Liujing still simplified a philosophy and said that he didn’t even talk about it. Haikui was one leng one leng.

Haikui made a gesture of "Pepe’s life is going to die". Although liujing’s major is philosophy, her mind is still normal, and she is still a little thin-skinned. She was once again teased by Haikui and blushed and said, "Haikui, can you speak normally?"
Shizuka saw that liujing was thin-skinned and smiled. "He is like this. When you get familiar with him, you will know that there is a lot of fun in him."
As soon as this sentence comes out, you know Haikui very well except the clouds and the moon, and your eyes look at Shizuka.
Haikui coughed and said, "By the way, Jingxiang, what major are you and Xiyue going to study?"
This question instantly caught Shizuka and Yunxiyue, and they didn’t know what they should report at all. They looked at each other and looked at each other with small eyes.
Haikui looked at them and laughed. "So you two don’t know what to major in."
Yunxiyue was just about to get angry when they ordered Buddha to jump over the wall. Suddenly, the table was full of altars. This share is too big, isn’t it? It takes a normal adult man to finish this share.
A few people, look at me. I’ll look at your table. I’m afraid Haikui can finish this one alone.
Or did the orderer just give them six cups, chopsticks and spoons and say "slow down"?
Haikui glanced at Yang Yulu. It’s better to be thrifty. If she hadn’t stopped it, I’m afraid it would be lang Ocean again today.
Yang Yulu saw Haikui’s wait for a while expression and smiled in his heart, but there was a smile on the surface. "Let’s eat and don’t be leng."
Haikui stretched out his hand and turned over a menu, and sure enough, he was overwhelmed. This is all a few dishes. Everyone can taste the taste. Where did you order six Buddha jumps over the wall like yourself? It’s a curse. It’s strange that few people did this before! Wotaiyang
Haikui grumbled for a while in his heart, but he couldn’t let people change the food for something else. Who knows this is the case? He originally thought that the special snacks were such as mala Tang, which was very small and absolutely not enough to eat, and then he ordered something at the same time, so he could try it. I miscalculated.
Haikui was depressed and felt really humiliated. He said to everyone, "Eat quickly, I’m hungry" to cover up his embarrassment.
Grab the spoon and chopsticks, and Haikui moved.
But this Buddha jumps over the wall tastes as good as it says.
Haikui can’t be too anxious to cover up his embarrassment when he just served the food. If he ate too fast, he made a loud noise. In this fairly quiet restaurant, it seemed abrupt.
Many members are looking at Haikui as a joke and muttering an old hat in their hearts.
When Haikui ordered food, the clerk immediately muttered in his heart that he didn’t eat like a rich man, and immediately became suspicious. This meal came to nearly two thousand yuan, and he couldn’t afford it, and he just ordered food and didn’t know anything about it.
The clerk thought of this and hurried to report to his manager. If they eat the overlord meal or order their own food, I’m afraid they can’t reprimand them. It’s best to put on record before the office.
Haikui seems to be very happy to eat here, but besides him, Jingxiang, Yunxi Moon, Yang Yulu, Ma Mengmeng and Liu Jing are all embarrassed.
Yang Yulu came up with the idea of waking Haikui up and paying attention to her image. She thought about herself, but she wasn’t him. Why should she care about others?
And Shizuka, although she feels wrong, likes that kind of frankness and the wind has not woken up.
Yunxi Moon was born in a noble family, and naturally she was well-educated since childhood. She can sit in front of this table and accuse Haikui. She feels a little wrong. After all, it is not when Shizuka and Haikui are alone.
Not to mention liujing, Haikui hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t say that friends are invited here today for no reason. Count yourself as a guest. Where does Haikui accuse the host of being rude?
Finally, Ma Mengmeng blushed and gently pulled a haikui and said, "Haikui, can you eat a little less?"
Haikui saw Ma Mengmeng’s shy and blushing expression and immediately knew that he might be a little rude, but Haikui was a strange person. If he felt embarrassed and nobody paid attention to him, he would always be embarrassed. If someone pointed out or said it, he would immediately become a brazen wall.
Haikui chew it, chew the food in your mouth and say with smile, "How can you have nothing to do when you eat? I kiss my lips, and there are yum-yum sounds. "Haikui said, kissing Ma Mengmeng like a kiss."
He made Ma Mengmeng petrified at this moment and didn’t know what to do.
Haikui laughed. "I said yes, right? Do you think if I eat and my lips keep kissing and my teeth keep kissing, can I not make a sound?" Then he continued to treat Ma Mengmeng, didn’t he?
This is naked flirting in the eyes of others.
Ma Mengmeng kept shaking with a spoon in her hand.
Yang Yulu was familiar with Ma Mengmeng on the train. At this time, he saw Haikui so angry and said, "Haikui wants face!"
Haikui one leng instantly knew that his joke was a little too much and hurriedly said to Ma Mengmeng, "Don’t take it seriously, monitor."