The name the Monkey King may have no weight in the hearts of players in other areas, and even they don’t know such a name, but the weight of this name in the hearts of players in Huaxia District is even heavier than that of the Jade Emperor and the Buddha in the West. In Huaxia District, it is absolutely known, and everyone knows it. The title is too big!

"No … the Holy Leader actually became the Monkey King’s apprentice!" After the shock, the players of the Holy Alliance immediately realized a problem, "Isn’t that that all three worlds can walk sideways? !”
Compared with the Monkey King, Jiuzhong is just a rising star, and the invincible image has not been completely ingrained in the minds of players. Just now, Jiuzhong’s strength was also doubted by them.
But if you were the Monkey King, it would be completely different. the Monkey King’s invincible image has been deeply rooted in the minds of players as early as outside the game, and even became common sense.
At the sight of the Monkey King’s appearance, the players’ hanging hearts in the Holy League fell off their heels.
Come on, it’s done! When the Monkey King comes out, who will compete with him? !
The great god of Jiugong, who was blasted out by the Monkey King’s great cudgel, fell more than two hundred meters before he could hold himself steady. He looked at the shocking depression in his chest and looked up at the Monkey King in front of the vanity door in horror.
Just that blow, it knocked out nearly half of the blood volume, not from Jiugong Great God who was not horrified. If he hadn’t taken drugs to make up for the nearly half of the blood volume knocked out by Jiuzhong, he would have died in this blow.
"Lovely ACTS son, is he bully you? !” The Monkey King asked Jiuzhong.
"Yes, that’s him!" Nine nodded. "This guy’s skin is too thick now. I’ve used all my great tricks, and he won’t die!"
"Well …!" The Monkey King smell speech twist a head to look at the opposite Jiugong great god, eyes golden light flashing.
Touching the Monkey King’s eyes, Jiugong Great God felt as if he had become transparent, and everything was seen by the Monkey King.
"This ability is also special, and it can actually use the divine power of the gods to fight in a short time …!" The Monkey King’s original "critical" seems to be much better than Jiuchong’s. At first glance, all the attributes of Jiugong Great God were read by him. "But the price is also high. It is a skill to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, and the momentum will be wasted! However, in this state, his skin is really quite thick. With your current attack power, as long as he is in poor condition, it is really not easy for you to destroy him! "
"Who the fuck are you? ! !” It’s already a millimeter short, and a millimeter can blow away the nine-fold, but Cheng Yaojin, who was killed halfway, broke the good thing, and the anger of Jiugong Great God can be imagined.
"His master, the Monkey King is also!"
"I his mama tube you are his teacher or Lao tze, anyway, today is my death! !” Half of the time passed, and his ultra-limit state was less than two and a half minutes. Every second left was extremely precious. Jiugong Great God couldn’t wait. No matter who the Monkey King was, he dared to get in the way, even he was a nullifier. "Death! !”
The divine power broke out across the board, forming a vacuum air mass, wrapping him in it, and the shooting star swooped down at the Monkey King.
"He niang of, isolated for thousands of years, this world has changed? How dare anyone challenge my grandson like this? ! I’ll cut your eyes full of stars, and ten thousand peach blossoms will bloom! !” Say and the Monkey King also brazenly attack.
Under the 80% divine power blessing of the Great Imperial God, Jiugong thought his speed was fast enough, but in front of the Monkey King, it was nothing at all. Just like playing house with children, the Monkey King’s speed was much more exaggerated than him.
The Jiugong Great God saw a purple-gold beam chopping down, but he didn’t react. What happened? His head was taken in.
The Monkey King’s wishful gold-banded cudgel actually hit the head in the light, and directly smashed the head out of shape, without unpacking, but it smashed a gully.
The head that shines in the sky now looks like a deformed development.
"Ah-!" Jiugong Great God responded to the Monkey King and let out a scream. Then it was not controlled by Jiugong Great God at all, and the screams became a string, "Ahhh! Ahhh! !”
The Monkey King single-handedly holding a gold-banded cudgel, greeted the Jiugong Great God. This crazy cut was simply dark. amityville horror, the eyes of the players on both sides of the ethereal city were straight.
In order to be Japanese and have a good time, the Monkey King deliberately kept his strength and didn’t exert himself to attack, otherwise he would die after a few cuts.
After a crazy cut, the Monkey King was refreshed, the golden hoop was held high and the purple light shone. The next moment, like a collapsed Tianzhu, it was smashed down at the Jiugong God who could not take care of himself. "… Go to the Western Heaven and see the Tathagata’s old bald donkey!"
"Poof! !” It’s like smashing a watermelon. Even the Jiugong God in the video is directly cut into cakes.
The city gate caught fire, which hurt the fish in the pool. Originally, it was ravaged by the Nine Heavens and lost a piece of the city wall. This time, it was even more simply, directly hitting two sections with one stick, and a new gate was opened in the north city wall.
What’s more, a deep ravine was abruptly opened on the ground outside Liancheng, and players in nearby Japanese areas fell into a lot like going to jiaozi.
"Dare to challenge my grandson, it’s really boring!" The Monkey King looked down on Jiugong Great God, who had turned into a meat pie. The golden hoop was withdrawn, narrowed sharply, and finally turned into a needle and flew into his black hole ear and disappeared.
"Lovely ACTS son, have something to call me again! If you dare to mess with you, you will mess with my old grandson and send them all to the bald donkey! !” Put a word, figure that the Monkey King going to fly into the door of vanity, disappear.
"… too fucking handsome! !”
Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Extremely kill the sword
Seeing the Monkey King’s hearty and devastating performance, the players in the Holy Alliance are so excited that they are about to explode. "It’s a Monkey King! Idol! !”
Jiuzhong shook his head. "Master is so overbearing. It seems that I still have a long way to go before I can reach the level of Master!"
“……………………! !” Players in the four districts, especially those who saw the Monkey King’s tough and explosive performance at close range, were all stupid in an instant, their thinking was short-circuited, and their minds were blank.
A ring closed the door of the void, and Jiuchong looked around at the sacred alliance players here. "What are you doing there?" ! Kill me at once! Fuck these bastards! !”
"Kill! !” Jiugong Great God, the most key figure in the Four Zones, was sent back to his hometown, and he learned more about the legendary Monkey King the Monkey King behind Jiuchong. The players in the Holy Alliance have undergone tremendous psychological changes, and their fighting spirit is still bursting, but they won’t feel any nervous about this battle, but they will fight with the players in the Four Zones with a relaxed and happy mood.
A person’s combat level, often because of nervous mood and can not be 100% play, generally can only play about 80% even if it is normal play.
Now, the players of the Holy Alliance have no tension caused by fierce fighting, which makes the original combat level only 80%, reaching 100%, which is equivalent to a disguised form, and the combat effectiveness of the players of the Holy Alliance has soared by 20% collectively.
At the moment, the players in the Holy League really feel that they are much better. They are like tigers going down the mountain, throwing themselves into the enemy’s uneven lines, rushing left and right, and no one can stop them.
Things always have two sides, and some people are happy and others are sad.
Players in the four districts, especially those in Japan, have witnessed the Monkey King’s destructive power, and even more, they have seen their ally Jiugong Great God smashed into tofu slices like tofu. The shock and horror in their hearts are beyond measure.
Under the double blow, the psychological defense of Japanese players collapsed directly, and their fighting spirit was like a flood, and they were far away, and they completely lost the * to continue fighting.
The players of the Holy Alliance who are at war with the players in Japan suddenly seem to have lost their souls, and they are stuck there like wooden stakes. Of course, they won’t be polite to them. They rush like wolves, and they are like butchering pigs and dogs. They will drive all the players in Japan who invaded the city out of the ethereal city at one go.
Nine heavy side of the battle, ended in a very exaggerated way, at the same time, all over the ethereal city, the contest between the two sides god level combat power, are also one-sided to tell the outcome.
Xuanye and Yagyu found another land battlefield and fought again.
"fish begins to stink at the head, you and who are a virtue, supercilious, don’t put others in the eye! Now …! " Yagyu pointed at the mysterious night with a thousand demon knives in his hand. "You will pay for your arrogance!"
"You won’t have this chance!" Xuan night, always few words, naturally won’t talk nonsense with yagyu. soft sword shook his hand, and the figure flashed, and he launched an offensive against yagyu rapidly.
"Magic-a mirage! !” Heart is jiugong great god’s battle, yagyu is not going to tangle with xuan night for too long, a move is a magic skill, to make a quick decision.
The magic skill was offered, and Yagyu seemed to display Japanese Ninjutsu, which was like the skill of being in two places at once. His figure was transformed into two, four and eight … In a blink of an eye, he was surrounded by Yagyu’s virtual shadow.
Although it is a virtual shadow, every virtual shadow is moving, as if every one is yagyu’s ontology, but obviously, yagyu’s ontology is only one, and he is hanging out in this heavy virtual shadow, ready to go, looking for opportunities, ready to give Xuan night a fatal blow.
“……! Xuan night expression is still not salty not light, not see any waves, finding at the heavy yagyu surrounded himself, suddenly lift a longitudinal, leap into the air, soft sword since the eyes like a cold wind, "extremely kill sword-there is snow all over the world! !”
See yagyu’s mind, understand yagyu is to want to make a quick decision, xuan night thinking that will help him, immediately also offered his magic.
As soon as the magic came out, in an instant, within 360 degrees and 100 meters, the temperature suddenly dropped below freezing point, and a pale color spread in the air.
The next moment, the mysterious night suddenly disappeared, and soon the snow was flying in the air, falling down from mid-air.
"Poop-poop-!" In the snow, people don’t see it, only the sound of a sharp sword tearing the air is endless.
In an instant, the heavy virtual shadows created by Yagyu’s "mirage" are all like flying snow blown by a strong wind, broken and flying, and disappeared with the wind.
All the shadows are scattered, and finally there is only one entity, Yagyu, standing alone in the vast snow, with many swords on his body and blood splashing, dyeing the surrounding snowflakes bright red, adding a touch of sadness.
"Extremely kill the sword-flying fairy! !” In the flying snow, Xuan night suddenly jumped out of thin air, and turned into ten, ten, and a thousand. As far as I could see, Xuan night was full of agile figures, and his hands were holding swords and stabbing at Yagyu.
"Look, I’ll break you too!" In the face of the offensive of the mysterious night, yagyu was awe-inspiring and fearless, and thousands of demon knives in his hands moved magically. "Magic skills-infinite blades! !”
When the magical skills burst, Yagyu danced endless blades, and confronted each other in a tit-for-tat manner, meeting, covering and destroying them with an avalanche, and cutting all the mysterious nights in an instant.
"Well …? !” However, yagyu didn’t like to be surprised when he saw it. Suddenly, his eyes stared, and he quickly turned his body and looked behind him. He saw that the mysterious night was in mid-air, and the man and the sword were one, and the tip of the sword was a little cold and pointed at his eyebrows.
"Extremely kill sword-Dreadwind lone star! !” In the mysterious night, the last magic skill was offered in series, and the cold mountain exploded.
Yagyu body suddenly Yishan, paused for two seconds, followed by lying flat, a blood hole between the eyebrows, mixed with the blood of brains, like fresh bean curd, trickled from the inside.
Deadly blow, lore!
Yagyu not far behind, soft sword wrapped around his waist in the dark night, and continued to look for the next hunting target without looking back.
Xicheng, above the city, supported the phoenix dance here, and the road to the enemy was narrow. Once again, I met my peers, and the leader of the Korean region was in full swing.
"… it’s you again!" Seeing that it was the phoenix dance that interrupted his rampage, his expression became very unnatural without the arrogance when he slaughtered ordinary combat players in the Holy Alliance just now.