Looking at this nearly 10-meter curved glass cover, it’s a lot of money. I really don’t know why Jinyang auction house will spend a lot of money to build such a place.

Liu Piao Piao didn’t quit, like guessing Xia Man’s heart. He said, "The auction house often has some big refiners to refine weapons. Those refiners are all eccentric and extremely harsh on the forging environment. It took a lot of gold coins to build this forging room."
Xia Man nodded, and the refiners and appraisers are all rare industries. It’s very popular here, and naturally it’s a little weird, but these people want to come, just love their faces and like to put on airs.
"Are you also a refiner?" Liu Piaopiao asked for the first time to know that it is not easy to be a refiner, but it is also necessary to be able to refine silver-grade equipment. If a refiner can refine gold-grade weapons, it will be great. He is qualified as a refiner. However, this refiner is extremely rare, and refiner masters are even more rare in the past 100 years. I don’t know if there will be a present in these continents. Those refiner masters can refine a few odd-grade weapons in ancient times. If existing people say that he can refine odd-grade Wushu, he may not be worshipped and worshipped.
"The refiner?" Summer pretty eyebrows a pick not shy away from looking at willow fluttering has been to see willow fluttering don’t also mean to avoid to this just smiled and said "I don’t know maybe"
"What is this?" Willow is murmuring, this voice is low and you can hear it yourself, but what it means in this sentence is clear to you.
"Miss Piaopiao wants to be here, too?" Summer pretty twist a head looked at willow fluttering with a smile.
"Why? Don’t you welcome it? " Liu Piaopiao raised his head and said to Xia Man without timidity, but he really wanted to stay and see Xia Man as a weapon. I don’t know where he got the courage to say directly, "Is it because you are so poor in technology that you are afraid of being seen by me?" This is a variety of feelings in my heart, but I secretly regret my words. After all, Xia Man holds Chengyu’s hand. It is not worth the loss to offend him briefly, but there are also some longings in my heart, hoping that he will let himself stay.
Xia Man didn’t speak and laughed. Although this willow is fine, it’s just a little girl after all. This little girl’s posture is not offensive, but Xia Man feels a bit like it, but he still doesn’t let her see his own refining method. I thought that Xia Man directly took off his clothes to reveal the brown body, but it is not strong, but it has its own fascinating spirit. I didn’t dare to show a perfect streamline and exude a masculine beauty.
Liu Piaopiao looks flushed and has been regarded as a proud woman since childhood. She has shown her unique business talent since childhood. Since childhood, she has been in contact with all kinds of cheating and cunning means, such as grasping business opportunities and business. She has never lived alone with men. In this small room, the fire roared and the flames shot three feet high, reflecting her smiling face like a red apple. Xia Man laughed and threw her clothes aside directly.
"You, how can you get dressed so quickly?" Liu fluttering stamped his ears and blushed. He said that his little face had been buried in his chest. "I don’t know shame." He kept cursing at the small eyes, but from time to time he curled up and secretly took a look at the figure of the fire and kept waving the sledgehammer. Sweat slipped down his chest like a stream. Every time he lifted the hammer, it was particularly attractive.
"Ah, bah, what’s wrong with me?" Liu fluttered shyly and stamped his foot, and immediately turned around and went out to hide behind a stone gate, panting for a long time and beating uneasily before he calmed down and waited outside for the crowd to gather.
Xia Man laughed in the forging room. This bitch is really a goblin, but now he is not in the mood to tease this goblin to forge weapons. This is his most important thing.
Xia Man is no stranger to the refining method. The root is not to answer Liu Piao with a little knowledge, but to be proficient in absolute mastery. Even those refining masters will not have his rich experience. The refining method in the game is quite mature. At the beginning, Xia Man also refined weapons to be soft, but he could not practice the highest level mythical weapons. However, refining one or two strange weapons is a piece of cake. At present, it is easy to refine a strange weapon with this nine-grade stone.
However, these are, after all, his past experiences in the game, just like the original refining of Chengyu slips. Monty has been made clear, and refining weapons will not attract demons. Compared with this, refining weapons and burning Chengyu are much easier.
Put a whole piece of stone from the outer space into the hot flame of the stove. This piece of stone from the outer space has not moved for half an hour. It has not changed at all. Xia Man is also anxious in his heart. He has to smelt stone first, but he can’t smelt nine stone roots at present. How can he forge weapons?
Wandering around for a moment, a bold idea gave birth to a flash of light in Xia Man’s eyes and whispered, "It seems that there is such a thing."
The refiner needs a fire, but this fire is not a simple fire. It can also be added to the practitioners’ own fire. Generally, reaching the level of a master refiner will benefit their own fire to refine the refiner. This fire is not simply absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, nor is it a fire that is urged by ordinary spells or martial arts, but is transformed into a true fire of Samadha by fire spirit beads.
Samadhi True Fire is taken from the person Samadhi, but it is the lowest level of fire. However, even the lowest level of fire power is not something that ordinary people can resist. Some stone materials can be refined into a fire-foot melting level. A fire refiner can definitely become a master, and a master of fire refining must master the fire in Samadhi Real Fire, also known as the fire in the ground. Even the nine-level stone materials can be easily melted into the last kind of fire, which is also the highest level. Skyfire has never been successfully cultivated for thousands of years. It is based on the saying that Tianhong Samadhi can burn the sky and cook the sea.
Eyes once condensed into the eyes of the furnace Xia Man, and there was a flash of joy. This fire was definitely not a willow fluttering. It was only when the master of refining was said that it was built that this was a natural crater. It was to draw water from the lotus pond to resolve the surrounding heat. However, after all, this place is not an ordinary place. This fire outlet is fierce, and the suppression of water in the lotus pond still seems a little stuffy. However, good fires are generally biased towards yin and heat, and they are not worried about directly breaking through the lotus pond flame eruption.
"Hey, hey, isn’t this a ready-made fire? You’ve always refined the fire art first, but you still have to worry about refining this material?" Summer pretty heart exultation around the stove plate cross.
Chapter 16 Fire
Ground fire, as the name implies, comes from lava slurry fire, but there are different kinds of ground fires, such as deep magma fire in the earth, underground coal burning fire, lightning fire, gas wood firewood and so on. According to the flame power and efficacy, the ground fire can be divided into nine grades, the highest of which is the ninth grade, which is very comparable to the sky fire. Even it is difficult to find a five-grade ground fire in this world. The situation is nine grades, which has disappeared for nearly ten thousand years.
The more "Yi" is around the stove, the more shocking it becomes. The real temperature here can easily burn steel, but the stove mouth is blocked by a ban, and at the same time the flame will not jump out of the stove. This seemingly simple stove has been decorated with more than a dozen banned seals in succession, and each technique is extremely complicated. The more complicated the ban, the higher the ban.
Generally, there are one or two methods for low-level bans, even for high-level bans, but it is only a dozen handprints. But here, near the simplest layer of bans outside, it is enough to seal more than 30 seals, and this is not really to seal the fire bans inside, but to cover up more than a dozen bans inside.
"Hey, hey, your grandpa is so complicated that it seems that the fire quality inside should be good." Xia Man suddenly smiled at the fire here as if he was going to prepare. These banned techniques can make people break the banned identification crazy. I’m afraid no one can crack these bans anymore. After all, the outermost layer is that the banned roots in the Middle Ages are not common people who can crack their scruples. Even if the spiritual temple Lord comes, it will be helpless.
"Grandma, if you don’t accept the fire here, I’m really sorry to seal the people here at the beginning." Xia Man doesn’t want to know why there is such a mysterious fire seal here. For him, he absorbs the energy of the fire here unnoticed and helps himself to practice samadhi. The fire in the fire is the big deal. After all, it’s hard to melt the stone in front of him, but he has more important things besides refining weapons.
"Sophie, wait for me, I will definitely get the ice for ten thousand years." Xia Man clenched his fist in his mind, and the identification technique was put to use, so don’t crack it.
Wow … Suddenly, the heat wave inside can no longer be suppressed. It is like taking off the cage and roaring like a dragon. The raging heat wave instantly evaporates the surrounding gas. This fierce heat wave is also unbearable to step back. This heat wave is really too strange.
"Grandma, the fire here is radiant, and the heat wave is worth a fire there." Xia Man couldn’t help but wonder, and this time it was really a treasure.
It took less than ten minutes to crack the layers of prohibitions inside, but Xia Man’s expertise cracked the prohibitions, but he couldn’t finish destroying them. At this moment, it is Xia Man’s real body with a huge flame hole. What is the fire outlet here and there? Even if the department runs, it will be a powerful flame heat wave.
"Depend" Xia Man denounced a silver staff and appeared in his hand.
"Frozen anger" Xia Man drinks a strange water spell at a low level and immediately displays it. Suddenly, a huge ice crystal forms a frozen anger spell. The elements of the spell are compressed around three meters, and the compressed water element forms a three-meter square ice. Those who dare to get close to it are immediately frozen, and with great freezing damage, the ice sword attacks endlessly, which can make the caster complete all attacks in hell for three meters. This is that the power of the strange spell is more than twice as strong as that of the advanced spell.
But this time, Xia Man did not cast his frozen anger on the flame, but put himself in the ice. According to his strength, he cast some strange spells, and some of them could barely exert one-tenth effect. Not to mention that three meters can form half a meter. Besides, there is no enemy here except the fire, and he can rest assured that he will bless himself with this frozen anger. Suddenly, the whole person is surrounded by huge blue ice crystals, and his face and expression are frozen.
Although the power of frozen anger can’t be fully exerted, it is enough to play a tenth to keep Xia Man’s body.
The flaming heat wave is like an angry dragon growling at a huge blue ice crystal, but it is immediately consumed by one layer after another without breaking the cold wave after touching the frozen anger range. The huge flame heat wave gives out an unwilling roar, and before it, it gives out a white water mist that intersects with ice and fire and disappears in a moment.