The biggest feature of the poisonous mosquito is its super reproductive ability, but the blood bat is very weak. Viviparous birth is much more difficult than oviparous medicine, and there are only three or five in a litter, and the cycle is quite long. In fact, this situation is very typical among monster beasts. The stronger the monster beast, the more difficult it is to reproduce.

It makes sense that blood bats have a soft spot for poisonous mosquitoes. Eating poisonous mosquitoes can not only make blood bats grow, but also effectively promote their reproductive ability and cycle.
For any creature, survival and reproduction are the most basic instinct, which is enough to make blood bats crazy when they see poisonous mosquitoes.
The process was strange, but the result was unexpectedly good. First of all, because of the opportunity to get the newborn blood bat, you can completely recognize the Lord, and there is no crisis of self-eating.
Secondly, the growth of blood bats is related to the rank at the time of birth. For example, these in Tang Qing’s hands are obviously at the first level at the time of birth, and the bodhi old zu of Kongjia doesn’t know how much energy it took to cultivate them vigorously, but it just touches the edge of the second level. If you want them to grow to three poles, it is simply beyond his ability.
Now it’s different. These blood bats themselves are advanced edges, especially those who swallowed the flesh and blood of the mosquito king, so they should be considered as secondary monsters, so their young blood bats are naturally secondary monsters as long as they are adults, and their growth space is greatly broadened.
The most important thing is, don’t forget that Tang Qing still has a large number of poisonous mosquitoes and low-level mosquito kings, which means that although the number of blood bats in Tang Qing’s hands is small now, the future development is simply limitless.
Gal Tang Ye, of course, greatly look forward to, originally because of the huge loss of blood bats caused by mental trauma have been healed a lot.
Those puppet materials are really good, but Xuanzi means that Tang Qing can’t be distracted now because of what Tang Ye said to it.
"Tang Ye intends to form an elixir within one or two years. Xuanzi, you give me a plan to plan what to do."
"… master, I have to say, you are really … an idiot."
This grandiloquence almost made Xuanzi angry. It felt that the new owner was not only ignorant, but also had no minimum IQ. It was no longer a joke to say this, and it was simply talking in a dream.
Tang Ye doesn’t care what it says. He understands Xuanzi’s words, but whether it will be done afterwards is meaningless to argue now.
"Don’t worry about this, you just have to tell me the steps and points. Look at Xuanzi, Tang Ye won’t blow with you now, for fear of scaring you."
After all, it just met Tang Qing for two days, and it didn’t know how horrible the speed of absorbing spiritual force was when Tang Qing’s nine turns were fully running, and it was under the condition that two kinds of achievement methods were running at the same time.
Now the situation is special. Tang Ye heard that as long as he forms an elixir, he can use the transmission array after entering the gate, and he can directly transmit to the mainland of Highland, which may be the abode of fairies and immortals in Mengcheng.
Tang Qingben, who is in a hurry, has the heart to simply stay here, so he can go home and show off after practicing. This hellhole will take a hundred years to open as soon as it goes out. How can Tang Ye wait that long?
Unexpectedly, Xiao Xuanzi gave him several messages in a row, which made Tang Qing dismissed the idea.
"Master, you don’t go out the somebody else can’t come in? Do you think the news you appear can be kept secret? The centennial period of the swamp is just to give the environment here a breathing space, but it doesn’t have to be a hundred years. The nangongshan two of them can’t hide your news, you go out, others are looking for people. If you don’t go out, others will just come in and check this place. "
"By that time, no retreat, where to run? Besides, you can also come back after you go out, and you don’t have to be a Yuanying brother like the Yi Hua Guo brother to forcibly open it. The method left to them by the old master is not the original goods. The real way to open it is with me. Don’t worry, just finish it. "
"Transfer matrix does exist, but it is a transcontinental transfer matrix, which needs the best Lingshi to open … you don’t worry, as long as there are four pieces in total. At the beginning, the old master left three pieces, and the remaining piece needs to be found by yourself. The old master said, this is a test. Even if you can’t find a best stone, what do you want to do in other continents? "
As a pledge of cold water poured down, Tang Ye cried blindsided and denounced.
"Why don’t you just kill me? Brother Jiedan is going to the best lingshi as my immortal reincarnation? Fuck, this also tests that. Xuanzi, just tell me the number directly. How many things need to be tested in this abode of fairies and immortals? Tang Ye has a good preparation."
"Not much, nine. The old master said that nine is extremely high, and this number is good. " Xiao Xuanzi was not angry at all, but quoted a number that made Tang Qing cold.
"I X" Tang Ye didn’t have the strength to get angry, so he simply gave up the argument. Xuanzi is obviously not as easy to fix as Xizi. Although he occasionally makes fun of it, his overall character is quite rigorous and steady, and he is meticulous in executing the orders of his old master. His master is just a title for the time being, and he doesn’t give a damn about the principle.
In this case, I still have to go out. I don’t need Xuanzi to say that Tang Ye also understands that if I still want to go home, I should seize all the time to improve my cultivation. As for these puppet materials, you can’t expect to exchange them for the best lingshi. If you have the opportunity to sell them, you’d better change some Dan medicine for practice.
Finally, there are achievement methods and magical powers. Apart from some conventional spells, there are quite a few magical powers that Tang Qing has been praised by Xiao Xuanzi. They are practical and powerful, which is very good.
But in the end, it was another lesson. In Xuanzi’s view, Tang Qing was simply the black sheep who kept Baoshan empty but didn’t know how to cherish it. Good skill, powerful magical power, abundant talent, convenient conditions, but never thinking about practicing with peace of mind. All day long, my head is planning all kinds of things that are not doing anything, which is really a typical negative textbook without the guidance of famous teachers.
Tang Qing was bored to death by it, so he couldn’t listen to it anymore and suddenly asked, "Xuanzi, let me ask you something?"
Small Xuanzi one leng, return true have never seen Tang Qinglu appear in this expression, eyebrow eye is moving, quite strange.
I thought it was Tang Qing who had realized something and wanted to ask for advice from himself. Xiao Xuanzi said decisively, "Say it."
"Are you clever … whether you are male or female?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-three: fix the truth with the words of the cave and the land.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three: fix the truth in the land of bliss, go to the website.

Chapter 144: The way to cultivate lies in the word "Chuang"
Chapter 144: The way to cultivate lies in the word "Chuang"
Practicing magic, in fact, is to keep casting magic, and feel its characteristics and rules in running and releasing over and over again.
When Tang Qing forced Shuai Ren and others to practice in this way, he didn’t think about any rules. He just wanted to squeeze out every potential of them, so as to achieve the goal of expanding the limit.
Now, it’s Tang Ye’s turn to enjoy this process, or rather, it’s suffering.
In terms of personality, Tang Qing is really not suitable for monasticism. It is common for people to sit still and practice, no matter how high or low they are, to close their doors casually, for years or even decades. Tang Qing can’t. The plan to close the door for ten days has made him feel miserable as if he had fallen into hell.