"How is your leg?" Royi tried to struggle but held her down.

"I’m fine. Don’t waste your energy, Royi. I’m the one who got you into trouble."
Those people tried to kill him.
"No, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be here. At least I’m sorry."
"Fool, let’s not talk about this."
Ling hugged her and felt that breathing was painful and painful. Now it is most important that they can live in this situation.
He put out his finger and wiped her pale face, especially the dry lip.
Actually, some force Royi looked up at him. "Is your face dirty?"
Yi shook his head, and his eyes could not hide tenderness.
She knew that it was the emergency head feather who jumped out of the car with her in his arms and rolled to this unknown place. His leg was pinned down and she could not move.
For a long time, Ling was a little tired and put her head on her shoulder.
His vitality seems to be running out for so many days.
"three little"
"Don’t call me San Shao. Call me by name."
Royi suddenly wanted to touch his hair, because it was something she never dared to do, and maybe it was the last time in her life.
Ling didn’t hide, but spoiled and smiled lightly.
His girl is so nice that he hasn’t come yet. It’s a pity to marry her.
"Royi, if we can get out alive, please marry me."
Head stopped yi slightly nervous looked up and saw that Royi was blinking and looked at his eyes with a layer of fog quickly.
"But don’t want to?"
Yi breathing some heavy and some carefully.
Did she not accept him after all?
Royi shook his head.
Trembling fingertips shook his wrist, she choked up and said
"Three little hands …"
Accustomed to this gray light, Royi found that the man’s white wrist had two ferocious marks, which were thick and deep, and should be cut by a stone.
She finally realized that every time she woke up, her mouth was full of blood, and he kept wiping her mouth.
"Three little how can you do this? I don’t deserve you to be so good."
Royi can’t imagine how painful this is.
She has seen all the samples, but she has never seen them before, so it is so beautiful for him to remove those noble aura.
Let her give birth to a trace of greed
There is no water here, and Nansheng has a fever. If it weren’t for Ling’s own wrist blood feeding her for a few days, I’m afraid she would have died.
He held her hand back and covered the scar sleeve.
"Don’t cry. You don’t want me to work hard for nothing, do you?"
Ling kissed her side face and lowered her eyes to coax her.
He doesn’t feel how hard it is. If he has a breath, he won’t let Royi die before him.
She won’t see it
"Ling, if you don’t die, I won’t die. Will you marry me after you go out?"
Royi’s voice is hoarse, which she never dared to think. This man has always been so high. She never wanted to possess it, never wanted to occupy it, but now she wants to live and want to have it.
Ling heard that the whitening lip angle gradually rose.
"Don’t cry. I’ll marry you."
With her words, everything he did was worth it.
He really didn’t hurt her in vain
A glimmer of light in the cave is silent again, and people around you are getting weaker and weaker.
They really can’t wait for help?
Royi loathe to give up
Ling also loathe to give up.
They still have a lot of good times to enjoy, they haven’t learned how to love someone, and they still have a lot to do.
"three little"
"Don’t sleep. I think I heard someone coming to save us."
"Hehe, someone will come."