Surrounded by excitement, it seems that although she was with the elites of Thorn Family, she didn’t communicate with them. The image of the game was blocked to reveal her eyes. It looked very lonely and also met the professional setting of "assassin".

Thorn thorn is teaming up in the channel according to the players’ career allocation tactics. Summer quietly listens and takes a look at the barrage from time to time. Most of the channels in the sky blue world are cheering up. Summer suddenly thought of her account. If Xia Xia Xia Rose is still here at this time, will she see a lot of green and yellow barrage?
Those friends will cheer her up at this moment, right?
If this is successful, Wu Gou Frost and Snow will come back, and hunderlord will come back. Then she will leave the Thorn family and follow them back to the thunder field.
Although the name of "Xia Xia Xia Rose" has been changed by others, and her new name is no longer a nurse, she is still her. She hasn’t changed at all. Will those lovely family members still welcome her?
"Gollum" a private chat bubble appeared in the field of vision in the summer.
"(whisper) white sparkle you also want to go to the top of the tower of babel one hundred deputy? I wish you every success! "
Looking at the familiar name, Xia remembered the "unpleasantness" that happened when they just met. The mask face could not help but show a shallow smile.
Then the green barrage slowly passed by.
"(friends) Xia Xia Xiao Tao Xia Xia come on! I’ll wait for your good news. (_) Cheer up, Ji Jie!
"(Friends) Xia Xia, the little master of China, come on! I’ll wait for your good news. (_) Cheer up, Ji Jie!
"(friends) how can the big ye …
"(friends) an inch of wood in summer and summer come on! I’ll wait for your good news. (_) Cheer up, Ji Jie!
"Uncle (friend), how can I be so unpopular? _ (:зゝ∠) _
"(Friend) Huaxia Xiaodangjia, am I wrong and actually selling cute!"
Xia Xiao is even bigger. He glanced at the other side of Ji Jie not far away and blinked quietly at her. Then he Ming, next to Ji Jie, said something with a face of stupidity. In the summer, he really saw Tao Yaoyao move in his heart and said on the friends channel.
"(friends) Xia Xia Xiao Tao er … well Xia Xia is also in …
"(friends) Xia Xia Xiaotao this … I still have some advance …"
A look at this situation is that Yue Ming saw Tao Yaoyao’s "Come on" on the friends channel and asked Tao Yaoyao excitedly. Tao Yaoyao didn’t know how to explain it. He simply wanted to escape and sent Xia Fa a private chat to apologize.
Summer back to private chat to appease her, thinking that this vice will produce results even if it takes a night at the latest, and then she will personally apologize to Yue Ming.
She held the top dagger forged by Tao Yaoyao for her, "Shang Yin Feather Playing". Yu Guang saw that Yue Ming was looking left and right, and kept looking around. Chang Jue and 2333 also exchanged ideas with each other and persuaded Yue Ming.
Xia doesn’t have much contact with the Vialavamulei family, but she is very pure. She feels very moved to see Yue Ming now. She is really lucky to have such a person to keep her in her heart.
I don’t know what summer feels like I’m looking at her. She looked back and nodded at her.
Strange. Does he know who she is now? Xia cocked her head and stopped thinking about this problem. Even if she knew, so what? They didn’t have any contradiction. At one time, they tried to pull her into the illegal society, and the family was always very polite to her.
For a second, summer feels a little uncomfortable behind her, just like being stared at. Although she has no eyes behind her, her sixth sense is to explain things by law. She is so special in the game that she is more sensitive to these after becoming an assassin.
Looking back, the uncomfortable feeling comes from another wave of players. There are two very striking female players in the sky-blue goddess costume. They are green grass and wheatgrass. At her side, she is a hot girl in red. Her enchanting appearance seems a little familiar.
Xia suddenly remembered the name "Generation Tianjiao" and what it felt like to be familiar with her. She used to be a "family flower" of the non-Fafa family. It was also heard that she chased flowers but disappeared for a long time. Now she has reached the level of a great god?
Look at her in the summer, and then look at the other side. I feel that there is nothing between them. It is the gentleman who talks to a generation of Tianjiao from time to time that makes the sexy girl laugh wildly.
Because I don’t know the situation of the 99th floor of the Tower of Babel, I have prepared several strategies, and now I have finally arranged them, and all that remains is to improvise.
The great gods have long been eager to try. If it weren’t for him, he was the head of the thorn family. Who would care about his plan? Some people wanted to do their own command and were directly kicked out by Thorn Thorn and added several candidates to come in.
Finally, it was not too lively. At the end of the swearing-in meeting, thorns raised the delivery reel and swished it. The rope reel flashed in generate and a hundred full-level players disappeared together.
The onlookers were silent for a second, and suddenly an earth-shattering shout broke out. Everyone said "Come on" in their native language, and the same language was overwhelming through real-time translation. Whether the sound could be sent to the 99th floor of the Tower of Babel or not, they were so excited that they flocked to the 55th floor of the Tower of Babel to brush monsters.
Even if they can’t get into the 99th floor, they can fight the 99th floor bit by bit through their own efforts.
At the moment when the scroll lit up, Xia successfully closed her eyes, but after a little clue, she forced herself to open her eyes again.
When the blue light lit up, hundreds of players teleported. Summer and the team members appeared in a spacious hall. The entrance to each floor of the Tower of Babel was very similar. The ancient carved door was more gorgeous and exquisite, and there was a beautifully decorated Arabic numeral "99" on the square of the door.
The distribution of monsters on each floor of the Tower of Babel is different, and there is no law to follow. One floor is full of mobs, and one door is flooding. Like other game pairs, there are three boss, one of which is more difficult than the other. There is also a boss on the whole floor. It is like the second summer when they defeated the two-headed snake.
No one knows what kind of monster is hidden behind the 99th floor gate. Before coming, the players imagined many different races, strange lights and other lights, and the afterlife divination group also set up a voting post on the afterlife online forum.
There are five categories of occupations in the afterlife online, but in the final analysis, there are still five categories of strength, wisdom, freedom and luck. In the future, there will be nearly ten categories of occupations in each category.
Hundreds of players look a lot, but on average, each category can be divided into 20 places. The player base is selected in a thorny way, covering all the professions currently appearing in the afterlife online, so that there will be no more than two players in the same profession.
Someone once suggested that you bring more wet nurses. How can you bring two wet nurses? Not everyone is the king of mushrooms. Which nurse can be as defensive, fast-running, and milk-rich as the summer Xia Xia rose, and she is not protected by others?
But the final choice is in the hands of thorn, and no one can change his mind.
At the moment, Thorn Thorn is directing the players to divide the gate into two sides, and let the two Yin and Yang divisions in the team make summoners rush to the gate to prevent monsters.
At first glance, this posture looks a bit like welcoming someone in line.
Both Yin and Yang divisions summoned the summoner to prevent high blood thickness and slammed into the door.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Angel cherubim
No monster suddenly roars and no summoner screams when he is attacked. With the dazzling golden light of the gate hole, it comes out of the room like everyone laying a golden carpet.
The Yin and Yang division controlled the summoners to run wildly in the vast map, but there was no sound of fighting. The players had already been unable to resist the temptation to break free from the shadows of the walls on both sides of the gate and rushed into the strange room, but they were shocked by the magnificent and holy building.
Xia Qi became invisible and didn’t rashly follow many players into this seemingly peaceful temple. At the end of the procession, she observed the magnificent temple like a church and saw that there were several huge white columns in it, each of which had an np.
No, that’s not an ordinary np, but …
“luy?” Xia was surprised to see the receiving angel luy, or np Luo Xi. She looked at the players in the innermost cylinder with her delicate facial features that had been drawn by Xia.
There are several np angels in front of the angel Luyi, but some of them are human faces. Other np angels have animal faces such as cattle, sheep and lions. There are also birds with heads, such as eagles or other birds that can’t be named in summer.
Among the hundreds of players, Chinese players account for the majority. Most of them feel puzzled after seeing these angels of different shapes, while some players from other countries react and shout on the team channel.
"The cherubim! Oh, my God, it’s the cherubim!"
Summer suddenly thought of something at the sculptural angel Luyi blinked his left eye, so he saw her head pop out. It was different from before.
"The cherubim God installed cherubim in the east of the Garden of Eden and turned the flaming sword around to guard the road of the tree of life."
Those players from Christian families are still screaming and wondering. Everyone explains all this. "The cherubim is an angel guarding the gate of heaven! How can afterlife online set him up as a Babel monster? !”
"No, they are not monsters. Don’t forget that the Tower of Babel is an eternal paradise. They are really guarding the gates of heaven here."
"I don’t accept that I can’t fight angels!" Several players repented, "God forgive me, how can I fight angels in the tower of Babel of sin?"
Say that finish, someone will melt the mosaic line.
People without religious beliefs can’t pay attention to their mood, so they scolded 1 low and said to them on the team channel
"People don’t be influenced by those guys. Is this just a game so serious? Don’t forget what will happen after you get through this layer! "
What will happen after you get through this floor?
Before coming, they said that after finishing this, they will not only be "heroes" of all players in the afterlife, but also become the first players to enter the eternal paradise. When the time comes, there will be countless treasures waiting for them, which is equivalent to the eternal paradise without deleting files.
None of the rest of the players took the initiative again, but no one knew what to do next. Supposedly, angels can be seen by players, and hp should be monsters in this layer. However, remote professional players were not only not countered but also received an inexplicable unified instruction after commanding the "monster" in the thorns.
"The (current) unified display condition has not reached the attack effect"
The cherubim angels are as still as real sculptures, and the players are at a loss. Do you have to have 100 people present and attack at the same time?
The summer stealth is almost over. Seeing this situation, I can’t help but take a small step into the temple and formally enter this room.
At this moment, the cherubim angels seemed to have received some signals, and the door was as thick as a pair of big hands. At the same time, several burning swords suddenly appeared from the floor tiles and sprayed hot flames. Some unlucky players cried out and fell to the ground in real life.