye Guchen shot too fast and he was not prepared for Ye Guchen’s victory before. In his opinion, Ye Guchen even recovered, but there were several years when Ye Guhe’s opponent didn’t pay much attention. The result was also that he didn’t expect it properly. When he reacted to stop it, Ye Guchen had already finished his hand.
Ye Guhe was hurt like this in front of his face. Ye Gongwu can smile bitterly at this. On the one hand, he is horrified. Ye Guchen repairs and moves. Secondly, he feels sad if he explains to his fourth brother who is narrow-minded and justifying a fault. After all, he is a master who can’t stop Ye Guchen from saying this. Who believes it?
Chapter 15 Unique Genius ()
With a wry smile, Ye Gongwu came to this Ye Guchen and Ye Guhe’s side. After checking Ye Guhe’s injury, he conveniently sealed Ye Guhe’s wound and immediately got up and shouted, "Somebody send him back to see a doctor and let him rest for a while."
After that, I looked around and immediately looked at a cold face. Ye Guchen frowned and shouted, "Gu Chen, you go with me to see the master. Everyone else is scattered. Today, things are not allowed. If anyone dares to mess with the tongue, don’t blame me!"
Speak a turned and walked towards the backyard Ye Guchen without hesitation is still that a cold milli than expression face followed behind Ye Gongwu toward the master Ye Yunchen but don’t worry about anything because he is not wrong today.
It was not long before the two men came to this master Ye Yun’s residence. The servant at the door saw the two men coming. First, he was one leng, and then he quickly ran in and informed Ye Yun that nothing important happened to this leaves home on weekdays. Ye Gongwu brothers would not bother the master. Since I’m here, it must be something. An excellent servant naturally knows this.
"What’s the second you with solitary Chen to do? Did something happen? " When Ye Guchen and Ye Gongwu arrived at the scarlet pine gate together, Ye Yun had received the servant’s leave and came out. He took one look at Ye Gongwu and then at Ye Guchen and immediately asked.
"This father, I have something to tell you." Ye Gongwu looked around at those servants and then hesitated, saying that although he was able to stay here, he was a loyal servant of Ye Jiazhong, but there were some things that Ye Gongwu still didn’t want them to know.
Ye Yun was stupefied at first, and then his face changed. He knew that unless there was something important, he wouldn’t nod his head like this. He took one look at them and said, "Come in with me. Everyone else will go out. Don’t go near the room without my order!"
The servants did not dare to hesitate and went out in succession, leaving the courtyard and coming to the door. They kept close to the room near the circular arch, while Ye Guchen here entered the room. After coming in, Ye Yun casually sat down in the red wooden chair in the middle of the main hall and glanced at Ye Gongwu. "The old two are out. Tell me what’s up."
"Father just had a contest between lone Chen and lone crane." Ye Gongwu thought for a moment and then told Ye Yunye that lone Chen suddenly had martial arts and was not weak. He didn’t even react when he was caught off guard. This is definitely no small matter for Ye Jia!
Ye Yunlai heard that Ye Guchen and Ye Guhe were competing and worried about taking a look at Ye Guchen. After all, Ye Guchen’s meridians are impassable, which is known to all. But when Ye Hongwu received the words, Ye Yunwu’s face changed, and his eyes flashed wildly. Ye Yunshen looked at Ye Guchen and said, "What floor are you repairing now?"
"Five floors!" Ye Guchen hesitated to give such an answer, but he still concealed a layer. Although the person in front of him was his grandfather, he always kept a little secret, didn’t he?
"Five layers! Six months ago, I remember that you were still blocked by meridians, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. You actually reached the fifth floor in half a year! How is this possible! " Ye Yun couldn’t bear to get excited any longer. She exclaimed before looking at Ye Guchen.
On the other hand, Ye Gongwu looked at Ye Guchen, and his eyes were full of shock and curiosity. Want to know that Ye Guchen was an ordinary person who couldn’t practice hard six months ago and was promoted to five levels six months ago? This speed is unheard of! You know, it takes three years for the fastest person in history to be promoted from an ordinary person to the fifth floor, but Ye Guchen actually took half a year? How can this be believed?
After half a year’s practice to the fifth floor, no one is willing to believe it. Others are afraid to laugh at this. But the fact is in front of them, but he can’t believe that Ye Guchen’s fight with Ye Guhe just now is the best proof. After all, Ye Guhe is already a master of four floors. Ye Guchen will seriously hurt Ye Guhe in a short time. It would be strange if there were no five floors.
"I don’t know this," Ye Guchen said with a wry smile at this, and he didn’t know how to explain it. After all, it was a bit too weird.
"Then how do you get through the meridians?" After the surprise, Ye Yun’s expression calmed down. After all, he is over 70 years old. What big waves have you never seen for so many years? Although Ye Guchen was really shocking, he recovered after a short shock and immediately grasped the center of the problem.
A person who is naturally blocked by meridians runs smoothly. How do he hit meridians? How can you practice strength! This is the question key!
"After I recovered from my illness six months ago, I met a scruffy Taoist priest who helped him, and he gave me a pill of Dan medicine. After I took it, my meridians were unblocked." Ye Guchen thought about it and told such a lie. Immortals appeared from time to time in this continent, saying that those eccentric Taoists have created one myth after another. Many people in the mainland believe that there are immortals in this world, and those eccentric Taoists are immortal incarnations. Although they rarely appear, no one has seen one for almost hundreds of years, they have created many miracles.
"what! What about the man now? " Ye Yunchen was startled. His first thought was that Ye Guchen met an incredible figure, and if this figure could be buttered up by Ye’s family, then Ye’s family would certainly rise to the top. He also had doubts about Ye Guchen’s words, but there was no evidence. Secondly, Ye Guchen’s things were so incredible that it seemed that there was no way to explain it except that mysterious and sloppy Taoist gave Ye Guchen Dan medicine. Ye also believed it.
Chapter 16 Unique Genius ()
"The Taoist priest threw me a Dan medicine and disappeared. After I ate that Dan medicine, I fainted. When I woke up, I didn’t see him." Ye Guchen naturally couldn’t tell the Taoist priest where he was going, so he simply pushed off the fainting and asked random questions.
"Well, I know that after you practice" the sea "for half a year into the fifth floor? However, we Ye family are not good at the claw method. According to what you said just now, when you fight against the solitary crane, it is extremely overbearing and biting. Tell me if someone is teaching you martial arts? " Ye Yun hesitated to continue asking questions. It’s not that he doesn’t believe that Ye Guchen is here. It’s a big matter. He mainly questioned this leaf family more.
"This is not my practice, but my family keeps hundreds to thousands # small! It is said that the claw method in Huang Ji siddhi is also something called Ghost Claw in Huang Ji siddhi. Ye Gu-chen wanted to think about it, but he didn’t hide anything on this issue and honestly explained it.
"What" Huang Ji siddhi "? ! Are you sure it’s "Huang Ji Shen Gong"? " Ye Yun was even more surprised after hearing this. His eyes were full of fanaticism and excitement, and he didn’t consider any identity manners. He directly rushed over and caught Ye Guchen’s shoulders shaking slightly and said
What is "The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill"? Now Ye Jia even knows that there are not many people, but Ye Yun is the most clear. It is the top magic skill from Ye Jia’s ancestors. Although no one in Jiangzhou Ye Jia has ever been able to practice successfully, Ye Jia’s ancestors have relied on this magic skill for hundreds of years.
Ye Jia has always had a wish that his grandson will one day be able to practice Huang Ji siddhi again and bring Ye Jia back to glory. This wish lasted for hundreds of years, but it’s a pity that even though someone practiced Huang Ji siddhi for hundreds of years, it was a success. Now Ye Guchen actually said that he practiced Huang Ji siddhi and even cultivated it to the fifth floor in half a year. This is a unique thing in history. How can Ye Yun remain calm again under such circumstances? How can he continue to be calm and calm?
Ye Guchen didn’t know what master would look like this, but he didn’t think much about it and nodded his head, which was a positive answer to this matter.
"Good good! You go first, Gu Chen. Don’t tell people what we said today. When people ask you, just say that you met a medical expert and cured you. Don’t say a word to anyone, even your family. I’ll ask you to tell everyone to shut up today. Don’t worry! " Ye Yun’s eyes glistened with tears and even said three words of "good", so he ordered Ye Guchen.
"It’s Grandpa, I know." Ye Guchen didn’t think much and didn’t refute the master’s absolute prestige in Ye’s house.
Ye Guchen turned away from here when he spoke. It’s not wide. It’s about 30 square meters. There are only Ye Yun and Ye Gongwu left in the classical house hall. Ye Gongwu looked at Ye Guchen’s departure figure again. Ye Yun pondered for a moment and said, "Go to the second child. You, Liu Bo, and your brothers are all looking for Yu Laosan for me. Well, if you can find him, let him come here. If you can’t find a way to tell him this news, you should be happy. He has suffered too much over the years."
Speak turned and sat down in the middle of the red wooden chair, closed his eyes, and Ye Gongwu didn’t say much about handing fuels and then went out.
About half an hour later, the second generation of Ye’s brothers arrived in succession, except for the old Ye Hongwen. In addition, there was a white-haired old man with a beard and a half-closed eye beside Ye Yun. However, no one dared to dismiss this man because everyone knew that Liu Bo was an old servant of Ye’s family, but he was also the second master of Ye’s family except Ye Yun, and no one dared to dismiss him.
"Father, today," and so on, everyone sat looking angry and Ye Hongjun wanted to speak with anger, but before the words were exported, he was blocked by master Ye Yun’s wave. At Ye Hongjun, Ye Yun calmly said, "Old four shut up and listen to the second one first."
"Second, tell them what happened today" Ye Yun then continued.
"It’s my father." Ye Hongwu didn’t say much, so he turned around and looked at the crowd, then cleared his throat and said, "Today is in the martial arts field."
He told what happened today. Of course, this included Ye Guchen talking to Ye Yun in this room later. He knew that Ye Yun had brought everyone in and told himself that it was not natural for him to hide anything. He told himself that he knew the news department every word.
With Ye Gongwu’s words, the faces of people around him have changed one by one, and their faces have brightened up. Even Mr. Liu, who has been closing all the time, has opened his eyes and his eyes are flashing. From time to time, he also looked at Ye Yun as if he were communicating with Ye Yun about what is the old four Ye Hongjun’s face, but he became more ugly and became more gloomy.
"Well, the second child also said that you are all white. Today, I asked the second child to tell you this matter. I think you should also be white, right? A lot of words in the wrong novel network "Ye Yun sat in the middle position with a cup of tea and glanced around quietly, but in the process, he paid special attention to Ye Hongjun, who sat there with a surly face.
"White father after we will pay more attention to solitary Chen and won’t tell it out, please rest assured my father." Eldest brother Ye Hongbin got up and said that Ye Yun didn’t say much, but he meant that all the people present could be white.
"Well, since you’re white, I’m afraid you’re not white. It’s only been half a year since the injury of Gu Chen recovered. Gu Chen has practiced five realms from an ordinary person himself. This speed has never been heard since ancient times. It’s said that it’s a genius, not a peerless genius, but my hope for the rise of Ye Jia is pinned on Gu Chen. I hope you’ll say this today. Gu Chen hopes it’s Ye Jia’s future. Ye Yun will never spare him if anyone dares to play Gu Chen’s idea!" Ye Yunshen said that when he said this, he looked around and finally fixed his eyes on the old four leaves of the Red Army.
Ye Hongjun discovered that his father’s eyes first stayed and then his face kept changing. Ye Hongjun’s words were aimed at himself. He knew this very well, but he didn’t dare to have any dissatisfaction. Although Ye Hongjun was narrow-minded, he was still a filial son and a white man. He was still confident about what to do and what not to do. For his father’s words, he didn’t dare to object to a grind. Ye Hongjun got up and handed over to Ye Yun and said, "My father can rest assured, although I am not a big deal." Du people are also biased against Gu Chen. Today, he hurt my son even more, but I still don’t know what to do and what not to do. I will never reveal anything about today and I won’t bother Gu Chen, otherwise Ye Hongjun won’t be worthy of being a Ye family! "
"Well, old three, it’s good that you can tell me this. It’s a lonely time that Ye Jia hopes that Ye Jia will gradually decline in recent years. Yujian Villa Liuzhou Feng Jia all rode to our head. Even the Jiangjia Ma family in Jiangzhou City are restless. Recently, Ye Jia has been moving frequently to me. If I don’t give a character to Ye Jia, I will suddenly fall apart when I die in old bones. You want to tell Ye Jia that Ye Jia is your root. It’s good for Ye Jia. If anything goes wrong, you can’t hide which is more important. Think for yourself, "said Ye Yun, nodding his head again. Now Ye Jia is in a crisis. Ye Jia urgently needs a master and a young master to deter the quartet to lead Ye Jia back to glory.
Ye Guhong, who once had high hopes, reached the sixth level at the age of 20, but now it is obvious that this goal has been transferred to Ye Guchen, a person who has been practicing for five years before reaching the sixth level, and a person who was born with blocked meridians but miraculously recovered and then reached the fifth level in half a year. It is not necessary to say at a glance who is more important.
Ye Guchen’s cultivation speed is absolutely worthy of the word "peerless genius". Just this cultivation speed is enough. Yuzryha Guchen is valued by people in the local area. What’s more, Ye Yun hasn’t said that Ye Guchen’s cultivation is Ye Jiazu’s "The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Work", otherwise even the people around him will be hit hard.
They didn’t speak, but they nodded in their hearts in agreement with Ye Yun’s words, including Ye Hongjun’s words in the master’s words. Yes, they were all Ye Family members who broke bones and attached tendons. Ye Jiachang was full of their benefits. If anything happened to Ye Family, none of them could run away, even if they escaped by luck, they were also duckweeds wandering around, which no one wanted to see.
Everyone has different thoughts, but one thing is the same, even for the old four Ye Hongjun. They have been shocked by the speed of Ye Guchen’s cultivation. They have decided to help Ye Guchen do their best to have a better cultivation environment and more resources to enjoy. Even if they pay something, it is worth it. Ye Guchen is the only genius in the future of Ye Family.
However, if they know that Ye Guchen has actually reached the six levels, and they don’t know what kind of feelings they will have, they will probably be completely crazy. After all, it is too shocking. If so, Ye Guchen should not be called "peerless genius" but "peerless Uber"
Chapter 17 Ice Cave Roar
Ye Guchen’s fight with Ye Guhe was suppressed by the family elders, so that no one was allowed to reveal a word to the outside world. People present were also warned that day, so it was nothing but a secret in Ye Family Department. Almost everyone knows that Ye Guchen, the former waste nine young master, is now a real fighter, and his strength is not weak. At least the four-story repair is even higher, because Ye Guhe was defeated in his hand in a flash, and he was still lying in bed for a whole month. Thus, Ye Guchen was dressed like a rice dumpling.
Since that day, Ye Guchen has received special attention from the family, not only from the master Ye Yun personally, but also from the family’s arsenal. It is said that these places in the family’s important ice cave have released Ye Guchen one after another according to Ye Yun’s master and several family elders. As a result, all resources of Ye Guchen have been released. After all, Ye Guchen’s cultivation is "The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Work" rather than Ye Jia’s "The Sea Decision". Although they have cultivated many things higher than Ye Guchen, they still can point out what Ye Guchen can do on his own.
Ye Guchen didn’t stay in the family for too long. It was about seven days later that Ye Guchen entered the family’s important ice cave and practiced by himself.
The reason for choosing the ice cave is that it is chilly here, and the cold breath may freeze people to death at any time. Unless you constantly make efforts to resist the cold breath, you can stay in it for a long time. However, doing so will cause a lot of energy consumption, but at the same time, it will continue to consume and recover, and the cultivation speed will be much higher than that outside. Therefore, this ice cave is regarded by Ye Jia as a sacred place for cultivation. The total amount of cold in the ice cave is limited, and ordinary people will definitely not be allowed to enter here. Of course, there are high-level members of Ye Jia and people who are particularly valued by their families who are
There is another kind of people who will be sent here, that is, people in the family who have made mistakes, but these people will be sealed before they enter here. It is no better to be dead in this cold cave than to be tortured.
Unlike this time, Ye Guchen walked in aboveboard instead of sneaking around like this time, and this time Ye Guchen didn’t bring cotton-padded clothes and hot wine like this time. Now Ye Guchen doesn’t need those things, which will affect his cultivation.
"Don’t touch the cold spring after you go in, don’t go deep. There is a cold spring inside, so don’t go forward. Please keep in mind that otherwise there will be life worries." When you get to the iron gate of this ice cave, you will wait there. Mr. Ye Guchen glanced at it and said that his attitude is disrespectful, but it is understandable. After all, Mr. Liu’s position in this leaf home is extraordinary, even if Ye Hongbin saw it, he should salute, not to mention Ye Guchen.
"Know Mr" Ye Guchen didn’t say much about respectful salute and then left the iron gate and walked towards the inside. The power of the cold spring has been tried several times. If you are not careful, it will turn into a popsicle. Ye Guchen doesn’t want to die yet. He has many things to do, and he will never touch the cold spring unless necessary.
Pushing the door, suddenly a cold snap came on my face. Ye Guchen walked in and felt colder and colder. It was a hot summer outside, although it was not the hottest in July, but the weather was already a little dull in May. Suddenly, even Ye Guchen had a feeling of inadaptability and couldn’t help but gasp and say, "Psst ~ ~ It’s really cold."