Back to the three hundred and eighteenth, never sell yourself.
At the beginning of Qing dynasty, I looked at Yi Yu’s bad smile and didn’t fight with this anger: "Hum! How dare this little thief threaten me at this time! I remember! ….. But what does he mean? What do you mean I want to be a lovely little fish? It’ s really irritating to talk inexplicably! " Although her heart is a little uneasy, she is still very eager to know what Yi Yu really means.
Ying Qing said coldly at the beginning: "If you have something to say, just say it clearly. Don’t beat around the bush. I don’t think there is anything funny about you telling this joke now."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Oh? Sister really don’t understand? That would be really difficult. Since it is said that you can’t have your cake and eat it, it’s natural to choose the same, or take the bear’s paw instead of the fish or take the fish instead of the bear’s paw. So ….. My dear sister Ying Qing, you must at least turn yourself into a fish or a bear’s paw before I can choose you! You can’t let me give up my fish and bear’s paw to get a grass by the roadside! "
Ying Qing’s face turned stiff at the beginning and said, "You! How dare you call me a grass! Am I so light and cheap? "
Yi Yu said with a smile, "Sister Fei is naturally arrogant and expensive, but to me, it is no different from flying tassels and falling weeds on the roadside. Sister, what can I get if I choose to save you? Surely you won’t thank me from the heart after you recover your body, and I’m not teasing you once or twice these days. You must still hate me in your heart. "
Ying Qing said in his heart: "This smelly boy is quite self-aware." Dry smile two channels: "which … how can I think that?"
Yi Yu jokingly smiled and said, "Really? That’s true. I am a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain. "
Ying qingchu said, "well, let’s not say these useless words. What do you want from me?"
Yi Yu smiled with bedroom eyes: "I want you now! If I get you out, you can give it to me … ouch! "
I haven’t waited for Yi Yu to finish, and I don’t know where the winning Qing Chu found a big blue brick that was being thrown into Yi Yu’s head. Roared: "you little bastard, dream on!" Even if you kill my mother, you won’t let me sell myself to you! "
Yi Yu rubbed his head and smiled jokingly: "What are you excited about? Actually, I didn’t ask for anything. I just hope you can come to me after you get back to your true self. Well … even if you are a companion with Yang Zi. "
Win your first one leng may be didn’t think Yi Yu would make such a request. "It’s that simple? Don’t you have any wild desires? " Sometimes a woman is so strange that she will be angry if you hit her bad attention, and she will be even more angry if you don’t hit her bad attention and be a gentleman.
Yi Yu said lightly, "Otherwise, do you think there are any wild desires? Maybe you don’t know yet. There were some mistakes in Yang Zi’s practice of "Shaking the Heaven", but now his eyes can’t see things. You are an old friend of her old country and a close relative of the same race. I think it would be better if you could accompany that girl Yang Zi around you. "
Win at the beginning of Qing couldn’t help face a nasty way: "what did you say? ! Yang Zi … Yang Zi that child is blind! How can it be? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "You don’t have to worry, although Yang Zi’s eye disease is a little tricky. But I heard from my predecessor Wang that as long as my "Shake the Sky" can achieve something small. It is not impossible to repair the damaged nerve slowly through the method of double cultivation and friendship. "
Win at the beginning of Qing slightly out of breath. "If that’s the condition, I can promise you, but you have to promise not to calculate me afterwards!" "
"good! It’s a deal! " Yi Yu readily promised without hesitation, but his heart was snickering back channels: "Hum! Sample. When the time comes, it’s my’ pure land of bliss’. Are you a fish and I’m a knife? "
Yi Yu got a satisfactory answer. No longer delay, I went directly to win the body of Qing Dynasty, and shipped the "Shake the Sky" and put my hand into the white light …………
Said that Yin Su-tang and Tang Wan were mixed into the team of Emei Sect and thought that they should have nothing to do for the time being. I didn’t want to just breathe a sigh of relief but suddenly change! Just see that the blood evil spirit that has swallowed up don’t know how many lives has unexpectedly changed and suddenly emerged from the womb, giving birth to the rumbling sound of muffled thunder, and then look at the huge blood evil spirit rolling and flying, which seems to be quite painful, as if it is struggling to resist the invasion of outsiders.
Yin Su-tang and Tang Wan’s face changed greatly, and they quickly searched for the people of the Emei Sect. At this time, they looked for the Taoist who hid the disciples of the Emei Sect, but they had already disappeared!
At this time, Xun Lan’s face changed and he said, "No! He actually did it ahead of time! It seems that we can’t wait for them to get out of the golden boat now. Now we can only rely on ourselves. " At this time, there is no need for Mrs. Miao to say Yin Su Tang and Tang Wan
This must be a trick played by Deng Yin, the son of Blood God.
Yin Su-tang’s face changed several times. Although Deng Yin is Shen Wu’s enemy, up to now Yin Su-tang has not found out what Yi Yu and Shen Wu-tang really think, and whether there are any other plans, which should not be easily started. But now the situation is urgent. If we can’t stop Deng Yin from eroding the blood evil spirit, I’m afraid the situation will go out of control.
Tang Wan still looked at the surging blood evil spirit coldly, but at this time, the blood gas of the sickle of death in her hand has surged up. It seems that she was dragged by the huge blood evil spirit and was not willing to be completely controlled by others! Tang Wan Xiumei frowned slightly, and her face slightly increased. She whispered, "You don’t know how to live or die. You don’t have to stop being disturbed!"
As soon as the voice fell, I saw Tang Wan’s hand surging in the dark, and suddenly time extended into the fierce sickle of death. Look at the blood gas in the sickle of death, although it is still surging, but it is no longer riots and legal resistance, but whining and begging for mercy! Look at the calm and submissive blood gas that has been restored. Tang Wan said coldly, "Hum! If there is a next time, you will be completely annihilated and you will never be spared! "
Yin Su-tang looked at Xun Lan-yin, who was reluctant, and asked, "Sister Lan-yin, what can you do? Presumably this situation should also be expected by you! "
Xun Lan said with a wry smile, "Speaking of shame, sister, it’s not that you don’t know the embarrassing situation of our family in the Emei Sect without the support of the master’s adult. Although it was expected that Deng Yin would not wait until they got out of the golden boat as agreed, we really didn’t have the strength to stop him. "
Yin Su-tang sees Xun Lan’s eagerness, which should not be false. Just then, Tang Wan suddenly pulled her skirt and said, "Look over there, Sister Su Tang!"
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan immediately looked in the direction pointed out by Tang Wan. He found a Taoist priest chanting in the crowd not far from the bloody evil spirit. Although the distance is not close, Yin Su-tang recognized it at a glance. That person is the vanished Taoist priest, and it is more likely that it is the blood son Deng Yin!
Yin Sutang said, "Is that Deng Yin?"
Xun Lanyin hesitated: "Now Deng Yin has destroyed his appearance after practicing Blood Nerve, and he has already lost his fixed form. But look at what that man did today. Even if it is not Deng Yin himself, it must be his accomplice. " Then she looked at Tang Wan and wondered, "How did you easily find this Tang Wan sister among thousands of people?"
Tang Wan smiled slightly: "What’s the difficulty? You see, there seems nothing unusual on the blood demon, but I can see the silky blood gas extending from the roots. " Said Tang Wan’s little hand turned out to be a very thin one on her sickle of death. Even less than one-tenth of the human head. Connect a way: "This is the thing, but that person seems to be smarter than me. Make it more subtle. It’s a pity that he can fool others but not me. I will naturally see the green yellow Taoist along these bloodshot eyes. "
Yin Sutang said, "Is it because of these bloodshot that he erodes the huge blood evil spirit?"
"Sister doesn’t know," said Tang Wan. You don’t look at that bloody monster, which is huge and powerful, but it is an elf transformed from a dead body after all, and look at this. It seems that the year of spiritual attainment is not long. After all, spiritual wisdom is very limited. The man only needs to use these bloodshot blood to transport the mana, break the spirit knowledge of the bloody evil spirit and conquer it naturally. And absorbed the energy of that bloody evil spirit. "
Although it still feels very difficult, Yin Sutang looked at Tang Wan’s indifferent appearance and seemed to have a plan and asked, "Does Wan’er have a plan to break the enemy?"
Tang Wan smiled slightly: "It’s really very difficult for me to beat him in terms of that man’s blood control techniques and skills, but it’s not impossible to just make trouble for him and delay some time."
Yin Su-tang and Xun Lan looked at Tang Wan with a bright eye. Will see Tang Wan hand suddenly gave birth to a glittering and translucent jade embellish green way: "two elder sister for a while I will burn all those bloodshot with this’ Yin addicted to jack-o’. If he wants to connect again, it will take some time, and the bloody evil spirit is definitely not easy to deal with. It will be even more difficult to subdue if he has a breathing space. I’m afraid that just now, the man also sneaked in to successfully control the blood demon. "
That Xunlan was surprised at the sight of the green flame on Tang Wan’s hand. It’s not that this wonderful lady is rare, but that this Yin-addicted jack-o’-lantern is really amazing. It’s by no means a thing in the world! Legend has it that this kind of green flame is dedicated to burning creatures, and the soul Yuan Shen is extremely vicious. Only when the criminal law of the past is executed in the existing hell can it be invited out, otherwise it will not dare to move lightly.
Moreover, to Xun Lan’s dismay, it is almost impossible to produce this ghost-like fire in China. It is said that this kind of flame is the longing for life and the fear of death of the dead after the death of the living beings, and it is extremely difficult to collect it. Only that wonderful lady didn’t know that Tang Wan was in’ Blissful Net.
It is not difficult to collect some of these flames born of the resentment of the dead 2.
Because there is no The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s theory in the Pure Land of Blissfulness, the dead after death can’t enter the reincarnation of the outside world and can only wander in the Pure Land of Blissfulness. Now, almost all those dead souls have been collected by Tang Wan. The daily work of tens of thousands of dead souls is to keep praying for the production of this kind of Yin-addicted jack-o’-lantern for Tang Wan. Although those dead people have hated this cruel exploitation of nakedness, now Tang Wan is their boss, and they have no way to complain if they want to sue! As for Yi Yu, this fellow has always been a pro or a non-pro, even if he knows the inside story, it is estimated that he will not make decisions for those dead people.
Gossip less Syria said that Tang Wan although flashed Yin addicted to jack-o’-lantern, but it has been slow to make moves. She is waiting for the best opportunity, because Deng Yin is not the only one playing the idea of blood evil spirit, although Tang Wan is only a ghost spirit and is not a skill of refining blood. But she and the blood evil spirit are both strong in a power system, and it is not impossible for her to absorb the huge energy of the blood evil spirit, not to mention that she still has a sickle of death that condenses the flesh and blood of life!
Waiting time is always hard, especially in this tense atmosphere! But you must learn to wait if you want to get the most benefit. Tang Wan, they are waiting, but so are other people! It’s just that at last one can’t help jumping out to break this weird silence.
At this time, I saw a dark cloud surging like ink in the northern horizon. Straight to the ziyun barrier. Look at the dark clouds, and there’s a green and golden light flashing and jumping strangely, ignoring the obstacles of the Ziyun barrier ahead and rushing towards the treasure ship.
Almost at the same time, at least a dozen people sneered contemptuously, and finally someone couldn’t help being the early bird! I saw that a dark cloud was coming very fast, and the cat was surging in the far north. In a blink of an eye, I actually reached the edge of Yuanjiang above the mountains. On the verge of close combat with Ziyun.
It’s just that until now, that wonderful lady still didn’t mean to provoke mana to resist. Yin Su-tang wondered, "Did Sister Lan Yin let that crazy demon in?"
Xun Lan smiled. "Sister laughed," she said. "This treasure of Yuanjiang is not from my Emei Sect. Why should I be stopped outside? Since someone thinks he has extraordinary strength and wants to seize the treasure, let him in. And in a little while, I will put away this ziyun barrier. Don’t do anything to stop it. What the fix true world needs now is not a fragile order, but complete chaos. Only the order established after chaos can be stable for a long time. "
Yin Sutang said with a smile, "Is this also Qi Shushi’s opinion?"
Xun Lan smiled and said, "Well! It’s Brother Qi’s idea. At the same time, it is also our place. We will always stand together. Even if Qi Ge takes me to hell, I will never regret it! "
Yin Sutang: "…"
Just as I was talking, I saw that the black cloud and Ziyun barrier had been fighting hand to hand. I saw the black gas surging and Ziyun turning over, and the intersection of the two was even more thunderous and howling, and the wind swept through. Although Xun Lan didn’t deliberately set off the Ziyun barrier, this episode of the extraordinary treasure of Buddhism’s magic path can be attacked casually!
Although that dark cloud is fierce, it has always dominated the purple pressure, but it is not a matter of time to break the Ziyun barrier. However, it is obvious that the monk in the dark clouds can’t wait to see the flashing golden light suddenly, followed by the colorful jinxia spewing out like a sunrise in the East China Sea.
The boundless glow poured down from scattered to dense and gradually returned to become a golden beam and went straight to the Ziyun barrier. It’s just that people are imposing, but until now most people don’t believe that he can break the Ziyun barrier with one blow, and everyone is waiting in the distance for things to unfold. However, this half-day saw that the Ziyun barrier was only a passive defense, but did not see a counterattack. Some hermits with sensitive minds and good mana saw some clues. A number of dodging lights flew out from all over the place, and all of them flew to the Jin Guang, ready to pick up a bargain and go in with the incoming people.
And the man is also very generous, and he is not angry because he came to some hitchhiking people, and he still destroys mana. I saw that the golden light was hitting the rolling Ziyun barrier. And the golden light doesn’t know what magic weapon is, and the power end is good. Just see that Ziyun barrier is like red carbon entering the water, and a piece of light fog leaps at once, and the hit Ziyun with a size of tens of feet is immediately divided into layers, and it is actually attacked by the golden light. A hole with a size of ten feet is opened!
People who have been peeping at the back for a long time are afraid of falling behind and scrambling to file in. It’s just that they didn’t notice that the man who wasted great effort to break the Ziyun barrier was in no hurry at this time! If you want to know what will happen next time, please see the next episode of "All Quite a Yellowbird".

I want to be a yellowbird for the 319th time.
Said that when Tang Wan was preparing to give Deng Yin, the son of God, some trouble, the strong dark clouds in the north concealed the master, and he didn’t know what magic weapon he had mastered, so he shot a golden light and broke the Ziyun barrier! The appearance of the mysterious master immediately killed all the passers-by present. At this time, most of the elites and top experts of all factions are in the golden boat. How can such a person who can’t see the depth of the calendar not make people worry?
Standing on the top of the hill, the old charm of the snow-capped mountain couldn’t help but feel a little anxious when she looked at the road to escape the light and flew towards the crevasse. "I said, brother, shouldn’t we take this opportunity to go there?" That Ziyun Barrier is the magic weapon of Youtan Laoni. It is absolutely extraordinary. If Ziyun Barrier is closed again after a while, there will be no shop after this village! "
Gu Chen, the demon corpse, looked at the throngs of people and sneered: "Don’t worry. You also said that the Ziyun barrier is a rare magic weapon in the world. How could it be broken so easily?" Did you see Ziyun Barrier fight back just now? "
Snow Mountain Old Charm shook her head and said, "Yes! I was wondering myself! Then how can the Ziyun barrier be attacked so easily? "
Gu Chen, the demon corpse, said with a smile, "Since you already have this doubt, why don’t you think about it again? Since the Ziyun barrier is so weak, there are only three possibilities: first, the person who manipulates this treasure is too weak. Of course, this assumption can be ruled out directly. If Xunlan, the wife of Emei Zhangjiao, is weak, I’m afraid there is nothing in the world that can be called a strong person. The second is that the Ziyun barrier has just been hit hard and has not been repaired, so it can’t exert its power. However, this possibility can basically rule out that Qi Xiaer, the original owner of this treasure, has been hidden in the golden house of Yi Yu’s boy for several years and hasn’t really touched anyone for a long time. How can it hurt the magic weapon? The third … "