Football, in the final analysis, is also a human sport.

Chapter seventy-six Media meeting of new players
Although getafe Local Life is not the most influential newspaper in getafe, there are few influential newspapers in getafe. Local Life in getafe is influential in getafe, if not the biggest.
When this article came out, it was directed at Moscow.
This embarrassed Vicente Moscosdo, the general manager of the club.
This is nonsense!
But those idiots still believe what this newspaper says.
Shit, can you believe what the son of a bitch media says?
At this time, Moscow didn’t know much about the relationship between Local Life in getafe and Changsheng, and didn’t know the agreement between Changsheng and this newspaper in private.
Of course, as long as he is not stupid in the future, he will know sooner or later. But I know. So what?
After taking Charles Andreas, there was good news from Senna.
Senna successfully persuaded Corinti Ann to terminate the contract with him, and he didn’t ask for a penny of termination fee, that is, his salary for the remaining year of the contract.
In exchange for Corinti Ann’s generous cancellation.
Now the last obstacle between him and getafe has been removed.
Changsheng immediately sent a transfer invitation to Senna in the name of getafe Club.
Through this incident, Changsheng has a better impression of Senna-he already likes this low-key midfielder.
You know, before that, Changsheng didn’t give Senna any written promises. If getafe changes his mind after Senna and Corinti break the contract, he will become a savage who is not wanted by the team.
I just met Senna once, and after a meal, the other party actually trusted themselves so much, and so resolutely canceled the contract with Corinti.
This trust made Chang Sheng very moved, but it was also a little unexpected.
So when Senna arrived in Madrid, Changsheng met him at the first time.
Then I asked this question.
"Aren’t you afraid that I will turn my face and deny it?" He asked with a grin.
Senna paused, then said, "I really didn’t think so much … I just thought it was a great opportunity …"
Always feel speechless. Senna doesn’t look so dull in the future …
Then Senna grinned, revealing a supercilious look inside, and said with a smile, "But it’s nothing. Anyway, even if I don’t cancel the contract voluntarily, I guess Corinti Ann will sell me. They have to earn a transfer fee, so I might as well go to the team myself. At least I am a free player, which is attractive to many teams. But if I can’t come to Spain, I will be very sorry. "
Changsheng patted the Brazilian who looked simple and honest: "You won’t regret it, Senna. I promise you will become famous here, become famous! Maybe you can join the national team in the future! "
Senna listened to the words of constant victory, laughing at first, but surprised at the end: "National team?" Then he shook his head like a rattle.
"Impossible, impossible, Brazil’s national team can be difficult to enter! Mr. Chang, you don’t know how hard it is for me to join the Brazilian national team, so I never thought about joining the Brazilian national team … "
Chang Sheng said, I’m not talking about the Brazilian national team! I’m talking about the Spanish national team …
But he won’t say it now, and he’s not sure whether Senna will join the Spanish national team after his appearance.
At the beginning, Senna wanted to join the Spanish national team because he naturally had no hope of playing for the Brazilian national team. After all, there are too many fierce people in Brazil, and he really has no advantage.
But now, he came to Spain two years in advance, and he has his own training. Maybe his life trajectory can really change?
In fact, Senna’s life trajectory has changed now …
"Anyway, believe me, you will have a bright future here."
Senna nodded: "I believe you, Mr. Chang!" "
Changsheng doesn’t know why the other party trusts him so much, but it’s always a good thing.
Senna successfully passed the medical examination and then signed a contract with getafe.
In this way, he also became a member of getafe.
Then Chang Sheng considers that luis garcia and mista don’t know when it will be done, and Pineda here hasn’t been sold yet.
Why don’t we just hold a press conference for new players without waiting for Mista and luis garcia?
Then he informed Rudy Gonzalez to help him prepare for the press conference.
Rudy thinks it’s strange.
"Did you make peace with the media?"