For the things born in the hall, Song Changgeng naturally doesn’t know. He is now completely immersed in the feeling of the sword array. In the case of the ethereal fairy’s serious professor, combined with his first-time experience and the preliminary understanding of the sword tactic he just learned, Song Changgeng knows that as long as he can understand it here, he can initially complete the construction of the sword array, instead of thinking about Lv Dongbin just now.

He knows from the sword tactic and his own feeling that the four swords of Zhu Xian have their own characteristics, among which Zhu Xian’s advantage is below the innate Lingbao, and nothing can resist the cutting of Zhu Xian’s sword. When he kills the immortal, his front and mouth are sharp, and under the innate Lingbao, he can pierce it at once, and nothing can stop it. The same unique fairy sword and trapped fairy sword also have their own characteristics. However weak the innate Lingbao is, it is also a series of fate.
They are all treasures containing the laws of heaven and earth, born in chaos. Once life gets them and can successfully refine them, it means that it has the ability to use the corresponding laws, and the effect depends only on their own skill and understanding of the laws. As the carrier of the laws, these innate spiritual treasures are very strong, but the four swords can be broken, which shows how.
However, if you want to wield the strongest power of the four swords, you still have to fight in close combat, or the royal sword that combines the body and the sword to fight. Only when the body is really cut into the object can you wield the strongest power. If it is just the sword, it will be incomparable with real contact after all.
I really want a master to hit a punch, although the wind of boxing can also hurt people, but after all, it is not as good as a fist to attack on the ground, because there is no such thing as dispersion and coagulation. Focusing on attacks and spreading attacks will do different harm to the enemy. After this understanding, Song Changgeng felt a sudden shock in his chest.
Then my mind moved, and when I raised my hand, I saw four brilliant lights rushing out. When I turned around him, I condensed four swords, namely green, red, white and black. When the four swords turned around him, a yellow light spread from him, and the four swords immediately plunged into it, and all kinds of places returned. At the same time, the sword tactic flowed through my heart, and he seemed to have a clearer understanding.
Heart movement, yellow light a clot, from the ball instantly into a sword, a desolate dragons, into a yellow light foaming at the mouth, instantly break the ethereal fairy defense yellow light, break through the sword array, such as Song Changgeng’s body just rushed out, just listen to "sonorous! Knock! ….. "Voice is heard, as the yellow sword light shot, in a flash … All the metal swords and other weapons in Ziyun Palace are shaking up.
At this moment, all the weapons were turned around, and the blade pointed directly at Song Changgeng’s position, rustling and trembling, and a series of clear and crisp crashes. When I saw this scene, the four people in the hall couldn’t help but be frightened. What’s the matter? What the hell happened? Looking at his flying sword and some magic weapons is a bit out of control, I can’t help but be frightened.
The others in Ziyun Palace were puzzled when they saw all kinds of hanging utensils, but they also felt the cold shock wave coming from the direction of Huangjing Temple. Although it just passed, all kinds of hanging utensils calmed down, but the abnormality just now and the horror of the shock wave deeply shocked them.
At the same time, within the hall, as soon as Song Changgeng landed, the yellow light rose, then a white rainbow light flew out, and the next moment … The remaining three swords jumped out one after another, and after a week of yellow light rotation around Song Changgeng, they jumped into Song Changgeng’s right chest, and then Huang Guangyi gathered and disappeared.
Slowly raised his head, Song Chang-geng’s face was calm, and his eyes swept lightly over a few people, making them feel as if they had been stabbed by a sword for an instant. Now Song Chang-geng’s whole body is covered with the smell of thorns, as if he were slightly near, and he would be cut by thorns, which is sharp to the extreme. Everyone has been trained to fly swords, and naturally he knows that the sharp breath is the performance of firm but gentle Dacheng.

Chapter six hundred and twenty-four The change of East Won
In the face of Song Chang-geng’s aggressive power, the four people in the hall instinctively looked away, although they immediately understood that this should not be the case. Doing so would leave a crack in their Taoist mind. You should know that cultivation is the heart, as long as there is a brave heart, everything is possible. As people often say, the stage is as wide as the heart is, and so is the Taoist mind.
If there are flaws and cracks in the Taoist mind, then the future achievements will be greatly affected. However, when they look back, Song Changgeng has already withdrawn his eyes and started to converge his firm but gentle spirit. At this time, he listened to the ethereal fairy next to him and laughed: "Teacher younger brother, you are really extraordinary. Although your qualifications are above average, you are so lucky that you can make the four swords one with a little insight.
At that time, I gradually realized that I didn’t want you to understand it so quickly. Now you should know that our sword array for killing immortals is no longer the one we know outside. At the beginning, the sword array was only composed of powerful four swords to trap and kill the enemy, which could not be used externally or moved. It was very troublesome. Later, the master thought of such a way after sealing the gods.
Combining the four swords and the array diagram with the five elements to form a sword array, although the power of the sword array is reduced a lot, it can not only trap people and hurt the enemy with internal use, but also be combined into one place, forming a sword with the biochemical characteristics of the five elements, which is more powerful and flexible and convenient to use. Although the sword tactic I gave you said this, I don’t want you to understand it so soon. "
Song Changgeng smiled when he heard this: "Brother is polite. If I didn’t have the help of the sword tactic and the essence of the spirit given by my brother, plus the teaching from my brother, I’m afraid I haven’t touched the doorway yet. Looking back, it’s just a child’s play to Lv Dongbin. If I let me do it now, I’m afraid it’s another result. Everything is just the hard work of my brother."
With this, he gave a deep gift to the fuels, and he was an ethereal fairy. He didn’t mention it. He calmly accepted it before seriously saying, "Teacher younger brother, although your sword array is just beginning to take shape, you can’t underestimate the whole world. Although you made them lose face today, you should know that they are all Jin Xian-rated. Today, the reason for this is that Chen Tuan is not good at fighting, and Lv Dongbin didn’t exert all his strength because he took care of the master’s face.
Plus the essence of your body, they are under too much pressure, so that they can’t swing the normal level, and the sword array can be challenged at the first level. You are a fairy, so you can cross the level of the fairy and directly fight against Jin Xian, but that doesn’t mean they are not bad. If you change the time and environment, it is estimated that it is a problem whether you can go home today. There is no empty scholar under the famous reputation, and teacher younger brother can’t be proud. "
A few words made Song Changgeng look red. He was a little proud himself. He quickly bowed his head and gave up his hand. Although he didn’t say anything, the meaning of thanking the ethereal fairy for her admonition was obvious. The ethereal fairy twisted her long beard and said faintly, "It’s great to know that you can correct your mistakes. Don’t talk about it now. It’s too sharp to put away your firm but gentle spirit according to the sword tactic I taught you."
Although Song Chang-geng knew that these four swords were used separately before the battle, the power would not be reduced, but the power consumed was extremely huge. If one sword was used alone, it would require great power to maintain it, mainly because they represent the five elements, and if one line is used alone, without the other four lines, it is natural that a power circulation channel cannot be formed, and it will take natural effort to use it.
However, if the four swords gather together, once one sword formed by the array diagram is controlled, the other four swords will automatically operate and the other four lines will be combined with one line of the array diagram to form a complete five-line cycle, which will complement each other. Song Changgeng, the master, only needs to provide a little strength for simple guidance. Together, the five swords are a complete five-line cycle.
Once the power of one of them is missing due to use, the other four swords will automatically draw the vitality of various peers between heaven and earth and supplement it into this cycle, so that the sword array can never be exhausted under the condition of endless power.
After listening to the ethereal fairy’s words, Song Chang-geng’s magic formula was silent, and he saw a brilliant halo around his body. The vast yellow earth sword light contained four colors of sword light: black water, white gold, red fire and cyan wood. The five colors were combined together to form a faintly visible halo condensed by red, yellow, white, black and blue light.
The ethereal fairy can’t help but smile with satisfaction. He knows that this is the new ability of the new’ Sword Array of the Immortal’ after practicing small success-the sword Gang. This so-called sword Gang is actually condensed by the shock wave. If you don’t attack, it is the protective sword shield. If the attack is the shock wave, because of the characteristics of the four swords of the Immortal, this sword Gang is.
In contrast, the power of this Jian Gang can be compared with the innate sword condensed by the master in the late Yuan Ying period. If the sword body appears, the power is simply beyond the endurance of the earthly fairy, and this Jian Gang is steel and flexible, which can prevent and attack, and the change is determined by the heart. I saw Song Changgeng’s silence for a while. After a little experience, the mind moved, and the sword Gang was hidden.
After two people came over, four people got up to greet them. Qin Ziling looked calmly and lightly smiled: "Now that we have completed the cultivation, we’d better change the place and arrange disciples to tidy up here. A fine palace has been destroyed like this. It’s really, alas …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The scenery there is good. "
Song Changgeng nodded noncommittally. He was still immersed in the excitement of the new kendo. He didn’t notice the abnormality in Qin Ziling’s eyes. He reached out and invited the ethereal fairy, so he stepped out with him. As he walked, he turned to Qin Ziling and said, "Go and tell Zi Xuanfeng not to evacuate. It’s safe here for the time being. Let them come back first."
Qin Ziling, who followed them, was hesitating whether to tell her husband just now. Qin Han Calyx couldn’t help but say, "Just now, hmm …" She just said two words and was covered by tian hu next to her. Several people looked back in surprise and didn’t know what their mother and daughter meant. Fortunately, tian hu didn’t try hard. Qin Han Calyx struggled to open her mother’s hand and was about to speak with an unhappy face.
Qin Ziling drank nearby: "Cold calyx, have you forgotten what your mother said just now?" After giving her a hard look, he turned to Song Changgeng and said, "Zi Xuanfeng was here just now. He said he had something to ask you. Because you didn’t come out, I asked him what it was. He said that the cross fleet came again and came here directly.
Originally, I asked him to go out to fight, but he said that you had told me not to let anyone interfere in the disciples’ affairs, so he didn’t listen to me. Cold Calyx is still a child and is very dissatisfied with his attitude. Don’t care. If you want to call him, I’ll send someone to find him. The time interval is not long. I think they should not leave yet, right? "
Song Chang-geng’s head is not stupid either. As soon as you look at their attitudes and manners, you will know that Zi Xuanfeng’s attitude must have made them unhappy, but he didn’t say anything, just turned his eyes a few times on the faces of the two sisters, and then hesitated to say, "Yes, this matter was ordered by me, that is, when the demon emissary came to attack last time, I lost some disciples because of your unauthorized expedition."
Although I knew that this should be the case, I guessed that it was different from what the other party clearly told me. After all, Qin Ziling turned white, and the ethereal fairy watched with interest. He wanted to see how this little teacher younger brother would arrange things at home and how to solve the problems in the door. The master said, however, that he would only accept elite disciples within 100 people, so how could he arrange the rest?
Seeing Qin Ziling’s pale face and Qin Han’s surprised and unbelievable expression, Song Changgeng felt a pain in his heart. He knew that this matter hurt the self-esteem of the two sisters, but this matter involved a matter of principle, so he had to be determined.
After sighing, he said in a low voice, "I know it hurts your hearts, but you can’t do it without it. You are as ignorant as I am about how to manage your disciples and how to command them to fight, but Chang Ping and Zi Xuanfeng have been helping me manage and command my disciples. If you meddle at random, you will be a layman leading an expert, which will lead to the last chaos and make me lose my disciples. That’s why I ordered it."
Having said that, he took a deep look at the two sisters, did not continue to explain, raised his hand to the ethereal fairy for a moment, and then walked away side by side with him, never looking back. In his view, if the two sisters can’t understand what he means and are still haggling over this matter, then they are really not qualified to be their wives. Such wives are too small-minded and don’t recognize their own advantages and disadvantages, and eventually they will stab a big loophole.
But he believed in his eyes, Qin sisters are not like this, otherwise they wouldn’t have come this far with him, so he simply explained the reason, and then turned away. Qin Ziling, who stayed in the local area, was heartbroken, and her face changed a few times. Finally, she sighed, stretched out her hand and pulled up Qin Han’s calyx, which was still in anger, to comfort her in a low voice. Obviously, she already wanted to understand.
Song Chang-geng wanted to invite the ethereal immortals to sit down, and by the way, he wanted to know more about things, such as the present situation of Jiejiao, things of other sects, the origin and function of the heavenly mountain, the plans they are implementing, and some problems in cultivation. It is rare for someone who doesn’t know how long he has lived. He, a rookie who knows nothing, of course, should ask them well.
However, when they were walking, Song Chang-geng suddenly changed his face and stopped. The ethereal fairy and the blissful real person also stopped and looked at him puzzled. tian hu and Qin Ziling, who were trying to persuade their younger sister, didn’t know what had happened and hurried up. When the ethereal fairy saw that Song Chang-geng’s face was wrong and he didn’t talk for a long time, he asked strangely, "Teacher younger brother, what’s the matter with you?"
Song Chang-geng didn’t answer him immediately. After a long silence, he said with an ugly face, "I don’t know what happened. A blood slave I sent to Dongba to deal with the enemy suddenly lost contact, and my Jingxue soul in him was swallowed up. If he didn’t find a way to free me, he was already destroyed. I don’t know what existed so badly?"

Chapter six hundred and twenty-five Contribution system
"Blood slave?" As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, she remembered the information she had collected. Although Song Chang-geng practiced Taoism since childhood, his real rise was achieved after cultivating the improved version of [Blood Nerve] and absorbing the skills of many people. Whether in the original or improved version of [Blood Nerve], there must be records about the refining method of blood slaves. It is normal for Song Chang-geng to have several blood slaves.
Song Changgeng frowned and nodded: "Yes, I started with the improved version of [Blood Nerve]. I first absorbed Gu Chen, the disciple of Tian yin’s ancestor Xuanyin’s demon corpse, at Lingyu Cliff in Mangcang Mountain, and then fought with Shamanism, a branch of northern magic religion, and pursued one of its elders, Wan Li, to the South China Sea to subdue Gu Chen’s younger brother, Bones, as a blood slave.
Later, I took the seven-handed hag dragonfly as the second blood slave in Ciyun Temple, and sent him to Dongwon with the imperial court. Later, I had many things to do, and I succeeded in robbing in the East China Sea. My blood nerve skills changed, and my contact with them was much weaker. Moreover, their strength was too weak for me at that time, so I didn’t care. I didn’t want to lose contact now. "
After listening to his explanation, other people understood. The ethereal fairy thought for a moment and said, "Since it involves the imperial power on earth, I advise my younger brother to give it up. We practitioners had better not have too much contact with the imperial power on earth. Many disciples we intercepted in those days were too closely connected with the Shang Dynasty. As a result, after the gods were robbed, they were all involved because the Shang Dynasty was exhausted.
Therefore, I advise you to give up contact with the world for this reason. After all, we can be immortal practitioners, stealing the essence of heaven and let ourselves practice immortality. This is a matter of fate, and now we have to intervene in human affairs, which will be calculated by heaven and may eventually lose our luck. Therefore, I advise my younger brother not to be impulsive and think twice. "
Song Chang Gung nodded. He knew that the ethereal fairy was kind, but this depressed spirit was suppressed in his chest. Although he didn’t pay attention to these two blood slaves, it didn’t mean that others killed one of them, so he would be silent. His head was thinking about this matter repeatedly, while several other people were silently following the most Song Chang Gung, and they didn’t know how to deal with it at that time.
After walking for a while, Song Changgeng suddenly said, "It’s not right. I don’t want to say that the Ming Dynasty was doomed. According to the trajectory of heaven, it should be the rise of the Qing Dynasty. However, because I rescued the Chongzhen family and important ministers, I changed history. The new Daming is actually connected with my luck. I accepted all the children of Chongzhen as apprentices and reused both female disciples.
When they went north to recover lost territory, I also sent a large number of corpses to help, and at the same time, I collected a large number of disciples and various materials with their help. I am still a Buddhist of Daming, so we are one, and now we can’t separate. There are too many things involved, and I don’t want to separate. I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going to see this thing. "
Speaking of this, he took out a jade charm, waved it with his hand, and played it out. Then he said to the ethereal fairy, "I have called my disciples to come. After I told them, I will go to Dongpeng to have a look. Brother, I can’t greet you here. I wanted to ask you a thing or two, but now it seems that I can’t. Let’s take a rain check. I don’t know where my brother’s next walk will stop." Can I help you? "
The ethereal fairy hesitated, then sighed, "Alas! It seems that it’s just like this. There is a big chance in the great cause and effect. The cause and effect along the way is too heavy, but it has also made you. Now you are my middleman. How can I walk away when something happens? Since I met you, I’ll accompany you for a walk. I’ll go with you to see who is so powerful that I can break the secret law. "
After that, I looked back. Eye Bliss and others, the real Bliss, hurried forward and said, "I naturally have to wait beside the master. Speaking of this, I still know a thing or two about the East Win."
Tian hu’s treasure and Qin sisters looked at each other, and they all looked at Song Changgeng, apparently listening to his command. Blissful saw tian hu’s posture and knew that this woman would not listen to herself any more. His eyes flashed a complicated beat light and shadow, and Song Changgeng also understood their meanings and could not help but ponder. He was not sure about this accident, so he was not prepared to let Qin sisters take risks.
When he was about to speak, two Guanghua schools flew in, revealing Princess Changping and Zixuanfeng after landing. When they saw Song Changgeng, they immediately saluted. Song Changgeng told them about the cut-off, and then let them meet with the ethereal fairy and the bliss reality. The ethereal fairy was greatly gratified to see that they were superior in qualifications, but the bliss reality was uncomfortable because of their poor seniority.