Looking at the bad eyes of the elders of the five elements. Wu Cangyue gave a sneer. A sword into the turn and strode away.

Xiao Wu shook his head: "Crazy. I have never hated anyone. This guy is the first one. "
Li Feiyang sneered: "Not soon. I don’t think you hate dead people. "
Xiao Wusheng ha ha a smile: "It’s hard to say …"
Chongxuan Temple has arranged a location for each sect. In fact, I value the Xuan Temple from the sky. It’s totally different from getting into it. The whole hall is hundreds of feet wide. There is no doubt about the majesty of the largest school in the world of spiritual practice. Although more than a thousand people gathered in front of the hall at this time. But it occupies only a small part of the whole courtyard.
After all sects 6 continue to arrive and sit down. Master Zhibo, the head of Chongxuan Temple, stood at the gate of the main hall. Clear voice said, "Fellow practitioners have invited you to Chongxuan Temple today. There is an important matter to discuss. "
Master Zhibo’s voice is not very loud. But it clearly reached everyone’s ears.
"This matter is not made by Chongsi school. It’s us and taimen. Tianxing pavilion And the decision made jointly by Yaowangmen after consultation. I just hope that the practitioners in the world will be the same. Each school has its own faction. Form an alliance together. "
Zhibo said this. Someone immediately asked, "Master Zhibo. Why form an alliance? We petty factions are idle. I’m not used to being bound.
Master, if you have no reason to close the land. Please forgive us for not agreeing. "
Master Zhibo nodded and said, "The benefactor is right. I value metaphysics as a place to practice Buddhism. Although fellow practitioners have been given the name of the first faction. However, Chongxuan Temple has no ambition to unify the spiritual world. The reason for forming such an alliance. But because a person … "
Li Feiyang’s heart jumped. I only heard Master Zhibo continue to say, "I think everyone is familiar with this person, who is the son-in-law of 6 proud gods, the leader of the Heavenly Magic Sect. Li Jingyao, deputy leader. "
A listen to Li Jingyao three words. All these practitioners change their colors. Younger ones are easy to say. Those who have long been famous in practice. The color suddenly became extremely deep. Show very taboo.
"In those days, my temple was a master of decay and glory. Fighting with Li Jingyao in Lianyue Mountain. I think everyone still remembers it. " Master Zhibo asked.
A group of practitioners were silent but no one spoke.
Master Zhibo continued: "At that time, Kurongda and Li Jing fought against each other. Did not subdue it. But an agreement with it. No longer harassing the central plains, but you don’t know it yet. At that time, Li Jingyao once said that although he temporarily agreed. But after Master Kurong sat down or ascended. He is bound to make a comeback. "
Wow ~ ~ the pot was fried immediately before the main hall. Everyone was shocked by the news. Someone immediately asked disgruntled: "In that case. Why didn’t Master Kurong kill Li Jingyao at that time? But let the tiger go back to the mountain? "
"Yes. Master Kurong, what does this mean? Don’t you care about the safety of everyone in the world? "
Master Zhibo folded his hands and read the Buddhist name: "Amitabha! You don’t know. It’s not that Master Kurong doesn’t want to kill Li Jingyao. You can’t. "
"you can’t? Why not? " "Yes. So what if you kill him? Is Master Kurong colluding with Li Jingyao? "
"Please don’t slander me, the ancestor of Chongxuan Temple!" Zhibo gave a loud drink. It’s like a thunder exploding in midair. Those people who shouted at random immediately shivered. Then the pale gasped. Obviously, it was a big loss.
Li Feiyang was secretly surprised. This old monk’s cultivation is so profound!
"I think you probably misunderstood the meaning of the poor monk …" Master Zhibo remained calm and incomparable: "What the poor monk said can’t be. It’s not impossible. But … can’t kill. "
The whole hall suddenly became very quiet. Everyone was silent. Look at Master Zhibo with suspicion and shock.
Zhibo sighed: "Li Jingyao at that time. The cultivation has reached an incredible level. Although when it comes to the realm, it is still far from Master Rong. But if he wants to leave, The withered and glorious master can’t stop him … "

Chapter 94 Good calculation
Cheating against fate Chapter 4 Good calculation
"No way. If Li Jingyao had done this in those days … Who else is his opponent now? A monk asked stunned.
"Yes. If so. Then we Central Plains practitioners may have a catastrophe … "The rest of the people also echoed-everyone’s face was worried.
Master Zhibo didn’t speak with a sigh. I saw Taoist Tianfeng, the head of Taiyi Gate, stand up. Ang strode to Master Zhibo. Clear voice said, "Dear Taoist friends, please be quiet."
When Taoist Tianfeng opened his mouth, everyone felt a shock in GV. Those disciples who practice lower. Someone even shook it and passed out.
Dear son sneer at slightly. The leaders of several sects around are also showing their anger.
Even so. The audience still quieted down. Look at what Taoist Tianfeng is going to say.
"You friends. I met a friend last year. I went to the Great Wall by chance. Unluckily, there was a conflict with some demon people of the Demon Sect. After some fighting. This friend overpowered those monsters. I didn’t expect it But I got an amazing news from those demon people. "
Taoist Tianfeng said that he had a speech here. I took out a letter from my pocket, which was a secret letter from my friend. The news is that. Li Jingyao is going to return to the Central Plains this year with the heavenly magic teaching. If possible. We will do our utmost to destroy the spiritual world in the Central Plains. If you can’t do something. How much can be destroyed? "
When Taoist Tianfeng said this. But also caused an uproar in the audience. Many people turned blue. Those who survived the assassination of Li Jingyao. All are concerned. The name Li Jingyao. The pressure in their hearts is too great now.
See a comment in succession below. Everyone is in a state of confusion. The light in Taoist Tianfeng’s eyes flashed away. Clear voice said, "So. I’m too close to Chongxuan Temple. Tianxing pavilion After consulting with many sects such as Yaowangmen in Divorce Palace. It is necessary for us to form an alliance. To facilitate the response to Li Jingyao’s invasion. "
"Tianfeng head day, teach just one force. Even if Li jingyao is profound. I also have many predecessors in the Central Plains. Can’t I deal with him? Need to form an alliance? It won’t be … someone’s drunkenness is not in the bar? "
Road flyover Tianfeng looked in the direction from which the voice came. I saw that the speaker was a young monk. White robe and jade crown. He looks very handsome.
"May I have your name, please?"
The young monk shook it casually. A jade fan opened with a snap. Gave clear voice a handsome slap. "I’m Murong Cheng," he said.
Oh ~! Murong Chengzhou | people suddenly burst into a sigh. Taoist Tianfeng said with a smile, "It turns out that it is the master of Shuiyue Pavilion who has just risen in the field of practice. Mr. Murong, one of the three sons of practice. Nice to meet you. Dare to ask Mr. Murong’s son how expensive he is this year? "
Murong Cheng said lightly, "I wonder why the head of Tianfeng asked me my age when I was twenty-two this year."
Taoist Tianfeng ha ha smiled: "Mr. Murong is so young that he is famous in the Jianghu. It is really a young hero. Admirable. But I think Mr. Murong childe must have never seen that Li Jingyao. I don’t know whether the heavenly magic religion is true or false, do I? "
Murong cheng’s face is a little ashamed, but he has never seen it. "
Road flyover Tianfeng nodded and said, "That’s it. Mr. Murong didn’t know something. On this day, the devil teaches beyond the Great Wall. It is equivalent to a country. It’s not like our Central Plains spiritual circle. Various sects coexist with inclusions. In terms of number and scale alone. The heavenly magic religion is one of the two practices in the Central Plains. "
Wow ~ ~ As soon as Taoist Tianfeng finished speaking, the young disciples were dumbfounded at the venue. Someone immediately said, "Since it’s so tough. Then how can we be their opponents? "
Taoist Tianfeng said with a smile, "Take it easy. The Demon Sect of Heaven is powerful beyond the Great Wall. But that’s just the Great Wall. In fact, the wilderness is also constantly fighting. The holy witch religion bordering on the heavenly magic religion has been fighting with it for many years. Moreover, it’s not monolithic either. Li Jingyao, the deputy head teacher, and Qinglong, the left protector, are both appreciated by 6 proud people. But these two people don’t deal with each other. What’s more, the heavenly magic religion invaded the spiritual world of the Central Plains. After all, I dare not bring the power of the whole education. In that case. We don’t have to do it. Chu will send troops to destroy them, so they can only sneak in in batches. The number of people is limited after all. If we can coordinate the scheduling. Advance and retreat together. There is no need to be afraid of the devil. "
"Ha ha. So. This alliance seems to be necessary … All right. In my heart, my doubts have been solved. Willing to follow the arrangement of Tianshangmen. "
Murongcheng surrendered and finished. Shake the jade fan and sit down.
Taoist Tianfeng smiled: "Mr. Murong knows the big picture. People admire. "
Dear son sneer at slightly. At Murong Cheng deeply.
"Tianfeng owners. I also have a question. " Murong Cheng had sat down. Another man stood up. This person is wearing a blue cloth gown. With a dagger around her waist. Holding a wine gourd in his hand. His face is red. Looks like he’s in his twenties, too
When this man speaks. First picked up the wine gourd, unscrewed it and took a long drink. Then, with a bang, I spit out a mouthful of alcohol. He asked loudly, "Head of Tianfeng. How to form an alliance? Who will unify the dispatch? After the formation. Do all factions still have autonomy? "
Taoist Tianfeng glanced at Master Zhibo. Master Zhibo nodded slightly. Taoist Tianfeng replied, "The result of our five sects’ discussion is. The heads of all the spiritual sects in the Central Plains will learn from each other. Take the highest position as the leader. Unified scheduling alliance issues. Sure. These things are only for guarding against the demons and Li Jingyao. The leaders of various factions have no right to ask. But it involves feuds between sects. Disputes and other things. The leader will also conduct unified arbitration. In case of pain to relatives. The enemy is fast. "
"So …" The young monk took another sip of wine. Laughing, he said, "This position of leader must be born in several big sects. The head of the small door faction. There are also several big faction leaders who fix for … In this case. It is somewhat unfair. "
"Yes, yes ~ ~ The young monk’s words immediately reached an echo, and most of the people who agreed with them were the owners of the petty factions. Have the opportunity to be the leader of the spiritual world. Who wouldn’t? But if you know you have no chance, Let others take care of themselves. This man is less willing.
Taoist Tianfeng asked, "What’s your name?"
"The next nine dugu. The head of Tianfeng just calls me A Jiu. "
Oh ~ ~ Dugu’s words once again caused a group of people to marvel. Taoist Tianfeng laughed and said, "It turned out to be a famous wine childe. These three fairs have reached two. I wonder if the sword childe is here? "
"Tianfeng owners. Xiaosheng Cao Qingyun is polite! "
Voice down. A tall young man stood up and the knife-shaped eyebrow star | Pang was as angular as a knife. Face with a cold haughty look. There is a big sword with a wide blade behind it. The blade casts a red and black color that is neither gold nor iron.