Early risers still get up early this morning. When Yan Re woke up, she found that Ke Keran’s bed was already occupied, so she probably went to practice with her teammates.

Yu Yiyi and Qi Xi, a group of Qi Xi, were still lying in bed without movement, while Yu Yi was sitting at a small table quietly reciting lyrics.
Yanre wanted to think before he left and walked in the direction of the Seventh Jubilee. Finally, the Seventh Jubilee was pulled out of bed by Yanre in milli preparation.
"Lend me one on the seventh anniversary"
I heard Yan Re say this and saw Yan Re drag people away. I didn’t stop them one by one but nodded "Oh" cleverly.
Being suddenly lifted and sleeping soundly on the seventh anniversary, I felt a force dragging her away from her soft bed.
The moment she left the bed, she woke up and looked up and saw that it was Yan Re who dragged herself out of bed. She suddenly shouted, "What are you doing when Su Shi? !”
"Go somewhere with me."
See the seventh anniversary still struggling to be dragged out of the dormitory by Yan Re, and I can still hear her struggle when I open the door.
"Wait, wait … I haven’t washed my face yet …"
"Sister, let me go!"
"Where on earth are you taking me? !”
"I really want to live for another 500 years ~"
Finally, morning exercises will begin.
Today, as the rules were said yesterday, the choreographer won’t come here again. They will practice the rest two days by themselves and arrange it by themselves.
When Shan Qianying arrived at the practice room, she met her hair behind Yan Re, and her hair was a little messy. The seventh anniversary was suddenly one leng, but she also quickly accepted the fact that there was a seventh anniversary.
In her mind, the seventh anniversary dance should be very good.
On the seventh anniversary, Cheng covered herself with her hands. She was dragged out before she woke up. She didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t even wear makeup. She was afraid of being photographed by surveillance.
Yan Re knows about these trainee idol burdens in an environment full of trainees. Now, even if she lets herself be plain in the camera, she probably won’t say much if she can’t do it.
When it took so long yesterday, Yan Re finally taught Shan Qianying a short dance. She and Shan Qianying looked at themselves in the mirror and Yan Re said, "You learn to dance last night and I will accompany you."
Shan Qianying nodded, and then Seven Jubilee helped to play music.
Last night, Yan Ruojiao’s scene of Shan Qianying was really short, about 30 seconds.
Although there are 30 seconds, it is a disaster for Shan Qianying who has no dancing skills.
Yan Re probably guessed the difficulty of this dance when she saw teacher Rina dance this dance before.
It is hard to remember and needs good control. There are many fine details, and the fingertips need to control the strength.
However, all this still needs to be learned before it can continue to be deducted. Now the problem of Shan Qianying is not only that she can’t remember the dance, but also that she is too stiff to dance.
Even if it is really better than last night, it is really a big difference compared with other trainees.
How can this situation make her learn the whole dance in two days …
Thirty seconds after seeing Shan Qianying jump, I forgot to cover my face for the seventh anniversary.
She looked stunned.
If Yan accompanied her, she danced beside Shan Qianying, and two people danced the same dance together, which was a great impact on the seventh anniversary.
I’m afraid it’s a blow to Shan Qianying, but I’m sorry that she couldn’t see from that exercise that these two people were dancing the same dance …
I’m sure there is no problem dancing or catching a shot, but this rigidity is a bit …
Chapter 54 Chapter 54
After the program started, Chu Yao and the program director informed all the instructors.
Now it’s not explosion-proof. If you want to boast in class or quiz, you can boast hard and want to boast a flower. No one cares.
At present, the program has just aired, and not surprisingly, Chu Yao predicted that Yan Re should receive some notices and inserts soon.
Come whenever you want.
It just occurred to him that Yan Re might get a mid-cut, and here he received their happy natural mineral water from his rich father, looking for Yan Re to get in tune with him.
Shortly after ChuYao received the news, Yan Re received the news from the program workers.
"Happiness is naturally inserted?"
Yan Ruo then asked, "Did they say anything to find me?"
Inform Yan that if she interviewed her for the first time, her little sister felt a little difficult to answer when she heard this question.
It always feels very …
"Just … that is to say, I appreciate you very much and think it fits their image."
Yanre looked at the young lady with some confusion and immediately knew that she was lying.
It seems that this young lady is not very good at lying …