Mo Jun took the lead in bidding at night, followed by Shen Hanyin’s "10 million"

All eyes are on these two people, and the glance determines the wall.
The auction price soared and soon broke hundreds of millions, but Shen Jiahe Mohism didn’t want to stop.
"Who do you think will win in the end?"
"Who knows, but I’m not surprised by whoever it is. After all, the two families are really."
While onlookers were whispering, the price was already staggering.
Gu Yi couldn’t help but reach out and hold Mo Jun’s hand at night.
She found something was wrong with Mo Jun’s face at night, which was normal. She knew the current situation of Mo’s enterprise and fought with Shenyang, and the liquidity was not full.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto"
Mo Jun held Gu Yi’s hand with a cold face at night, but her eyes didn’t look at her. She raised the bidding card again.
Not far away, Shen Han followed closely, greatly raising the price, and then defiantly looked at Mo Jun night.
Everyone found that Mo Jun’s expression had changed at night, and they had gradually come to a conclusion in their hearts. I’m afraid this painting will be in Shenyang’s pocket.
Mojun didn’t increase the price for a long time, and now the price has reached his limit. If we continue to add it, the operation of Mojun enterprise may be affected.
"150 million for the first time, 150 million for the second time."
"200 million"
Suddenly, a card raised a price that stunned everyone.
Shen Han’s confident smile instantly froze and looked at the past in disbelief.
Incredibly increase the price directly to 200 million? Who’s this guy?
Even Mo Jun looked at the past unabashedly at night.
In a corner of the auction house sat a man in low-key clothes with a well-behaved face and indifferent expression.
Looks like the hook is hooked.
"200 million once, 200 million twice, did you increase the price again?"
In the face of the host’s inquiry, Shen Han and Mo Jun chose silence at the same time.
"200 million for the third time!"
A pound of deposit
That well-behaved face is still expressionless and quickly rises and leaves.
Gu Yi has spent 200 million yuan at the moment to buy a painting, which is really sky-high
"Tsukiyomi ikuto we"
Mo Jun put his forefinger on her lips at night and said softly, "I’ll let the driver take you home first."
"What’s the matter? What happened?"
"It’s okay. It’s going to show up soon. Go back first and don’t worry me."
Mo Jun took her hand at night and held her in her arms.
Although he doesn’t know what it is, he also knows the importance of it from a man’s tight body that he can’t delay him.
"Go quickly. I’ll go home by myself and wait for you to come back."
Mo Jun nodded at night and gave Aly a look. After that, he looked at Shen Han.
The two men met in the middle of the meeting, and the expression behind them moved their eyes.
"Mo always drove his car to a high speed with an average speed of ten yards."