Zhuge Yue thought for a moment and prepared for the Shikoku to teach him some poems. If she recited them, she should be able to win, so she was ready to listen quietly …

But when he recited what he called her teaching him poetry, her world was a mess-
"Two pairs of shoes in the moonlight before bed …" Back two sentences have been laughed at.
Nan Lichuan seems to be invisible and continues to carry his back. "Look up at the moon and touch his crotch!"
Even Bei Ming ‘lin, opposite him, can’t hold back his smile!
Zhuge Yue sat on the high platform and couldn’t help it anymore. She looked at Nan Lichuan maliciously!
This little wiser, so make fun of her!
Seiber is the one who laughs the most. He exaggerates every time. He looks at Nan Lichuan and laughs recklessly. Is it silly or not …
But Nan Lichuan’s eyes suddenly turned. "It’s a joke. This is my former style. It’s also about showing love to my dearest queen and thanking her for always accompanying me and giving me so much care …"
Zhuge Yue’s anger vanished, and he just stared at Nan Lichuan. He changed completely …
But there is still one thing that remains the same-that is, a heart that cherishes her heart will never change what she has become!
Things have changed, the seas have dried up and the rocks have rotted, and it will never change!
Thinking of this, she saw his eyes go out!
"Well now I continue …"
"The dream of a floating life has passed, and Fang Qiu’s pen is lonely.
Full moon, Samsung Xianju Lingxiu, holding a light ink and laughing.
Drunk stepping on the fairy trail, the wind is clear, the willow is thin, and the black and white master will break the treasure. "
His voice has a majestic momentum, which makes people feel like the sea, and the waves follow him!
Zhuge Yue couldn’t help looking at him and suddenly became one of his fans, just as those girls stayed so wait for a while looked at his side face.
I didn’t expect Nanlichuan to be a blockbuster without singing!
"Who is too persistent to be wrong? What do you know? The wonderful hand is evil.
How can he decide in his heart who is wrong? At this moment, everyone will leave the Yijing Road and I will promise. "
(from "Hua Ci")
At the end of the reading, he sang it, and his voice sounded very nice. This timbre is even more fascinating. Chapter 335 Turn over.
At the end of the reading, he sang it, and his voice sounded very nice. This timbre is even more fascinating!
After the sound is over, everyone opens their mouths and is still wanting more …
Zhuge Yue took the lead in getting up and taking the lead in clapping!
Others’ palms immediately sounded like thunder!
Moment north ghost’ momentum was finished to suppress!
Bei Ming-lin himself was so enraged that he didn’t know that the past and the present were years ago.
However, he never thought that it would be embarrassing to write poems after he came to Nanlichuan!
Because there’s nothing like …
He thought for a long time, but he didn’t come up with a way to drink Nan Lichuan’s poems to compete with others’ jokes. He was reluctant to say, "I give up …"
South Lebanon side all jerked up cheering …
I haven’t felt this way for a long time. In previous years, the four countries’ meeting was always suppressed and lifeless, but this year I fought a hearty turnaround!
Everyone is happy to laugh. The smile and the joy can’t be suppressed …
In ….. He several countries are depressed to shame!
After the victory of South Lebanon, it was Nan Qianye who had a competition with the literati!
But today, the complete reversal of their country’s folly gave them a shot in the arm, and their morale became more and more like a rainbow! What you want!
And then to Renye Fang one by one like a big cock!
It’s different from yesterday’s tournament. There’s no suspense. Although you come and go, it’s a war without smoke!
But it’s still brilliant!
Zhuge Yue took the lead in clapping again because he lost so badly in several countries that he didn’t even have the mood to applaud!
After the competition, it’s a family dinner. Choose the venue meal this time!
Zhuge Yue can’t help but say that during the meal, he also prepared a song and dance performance with them, which was pleasing to the eye!
It was Bei Ming ‘Lin who came forward. He looked at Zhuge Yue’s side, and South Lichuan was unwilling. He also laughed at South Lichuan’s stupidity. It turned out to be silly that he was played by South Lichuan in applause …
"Queen of South Lebanon, you should be very happy that the flag of South Lebanon won today, right? I wonder if there is anything to say? "
"Of course!" Zhuge Yue got up and raised his glass politely. He seems to have forgotten what happened last night and this morning. Let bygones be bygones!
"If it weren’t for your countries urging us, how could our country in South Lebanon advance by leaps and bounds?" Zhuge Yue smiled and said
However, his emperors’ faces turned white. This Zhuge Yue pendulum is a satire on them!