Look at a group of stunned reporter, Chang Sheng smiled. "Have you forgotten what I said? I said that I am here to levy Italy, and I mean it! "

Chapter one hundred and fifteen Well-founded and convincing
Changsheng’s speech at the post-match press conference shocked the Italian media.
Because winning is too arrogant.
He said that he would break the record of Turin and Juventus in a row, which means that he intends to win the league title after that, every season until he breaks Juventus’ record of five consecutive championships.
How many seasons does he have to win?
Even if he doesn’t recognize the league title in 2526, he has won the league title for three consecutive seasons. To break Juventus’ five consecutive championships, he has to win three more consecutive seasons.
This difficulty is not as big as usual.
However, Chang Sheng takes it for granted and understates it.
As if he could do it casually.
This has angered many people.
What does he think of the Italian first division football?
Even if our Serie A has fallen, you can’t just win the league in a row!
You won the championship and you insult us. We can’t accept that!
Tuttosport is the first media to be bombarded with constant success.
Because of the constant victory, we have to surpass two teams, one is the city of Turin, the other is the "red bull" and the other is the "old woman" Juventus.
Changsheng said that he would surpass Juventus and Turin, that is, the media who are full of face in Turin can’t stand it. They are more qualified and motivated than other local media to defend the dignity of their local team.
"I don’t know where Chang’s courage came from, maybe for four seasons in a row … Ah, I often say it’s three seasons … Winning the championship made his confidence burst and he got a little carried away. This is stupid because everyone knows how he won four league titles in a row. The first champion was given to him by the Italian Football Association. Juventus was punished because of the strongest two enemies. AC Milan was deducted. If not, could he really win the league title that season? That’s hard to say! "
"After the" scandal "in Italian football, the strength of the Italian first-division league inevitably slipped. A large number of stars left the league and powerful teams were suppressed. It can be said that after the" scandal ",Italian football was in chaos, and in this chaos, he often fished in troubled waters with his team to win the championship. His league championship does not prove that his team is really strong, but it can be said that the Italian first-division league football has declined as a whole! How can it be compared with Turin’s four consecutive championships and Juventus’ five consecutive championships? !”
The statement Tuttosport was not invented by themselves, but in recent years, it has quite a market and influence among those Lazio blacks and those who always win.
They tried to prove the lack of gold in Lazio’s four consecutive championships from the overall decline of the Italian league, so as to belittle Changsheng and his team.
It is nothing new for Tuttosport to say so.
Gazzetta dello Sport is the most powerful professional sports media in Europe. Even if it is always black, it will be more advanced and foreign than others.
"Tuttosport" has a good market, but it is always speculation and lacks strong evidence
Can Gazzetta dello Sport compete?
The "Gazzetta dello Sport" criticized Chang Sheng for listing detailed data to analyze Lazio’s future from their season performance trend.
Finally, it is concluded that the winning team is already on the slope, and who is qualified to break the records of Turin and Juventus?
Of course, this article that is black to the bone is naturally written by Pacheco himself …
"With one round left in the league, Lazio won the championship before the game. After the game, he often sat at the press conference and looked down at the reporter like he was admiring a group of noisy ants … Then he often said that he made the whole Serie A shake. During his five years in Italy, he often said a lot of crazy words, but none of them were more powerful and crazy than what he said now … He said that he would break Juventus’ record of five consecutive championships, which meant that he would win three consecutive league titles-often since he didn’t. It’s because the Football Association reissued him that league title. Naturally, even if he has a third consecutive championship in hand … But I think this goal is almost out of reach for Chang and his team. Please look at the analysis-"
"Since there is still one round left before the end of the league, we will compare his achievements in the same period in previous seasons and look at the different performances of his team in different seasons. Then we can draw a clear curve track. This is the first season that he coached Lazio. By the end of the thirty-seventh round of the season, Lazio scored twenty-seven wins, six draws and three losses, scored thirteen goals and conceded twenty-nine goals. In 2627, Lazio scored ninety-five points in the thirty-seventh round of the league, scored ninety-two goals and conceded twenty-nine goals. In addition, Lazio ranked first in the first three rounds this season.
"The 272 season was a breakthrough season for Lazio. They won the first Champions League title in the history of the club, perhaps influenced by the Champions League. This season, Lazio’s performances have slipped compared with the previous two seasons, but even so, it is better than the season … In the 37 rounds of the league, they won 29 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses, scored 70 goals and lost 31 goals. Forty-seven league points and 92 points were also the first three rounds of the championship."
"And the season? After 37 rounds, the number of goals they scored dropped sharply to 60 forced seasons, which was less than that in the previous two seasons. Compared with the number of goals conceded of 23, the goal difference was 45, which was the lowest in four seasons. In addition, the most important points were their 15 points, which was the lowest in four seasons, and the Lazio points were not less than 90 in the first three seasons. What did you say? "
"There are other interesting data, for example, cavani, the top scorer of their team, has only scored 16 goals so far, ranking sixth in the league scorer list. The number of goals scored by the top scorer of the team is so low that it is only slightly higher than that in Lazio’s first season, but that season was often the lack of strong shooters in Lazio’s transition period, so more players were often allowed to disperse the team’s goals. In 2526, Lazio finally scored four players in double figures. Now? Cavani led by 16 goals, followed by Gotze, who scored a goal. We can see that Lazio’s offensive strength has indeed dropped and the drop is very obvious … "
"These data can be said that there are many problems that emphasize that offensive football Lazio scored goals in the first three seasons. Many teams have scored the most goals in the league in the first two seasons, which can objectively reflect Lazio’s state, but now the number of goals has slipped from the peak of 92 to 60, and the performance of the top scorer of the team is also very weak … and it is an indisputable fact that not only one person scored goals but all the players of the team slipped … This is the influence of players such as Fa Erkao, Zema and Khedira …
"In the attack, I relied too much on david silva and modric, and as a result, when these two players were injured, their goals dropped sharply … But Lazio players are not iron men, they are playing the tactics that require the highest physical fitness, but they are not injured. How is that possible? In addition, as opponents attach importance to their tactical research, their players will definitely be more violated in the game. Lazio players may be more likely to be injured than other teams. We can foresee that this will happen from time to time in the next season unless Lazio changes its tactics but changes its tactics. What will Lazio compete with other teams? "
"To put it bluntly, regular tactics require too much physical strength, which is an extreme tactic to squeeze players’ ability. His success is based on the fact that players are overdrawn. When the players are squeezed by him, Lazio will inevitably go into decline, so it is just a pipe dream for the team to talk about surpassing Juventus for five consecutive championships."
Pacheco was very satisfied with this analytical article.
Well-founded and convincing
From examples, column data to the final point of view, all this is perfect. Examples, figures and conclusions are closely linked.
It is a high-quality technical flow article.
He firmly believes that this article will definitely make Changsheng and Lazio brain-dead fans speechless!
Pacheco does have reason to be proud of his article.
After this article came out, it was quickly transferred by major media and quickly rushed out of Italy and went to Europe and the world.
Several well-known professional sports media in Europe have turned Pacheco’s article in a prominent position, and of course some media have changed its name, which is particularly shocking.
The end of the Chang dynasty? 》
Lazio undercurrent crisis! 》
"Folding Wings Blue Eagle! 》
If you look at these headlines, it will make people think that the winners of Serie A and Coppa Italia are other teams …
Even the China media have circulated this article a lot, which makes it seem that Lazio has exposed any crisis the day after winning the championship.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen The end of the season
How can Pacheco’s articles be so influential that they always win?
Actually, Pacheco has read every black article he wrote.
Of course, this is not because of the tendency to abuse, but an M.
But because we have to know ourselves and ourselves, we can win every battle.
He must know what nonsense Pacheco said before he can smoke him the next time he sees him. He can smoke him accurately enough to hit the nail on the head.
Changsheng smiled after reading this article.
The whole article lists a lot of numbers, which look particularly professional and technical, but the actual logic is very confusing.
How can a football match be such a simple math game?
It is normal for a team to have ups and downs, because the players will have ups and downs, and the players are the basic units that make up the team
If you underestimate it now, you will underestimate it if you don’t prove it, otherwise those players who don’t perform well will have a way to go uphill.
But obviously this is impossible.
Ronaldo’s career was ruined after two serious injuries, but he made a tenacious comeback and led the Brazilian national team to win the World Cup in the 22 nd World Cup, while others won the World Cup top scorer and best player.
When Bayern Munich beat Manchester United in the famous Champions League final in Camp Nou in 1999, they seemed to go downhill, but then they beat Valencia on penalties in 2 years and won the Champions League.
AC Milan was reversed by Liverpool in the 25-year Champions League final, and Liverpool won the fifth Champions League title in their club’s history, while AC Milan became a laughing stock in Europe. To make a big reversal, people will think of AC Milan as the background emperor, and then after the 26-year scandal, they were fined for the top scorer of the new season, and Mr. Sepcenko also moved away from AC Milan, which seems to be on the slope.
But when Kaka broke out, AC Milan took revenge on Liverpool in 27 years and arguably won the Champions League that season.