"I’m not guilty and no one saw me."

Xiao Jing secretly secretly looked up and saw a man looking at him at the kitchen door and was suddenly startled.
He coughed repeatedly, suddenly turned around and put the bowl in his arms, trying to stuff beef into his mouth before the man approached.
The teenager hurriedly panicked and let Ye Changqing misunderstand.
"Do you usually eat so fast?"
He’s in a hurry to eat in order to greet people?
After destroying the evidence, Xiao Jinghu wiped her mouth, choking her fist and hammering her chest. "No … no …"
"What do you eat?" Ye Changqing took a closer look. There was only plain noodles in his bowl, not even a tomato.
At this moment, he thought a lot. Although he had expected it, he didn’t know the bleak situation of the teenager until he saw it with his own eyes.
Even the cover-up of teenagers has become embarrassing and secretive.
It must be hard for him to be seen in a mess.
At this moment, the young boy’s eyes are moist and white, and his cheeks are blushing like a timid squirrel.
Xiao Jing doesn’t know what a man’s brain has made up. He feels guilty even though he is thick-skinned enough.
Is it just a bowl of noodles with seasoning to look at him like this?
It’s like he’s a hungry ghost at ordinary times, and he can’t eat a good meal all year round, but he has to do shady things behind others.
It’s a funny misunderstanding that two people are in the same room but not on the same channel
Xiao Jing couldn’t bear it at first, so he hid his rice bowl behind him and asked tentatively, "Shall I cook another bowl for you?" A bowl with heavy ingredients.
Unexpectedly, the teenager was carefully misunderstood again.
Ye Changqing looked at his throat and hair lovingly and said that every word seemed to be exhausted. "Don’t laugh if you don’t want to."
He laughs lowly and cowardly, which is worse than crying.
Ye Changqing would rather cry silently than be strong.
It is said that he is not lovable, and Tusihua has never been favored by Jiang Yuanhua. It seems that the scenery is charming, but it is actually cold-eyed.
The original news is not credible. It’s a rumor that jealous teenagers come out.
Now Ye Changqing can’t help but wonder if he really doesn’t like it
It’s never a secret that Jiang always asks for a body double. Ye Changqing, a good friend, knows that his feelings for Diao Ji will like others.
In recent years, teenagers have to wait for life to develop trepidation.
Ye Changqing smiled gently and leaned against the refrigerator. "How did you break up with Yuanhua and follow me?"
Xiao Jing has said this sentence several times again.
"Dr. Ye, don’t be ridiculous."
"I’m not kidding." Ye Changqing teased her hair like a peacock in heat, which exudes charm.
He looked intently at Xiao Jing’s head with his right hand. "You have something in your hair."
"a rose"
Jiang Yuanhua put a tick on his finger and a red rose appeared in his hand. His eyebrows were deep and his voice was hoarse. "This flower is for you."
Xiao Jing consciousness took the rose and was amused to smile.
Ha-ha, this is a provocative method many years ago. It’s so embarrassing.
Obviously, Ye Changqing didn’t feel embarrassed, but he was passionate and turned into a second rose with Yang Yang’s hand. "No amount of flowers can make you beautiful."
Xiao Jing covered her face and chuckled like a bell, and the laughter echoed in the kitchen, making people feel happy.
"Ye doctor you … you also …"
This rustic love story is too shameful.
Xiao Jing laughed and looked up only to see a ghost at the door … Not a person suddenly got a fright.
In an instant, he clammed up, shrinking his shoulders and hiding in the tall figure of a man, like a little turtle who dared not stir up.
Ye Changqing laughed at his side face and asked, "What’s the matter with you?"
"Don’t!" Xiao Jing jerked back with a fright and almost hit the sink.
"Be careful"
Ye Changqing’s load grabbed his slender waist and held people in his arms to appease "fortunately, I almost hit it."